Where Is Foxy's Hook?! [VERSION B] "Fazbear & Friends" Episode: 1 (Minecraft FNAF Animation)

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Fazbear and Friends is a new animated series based on the main cast of "Five Nights at Freddy's". The show follows the wacky misadventures of Freddy, Bonnie, Chica, Foxy, and their many friends as they get themselves into trouble while trying to manage their pizzeria.
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-- 🎬 Video Credits --
Freddy/Bonnie - Zachary Preciado: ZaminationZ
Foxy - Xycron: XycronVA
Chica - Frongi: frongi_voice
Written by:
-Micah Preciado and Zach Belanger
Original Soundtrack by:
-Zachary Preciado
Executive Producer:
-Zach Belanger
-Avalon Preciado
-Isaac Christopherson, Kaleb Sullivan, Avalon, Zachary & Micah Preciado
James Pelter, Zachary and Micah Preciado, Seth Jones, Phyre, Pixel
-Andy Gill
Final Layout:
-Zachary Preciado, Micah Preciado, Zach Belanger
-Avalon Preciado, Zachary Preciado, Micah Preciado, Zach Belanger, Seth Belanger
-Evan Robinson
-Seth Belanger, Micah Preciado
-Zachary Preciado
Produced at EnchantedMob Studios in St. Louis, MO.
ZAMination Twitter: zaminationyt​​
Micah’s Twitter: ZAMinationYT​​
Zachary’s Twitter: ZaminationZ​​
Instagram: zamination​​
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  • Can you make more a lot more of these?!!!!

    Joel CajumbanJoel CajumbanPrije sat
  • Its a funny show hahaha

    Joel CajumbanJoel CajumbanPrije sat
  • Hahaha i love Chica she Pretty!!!!!

    Joel CajumbanJoel CajumbanPrije sat
  • 😀😀😀

    Lesley yamilet AcevedoLesley yamilet AcevedoPrije sat
  • God this is better than any Cartoon Network show airing right cause now their doing a couple of lousy ,toxic and not funny no more shows Plz get this man into Cartoon Network

    WWTWWTPrije sat
  • foxy lost his hook

    Lucila TidosoLucila TidosoPrije 2 sati
  • they should add this in netflix

    Janel adventureraJanel adventureraPrije 2 sati
  • This is the first time i've ever seen freddy nice and not... scary..

    Joy bontiaJoy bontiaPrije 2 sati
  • Aww poor fox boi 😅

    Luz Maria MartinezLuz Maria MartinezPrije 2 sati
  • Make a episode of Bonnie loses his arm and face

    Elikim009Elikim009Prije 2 sati
  • I love chica

    Sigth FuntimeFoxSigth FuntimeFoxPrije 3 sati
  • Golden Freddy

    David Resendiz De AlbaDavid Resendiz De AlbaPrije 3 sati
  • Foxy looks diferent in the start on the episode and the intro

    augusto and mr game and wacth tubersaugusto and mr game and wacth tubersPrije 4 sati
  • This is basically Fnaf for kids, perfect! In case you want to introduce it to someone younger

    DarkWolf GamingDarkWolf GamingPrije 4 sati

    Imagine QueenImagine QueenPrije 4 sati
  • LIKE

    Вла АлдпВла АлдпPrije 4 sati
  • They should have made the rubber duck do the nose honk thing

    Chaney PhillipsChaney PhillipsPrije 5 sati
  • Sak en oto

    Faby CastroFaby CastroPrije 5 sati
  • Omg I love this

    Judy I'm very happyJudy I'm very happyPrije 5 sati

    Chelsea ChenChelsea ChenPrije 5 sati
  • Bagus sekali video ini

    Tedi BuleTedi BulePrije 6 sati
  • And thats how foxy's body have a scratch 🤪

    Ryam MallaresRyam MallaresPrije 6 sati
  • I saw a other one and there’s different endings

    xx_stephanieplayz Blossomxx_stephanieplayz BlossomPrije 6 sati
  • 🦊

    Sean BinghamSean BinghamPrije 6 sati
  • its the best and especialy dont forget

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    ScarletKing PHScarletKing PHPrije 7 sati
  • 🦊

    ScarletKing PHScarletKing PHPrije 7 sati
  • Do Fox

    Sebastiana GonçalvesSebastiana GonçalvesPrije 7 sati
  • The time foxy stabbed his fork on his eye... HE ALWAYS HAD AN EYEPATCH

    ItzthecoolboyYTItzthecoolboyYTPrije 7 sati
  • I liked it 😌

    HR.aladaryHR.aladaryPrije 7 sati
  • five nights at Freddy's en Minecraft🤣🤣 made me laugh at the end

    yandelgamer 25.03yandelgamer 25.03Prije 8 sati
  • xD

    Gael SaidGael SaidPrije 8 sati
  • I love ZAMS VIDEOS

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  • 🦊

    Arthur ParsonsArthur ParsonsPrije 8 sati
  • 🦊

    Nevaeh SanfordNevaeh SanfordPrije 9 sati
  • When you bought something wrong and you can’t give it back 4:19

    Thomas2351Thomas2351Prije 9 sati
  • i can't wait for episode 2

    idk what to name my channelidk what to name my channelPrije 9 sati
  • Do an episode where they are in fnaf security breach and they need to get out to the old restaurant

    YinYang HassenYinYang HassenPrije 9 sati
  • You should make episodes these are epic

    Marilu GomezMarilu GomezPrije 10 sati
  • Es una mierda porque boni era mí personaje favorito

    joaquin osoriojoaquin osorioPrije 10 sati
  • 🥺😭😭😭😭😭😭

    Марія СкрипМарія СкрипPrije 10 sati
  • ._.

    Amber StormsAmber StormsPrije 10 sati
  • The intro was like watching veggie tales

    Darkrain 149Darkrain 149Prije 10 sati
  • bro foxy u didn't have to do bonnie like that 5:14

    Dmoney24Dmoney24Prije 10 sati
  • 1:43: and thats is the reason why Foxy is -out of order-

    EL MineHuyEL MineHuyPrije 11 sati
  • I need episode 2

    lie or uslie or usPrije 11 sati
  • Very fun animation. When does episode 2 come out

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  • Yes a Serie 😃😃

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  • #Foxy

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  • Please episode 2 if there’s one

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  • Does someone now how to change this k to a pic

    Kate HardyKate HardyPrije 12 sati
  • Bear:where did u last see it Foxy:on me hand UwU Evryoen :BRUH

    LPK DiabLPK DiabPrije 12 sati
  • Miojo,ml,lm,j

    Adriana LopesAdriana LopesPrije 12 sati
  • I'm happy that foxy lost his hook he might kill people with his hook

    Adamsaurus1 Ps4Adamsaurus1 Ps4Prije 12 sati
  • can you do more of these PLEASE?!?!?!?!

    Puppet MasterPuppet MasterPrije 13 sati
  • Bonnie is hilarious in this show!

    Kees DriesenKees DriesenPrije 13 sati
  • I love Foxy

    Mihai IovanMihai IovanPrije 13 sati
  • Wait, where's Golden Freddy?

    Kees DriesenKees DriesenPrije 13 sati
  • Freddy: We'll help you, Foxy. Where'd you last see it? Foxy: My hand. Freddy: *WTF face*

    Kees DriesenKees DriesenPrije 13 sati
  • I think this would actually be a really good TV show. It has good quality.

    Kees DriesenKees DriesenPrije 13 sati
  • Bonnie sus

    Richard VargasRichard VargasPrije 13 sati
  • Freddy: where did u last see it? Foxy: on me hook

    Howdy521 LuHowdy521 LuPrije 13 sati
  • I love all the anmtronics

    Melisa SvilpaMelisa SvilpaPrije 13 sati
  • 8’

    Carlos LopezCarlos LopezPrije 14 sati
  • And that children is how Foxy got his eyepatch

    Koi candieKoi candiePrije 14 sati
  • 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂😂😂😂😂🪝🦊❓😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

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  • Hey hey foxy

    Mohamed Abou HakimMohamed Abou HakimPrije 14 sati
  • ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  • Русские есть

    Саша АнтохаСаша АнтохаPrije 15 sati
    • Есть

      Oleg KupranOleg KupranPrije 13 sati
  • golden Freddy should be Freddy's brother

    vr toy Fredboivr toy FredboiPrije 15 sati
    • He doesn't exist. There are no Michael Afton (so far), so there no Golden Freddy either

      Oleg KupranOleg KupranPrije 13 sati
  • Bonnie ):

    Maksim PlayMaksim PlayPrije 15 sati
  • They are making fnaf like chuck e. Chees channels.. .

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  • 1:29 OMG how did he get hurt 🤕 cuz he is a anamotronic

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  • You made characters from a horror actually cute somehow

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  • That's really good. 😀😀😀👍👍👍

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  • 😐 Why I like this? ✋🙂👌 Its cool

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  • Mames

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  • Wow somebody took the same picture as a as my channel nobody is supposed to do that out kicked our butts

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  • This feels like a cartoon that should be on a TV network for kids

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  • some youtubers are doing things like this (this is an A+++ as well)

    Valerian WitangaValerian WitangaPrije 17 sati
  • I no it's for kids


    Adriano RodriguesAdriano RodriguesPrije 17 sati
  • Why do chika like pizza

    Barbie A.Barbie A.Prije 18 sati
  • Mor

    Carola NeefischerCarola NeefischerPrije 18 sati
  • Ples makit morgen

    Carola NeefischerCarola NeefischerPrije 18 sati
  • does anyone see that he cant get 1 million views in 1 day and then all of a sudden he has 11 million views on this video thats crazy love this vid btw

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  • Same I think so

    R. TR. TPrije 18 sati
  • but are ter men

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  • Episode 2 plssss

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  • This needs to be On TV It's looks like An TV Show lol

    *-Lily Afton Mochi-**-Lily Afton Mochi-*Prije 18 sati
  • Lose foxy hook😭

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    yeli xinguyeli xinguPrije 19 sati
  • I think Bonnie and Foxy are now sworn enemies 🤣

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  • Episode 2 please

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  • When is next esposide ?

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  • pls make this cartoon series

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  • this is the greatest mini movie ive ever seen :D

    Idaho The BearIdaho The BearPrije 21 sat
  • 4:59 Foxy:BONNIE HOW STUPID ARE YOU THATS MY HOOK!!! Bonnie: Hey! It’s a coat hanger I found in pirate’s........cove.

    Kayla FaucheuxKayla FaucheuxPrije 21 sat
  • i like chica😍🥴

    atif amuradatif amuradPrije 21 sat