What I learned from my first Relationship...

Don't ever let someone pressure you into something you aren't comfortable with. This is my story reinforcing that...
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  • Pin update no. 1 I wanted to say, it wasn't necessarily wrong for 'Cody' to want to be more forward than me. Different people mature at different ages, but was absolutely not ok with it. The importance of this video lies in the fact that I plucked up the courage to actually tell him how I felt, rather than being afraid of being a bad girlfriend, or falling victim to peer pressure... and letting it spiral out of control... Because that could have happened. It was obviously pretty low that he ghosted me instead of actually telling me he'd broken up with me, and it was awful to see all over another girl immediately after this. This was the d-bag move. I never said he was abusive, he stopped when I finally said stop and told him that I was uncomfortable. But he obviously wanted a relationship to be fulfilling for him in a certain way that I knew I was waaaayyyyy too young for. The point is that I did make that call, and I'm so proud of 14 year old me for being brave enough to say no. But if I hadn't piped up, I probably would have ended up doing something I'd likely have deeply regretted. THIS IS MY POINT. If you're in a relationship, or think you may in future, know how imperative it is to have communication between you. Be a team, make sure you're both comfortable. Be vocal when you aren't. When I was 13/14 the internet was far inferior to how it is today, otherwise I might have had an easier way to reach out to other teens and get support... or learn from other's experiences. This is why I made this video. It's what I would have needed to hear at that age. It's a letter to myself. You should never feel pressured by a partner. Talk to them. Communication is so important. (Also, I feel ridiculous writing this, but some commenters have forced my hand... NO this absolutely not an attack on guys in general. Obviously this could happen in any relationship, coming from both guys and girls.)

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    • Hey I am teen and I go to a Welsh school I’m wondering what school you went to

      Robo RebellionRobo RebellionPrije 3 dana
    • Ok

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    • Thank you for the video helped lots last year

      Luke I don’t KnowLuke I don’t KnowPrije 22 dana
    • Thank you for this and for your work and message. It was very important ♡!

      Carolina VitorinoCarolina VitorinoPrije 25 dana
    • idk@Nibble Tronikz

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  • the one rare I gave into peer pressure was to drink soy sauce straight from the bottle to look "cool" lmao I just do what I want and do my own thing cause I dont like to follow crowds lol

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  • Damn i felt that

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  • You should make this into a graphic book. I will for sure buy a lot of copies for my future classroom

    Nayeli SanchezNayeli SanchezPrije dan
  • I saw this way before I got into my “first relationship” and I’m rewatching this now and realizing how bad that relationship was. He was nice at first and then started getting touchy, and I too thought that I felt uncomfortable because I’m a bit of a shy person. He would make me feel guilty with all his huge gifts. He would touch me in weird ways, message me in weird ways too. He even got me to send him pictures of me... almost naked. The worse thing was that I never said no to him. I felt so guilty saying no because I’d feel like I’d let him down. He even shared those pictures... people made fun of my body for days. And even after all that,,, I still felt lost without him. It’s been a year or almost two, I’m still recovering from it. Sometimes it feels like I’m still overreacting all of this, like I should’ve been fine with it. If anyone else is going through something like this, I hope things get better, because I would never wish this feeling on anyone.

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  • Therapists: You have to love yourself Me: I'm not my type

    Jadez WorldJadez WorldPrije dan
  • I wish I had the choice to say no when this happened to me but I was 7 and he was like 34 or something so yea. don’t worry I got out of there as soon as I could but it was still scary... at least I got the help as soon as I could. I admire you for saying no your awesome.

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  • i saw the ruby bloom t shirt i like got launched across the room as the nostalgia hit

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  • Darn the stupid troupes of the teen cycle it's tragic. Why every were there is a typical life of copy cats. Other: ha how basic Me: hold up and stop, boi your stupid ass hog. What dry humour and how repetitive of troupes sugar nub.

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  • Amm baked cookies yum

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  • who else watches her tik toks? btw good thing that you told him no before he did anything worse

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  • why do guys have to be stupid

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  • You getting a through a break up as a 13 year old: Me still playing with cars as a 19 year old;

  • I am 12.And i hope to learn somecing.

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    • @Sugawara Koshi wow an insult for making 1 error from auto correct seems like you should know when you talk to people you don't emojis if you want to be taken serious also you seem to need to use studies too you used the wrong u you use YOU*

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    • @gamer777 seems like u still have to. Your* you’re stands for you are 🤷‍♀️

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    • here something you should learn don't date at that age just finish you're studies

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  • I am currently at an age similar to Amy’s in the story and I say; THAT BOY WAS THE HORNIEST SOUNDING TEENAGER IN ALL OF HISTORY SOUND THE HORMONE OVERLOAD ALARM.

    Meredith BrownMeredith BrownPrije 4 dana
  • Most men are quite abusive. _exactly why im pansexual but there is a 23% i would date a guy and a 86% I would date a girl_

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    • uh

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  • As the great tomska once said, "consent isn't the absence of a no it is a continued an enthusiastic yes" Aka: Just because you don't say no doesn't mean you give consent. You should APSOLOUTLEY ask your partners to do anything more 'romantic.' It's not like the fanfics, slamming someone against a wall and *passionately* making out with them is COMPLETELY WRONG. No consent was exchanged in these 2 seconds of wall slamming and mouths mashing, seriously person B might not even be into it! Cody should have defiantly asked for your consent to do anything with you instead of going out and just doing it. My girlfriend used to do the same thing, always getting really pushy and touchy without asking me and it always made me uncomfortable. Luckily my boyfriend now is amazing, and we always ask each other if we are uncomfortable with anything 💜

    RibsRibsPrije 5 dana
  • I have a problem with saying no, and that caused me to nearly get groped by my friend. He did other things too, like kiss me without my permission, but I just brushed it off because he said it was a dare. He lied. It wasn't a dare. The icing on the cake, however, was that he had a crush on me too, and I guess I just couldn't say no, because I'm genuinely too nice, and I don't like making people upset. It took me about 3 years before I had the courage to tell him I'm done being his friend, and I've never felt more relaxed. To anyone reading this who's dealing with a toxic friendship or relationship, I just want to let you know that it does get better, and I know that's what a lot of people say, but it really does, and don't be afraid to say no to someone if you don't like what they're doing or saying. Stay safe! Love y'all

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  • 'Avril Lagvine wannabe' I love it

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  • I wish I had this video when going through the same thing. At least I'm out of it now.

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  • hey so I need advice lol. I just kinda stumbled upon this video literally AGES after it was made and right now I'm in a literally horrifying experience and need to get it out. So I know this boy and let's call him Greg for example?? I met him through a close friend of his and I met his friend due to an outside of school activity we both took part in. I was voice messaging Greg's friend when I hear 3 other voices in the background. didn't know who they were but they were literally the funniest people ever and we all ended up interacting with each other through said voice messages. Greg messaged me and we started being really great friends and when a week of us talking goes by we realise we have feelings for each other. about 3 months go by and we are in love. not dating but in love. this is my first ever time falling in love with someone and it was really amazing and one of the greatest experiences ever. I have had many crushes and what not but never this intense. he made me really happy and continues to. he has never ever hurt me and we have a really healthy relationship but there is one problem we faced. we are both hypersexual and became that way at a young age due to the internet and other sources. we couldn't control our hormones and sent pictures to each other as well as many many messages etc. of course it was fully consensual and none of us were hurt in the process and I felt very comfortable doing it. however my parents found out a few days before I was supposed to go meet him FOR THE FIRST TIME and called the police and the police THEMSELVES came to my HOUSE and took my phone for evidence and made sure Greg was the age he said he was. I could not talk to him for a very very long time and I was crushed. I managed to speak to him a few times without my parents knowing and it was really great. he made sure I was feeling okay and we talked like we used to and I felt instantly better and we both really love each other so it felt really nice finally talking again. however literally on valentines day he messaged me and told me the police came to his house and his parents were angry and took his phone and ever since then I have been terrified of losing him. I keep seeing the numbers 111 everywhere and I know its an angel number but idk what it means?? but anyways the thing is, I love him. and I wish I could get into more detail about our relationship because honestly it was really really sweet and made me very happy but I cant rlly lmao not enough space but anyways I have been very anxious about the whole situation and Im terrified of losing him. (oh hey here's me crying while writing this) I don't know what to do or how to calm myself down or how to stay positive. please help.

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  • This reminded me of life before the Virus 😫

    Kalomaster PlayzKalomaster PlayzPrije 7 dana
  • This reminds me of my ex, thanks youtube recommendations. The only difference is *he* kept wanting nudes from me.

    Akira KotaruAkira KotaruPrije 7 dana
  • Damn you are good at drawing.

    Graeme StanleyGraeme StanleyPrije 7 dana
  • I have saying this zero percent ironically and it’s 100percent a joke, but why do all animators have such bad pasts. It’s so sad 😭😭

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  • your animation style is pretty good!

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  • "cause, hes my dad. *boogie woogie woogie*" ah yes the memes

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  • I wish I could go back in time and explaine to my 8 years old self that you shouldn't do certain things no matter if he's your best friend and I wish I could tell my teenage self to not give into pressure and to wait untill you're ready.

    Elyse Mooney MUAElyse Mooney MUAPrije 9 dana
  • My first relationship taught me self acceptance. No one can fully understand me more than myself.

    Precious FrancePrecious FrancePrije 10 dana
  • My first boyfriend (we were like 8 at the time 😬) ended up being gay 😐

    Can I please be Gundhams Waifu?Can I please be Gundhams Waifu?Prije 11 dana
  • My first relationship was strange and anxiety inducing. She kept trying to kiss me in front of a bunch of people and sang dancing in the dark and announced she was singing it to me in front of the entire 30 person choir class...... I wasn’t out yet. She kissed me in front of 200 people on day 3 and I cried because I was 13 and thought I was going to get hate crimed the next day. So yeah, don’t expect much from your first relationship and also don’t be scared to set your boundaries

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  • I'm new here, she's Canadian? :OO

    Iza Random StrangerIza Random StrangerPrije 11 dana
  • This is why I really don't want a relationship, i kinda just want to cuddle, but I think the boys my age are expecting than just cuddle... But whatever I'm not on a relationship so it doesn't matter

    JoelyJoelyPrije 11 dana
  • It actually reminds me a lot of what happened to me. When I was 14/15 years old, I had my first crush on a guy at my school, things were very fast from the beginning. We didn't know each other for not even a month and we started dating. At first everything was cute, but over time he started to press me, he wanted longer kisses, and even if it's normal. I really didn't like the idea, I was fine with holding hands, little kisses and hugs, I was very shy and afraid he would keep asking about it, so I started saying that I was too shy for that, and I asked him to slowdown. At this point I felt extremely lonely and scared, my friends were mad at me, I don't remember why, but it had to do with my relationship and I couldn't talk with my parents because I didn't know if they would accept it. Even after I asked to slowdown, my ex continued to press me, so being next to him started to make me uncomfortable. Some time later he broke up with me and I was relieved because even if I liked him I was afraid that I would do something that I might regret later

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  • Me being 10 knowing all of this already but still watching:👁💧👄💧👁👌

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  • I had a 11 year old boyfriend when I was eight soooo, also I’m gay noooooww Also he kept kissing my face and wanted to be my first kiss He also cheated on me lol

    Cloudy SaturnCloudy SaturnPrije 12 dana
  • This video spoke to me so much, holy cow. The moment in the car with all the insecurities piling up reminded me so much of how I’ve felt before- worried that I had been leading someone on, that my feeling uncomfortable but not being able to say something was me being weak. I’ve learned so much in the years after, and lucky for me I had a support system that helped me cut off the toxic relationship before anything seriously bad happened. But damn I’ve never seen anyone encapsulate those feelings so well.

    Isabella MedinaIsabella MedinaPrije 12 dana
  • 0:08 wait Sept' 6 is B-day 😀

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  • your voice is so relaxing-

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  • This may sound disrespectful/ a small subject change your welsh finely another welsh youtuber and two it least you did the right thing and it's good it didn't get worse from there

    TartanTartanPrije 13 dana
  • Your art is so precious ♡

    KaslynsKaslynsPrije 13 dana
  • You did the right thing I'm glad you told this story for people who may be going through this.❤❤

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  • I sort of have the same situation I was starting my freshman year in high-school I have this pretty nice guy friend who I trust and feel safe around I didn't have that much of friends and it was pretty awesome to have him there Though one night when my parents left me at home with my siblings I was texting him Let's call him Adrian (not real name) So me and Adrian were joking around and being silly and stuff then he said he wanted something and being the people pleaser I am, I was happy to help Then he said that he wanted "🐈" I didn't get it at first but when I did I started to feel uncomfortable Not to mention that I developed a tiny crush on him and scared to directly say no I told him to go to a porn site or something He said no I kept on trying to change the topic but Adrian kept pushing I was so scared and uncomfortable till the point he's sending me lewd scary texts I had no one else I couldn't tell my parents nor friends because they would see how weak and vulnerable I am Though I reached out to one of my trusted friends to tell Adrian to stop for me because I can't do it myself After that I felt weak and useless and my trust levels have sank to the bottom pit I had no one I could talk to and it got worse when I learned that Adrian was sexually harassing me

    AshleyLeeneAshleyLeenePrije 14 dana
    • When your friends see you as weak because you need help, then they are not you friends. Just block him in any social media/messanger you have and avoid him. You told him to stop, he won't stop so then you have to take all his oppurtunities to contact you.

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  • um ew he creepy

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  • OK

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  • The exact same had pretty much happened to me at 14. I'm really sorry, and I don't wish any similar scenarios to anyone. It really effected my opinion on love and relationships back then.

    chip chipchip chipPrije 15 dana

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  • Noooo my brother’s name is Cody 😭

    Selena BSelena BPrije 15 dana
  • in my first relationship i was forced into things that i didn't want to do. i was manipulated, gaslighted, guilt tripped, etc. i didn't want to be choked, i didn't want my hands to be bound. no means no, and it always will.

    shsl bastardshsl bastardPrije 15 dana
  • I can relate....

    Mr Green ManMr Green ManPrije 15 dana
  • Im late to this video but I had my first boyfriend at 17 almost turning 18. He was also nice at first and I don’t see him as a terrible person or anything. Before we became an item he would talk about sexual things all the time. I then told him that I’m not ready for all that (him being my first boyfriend and all that). Then one time I was at my nieces house with him. Mind you my niece was sleeping next to us. He started touching me and kissing me. He then started touching me under my clothes. I kept on saying no and that he has to wait and that I didn’t feel comfortable but he didn’t stop. Thank god nothing happend . I thought I was ok with it then and it did feel good but now that I look back at it, I have never felt this unsafe? Before. I felt so bad and after that I stopped really talking to him. That all happend about a month ago. We are still friends but I’m really not comfortabel with him anymore. And now he also posts about other girls and all that. I’m starting to think he never really cared about me tbh.

    Esther IloriEsther IloriPrije 15 dana
  • Raisins aren't that bad, and I'm not going to waver from what I believe...

    Short CircuitShort CircuitPrije 16 dana
  • im proud of myself for setting boundaries most of my life. There were times control was taken from me sure, but I protected myself in the end and kept to my boundaries. The only time i really regret was when i tried to set a boundary i didn't really want and ended up hurting the first girl i loved by not being able to stay away or be bold enough to follow through. but she turned out to be a bullet dodged romantically at least

    TheArtistsWings 9TheArtistsWings 9Prije 16 dana
  • This is exactly what happened to me :) only i was 8!

    This name Is timelessThis name Is timelessPrije 16 dana
  • Yo, my ex's parents blamed me for their son wanting to do stuff. There are people that are just that stupid. Okay fam 🤣

    GemGemPrije 16 dana
    • no the emoji

      gamer777gamer777Prije 2 dana
  • Yes we are us teenagers are just too awkward for ever

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  • “Just because I moved schools willingly doesn’t make it any less terrifying-“ Me, who went through six schools before even hitting high school; *“I forgot about that part-“*

    Goro AkechiGoro AkechiPrije 17 dana
  • I remember being a second relationship before with my online ex second boyfriend and it was best thing that I can ever imagine we started dating for the first time and until a few months later and weeks things started to go bad and also worse he started acting very aggressive and angry towards me and it really scared me and I also started to cry and in my head I wanted to break up with him and my heart keeps on saying no but I finally got some help from my other online friends they stood up to him and we finally broke up and also he cheated behind my back and thank goodness I’m not with him anymore but one day I will put my foot down and tell him off of what he did to me cause I’m a very sensitive girl and I had gone through a horrible and abusive dark toxic relationship with him and I was so scared to say no to him but finally I don’t feel scared anymore of what I gone through

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  • Horny jail.... immediately

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  • Kinda Cringe.

    HW veteranHW veteranPrije 17 dana
    • wow

      gamer777gamer777Prije 2 dana
  • 1:20 man that joke was really HIGH BROW

    Bradie CBradie CPrije 17 dana
  • First relationship at 13. Me, 18 years old...med.student, seeing open hearts all day long, at 14 febuary, alone at home...

    Diogo T7Diogo T7Prije 17 dana
    • Hi sis. Same lolol

      GraceGracePrije 12 dana
  • Ok Ik I’m like a year late to this but.... I’m 14 and I feel like I can take a lot from this thx🙂

    Bekah ReynoldsBekah ReynoldsPrije 17 dana
  • He’s not a bad person it’s not his fault he didn’t know she didn’t like it he just didn’t understand

    molly howellmolly howellPrije 17 dana
  • Why would a 13 year old want to make out? That’s disgusting

    molly howellmolly howellPrije 17 dana
  • Nah you taste like cookies is adorable

    molly howellmolly howellPrije 17 dana
  • That is the most bisexual looking person I’ve ever seen!

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  • Thank you so much for making this!!! 🌸🌸🌸

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  • what i learned from my anime boyfriend: it's very hard to let go

    heyo the guy 101heyo the guy 101Prije 19 dana
  • 4:50 one handed warrior

    Not nooby At gamesNot nooby At gamesPrije 19 dana
  • Growing I was the same kind of kid as cody so I know that boundaries are an important part of relationships I was a jerk

    TheSemenDemonTheSemenDemonPrije 19 dana
  • You shouldn’t have to mention, that you should have said that you are uncomfortable with him touching you. No. HE should have asked for your consent and seen the signs!

    art_in_your_faceart_in_your_facePrije 19 dana
  • I had a realtionship like that and in the end i almost got raped but at the last moment i said no, and then a while after i was like"o i guess im being dramatic, i dont rly know if it was like that" to my luck he sent me a message saying sorry so this was like "yeah, i wasn't being dramatic.." At the end i got sexual trauma..:,)

    Julia GabrielaJulia GabrielaPrije 19 dana
  • Oh I had a very very similar happening

    Regina FrancoRegina FrancoPrije 19 dana
  • It's Good for everyone to learn the word NO

    Lee BennettLee BennettPrije 19 dana
  • i wish i had seen this before. same thing happened to me but i let it slide

    pawrtspawrtsPrije 20 dana
  • Thank you

    joanna hijoanna hiPrije 20 dana
  • What an interesting coincidence...

    Tony IsabellaTony IsabellaPrije 20 dana
  • Omg you made the best choice even for your age, you should be proud of your 14 year old self!

    TheFastPawnWolfTheFastPawnWolfPrije 20 dana
  • who are these chads who are able to get girls at that age? he must've been very good looking!

    CybersixCybersixPrije 20 dana
  • so, are u saying that you were 13 back then? if yes, im really sorry and i wish you the best gurl, be strong!

    avy_yk _avy_yk _Prije 20 dana
  • Most teens : I want a relationship Me: I WANNA GO TO HOGWARTS NOW PLEASE

    Hannah bananaHannah bananaPrije 20 dana

      100 Stories100 StoriesPrije 17 dana
  • Okay so,this remmembers me to my ex bf,we meet on Discord and were on a long distance relationship,i've meet him like 1-2 years ago and we were friends. I wont go into detail but he confessed to me and i accepted. The relationship was good at first,just a romantic relationship with actual love into it,we cared about eachother and talked a lot. So you may be wondering what happened,right? well,he went from a cinnamon roll to a perverted dude,he wanted to do "virtual s*x" that was roleplay i guess,he used bots for that too tho,he also said sexu*l stuff when i drawn myself and said stuff that wasnt appropiate about me or even joked about it,i was always uncomfortable about that but didnt say anything. That keept going on to the point where i had to vent to my friends about it. My friends helped me and i broke up with him,i didnt feel guilty or sad,i only felt relief because i was finally free from him. Now,3-4 months after we broke up im doing fine lol Edit: Grammar and spelling died,there's also a lot of typos :dance:

    Sweety_Studiøs YTSweety_Studiøs YTPrije 20 dana
  • Friendships are untrusted Love is a glitch Sex means exploitation Screw everyone, I'm keeping to myself

    Valery0p 5Valery0p 5Prije 21 dan
    • but what about your thoughts

      gamer777gamer777Prije 2 dana
  • I really liked this video. Thank you for sharing this story with us!

    Serena FallinSerena FallinPrije 21 dan
  • My first realationship make me think that i dont wanna love again, still feeling this... i hate this dumb feeling, always make me feels a idiot, all the time

    Gravata BorboletaGravata BorboletaPrije 21 dan
  • My first relationship taught me true love. Still together

    Kamikaze DragonKamikaze DragonPrije 21 dan
  • Her: I had a bf at 13 Me at 13: bEybLaDeS aNd pOkEmOn

    Ashoka.Ashoka.Prije 21 dan
  • 9:26 MMm-Mm Mm-Mm! Nope red flag, major red flag!

    Hannah TaskerHannah TaskerPrije 22 dana
  • this happened to me too, except i was 12 at the time. I never did end up confronting him about it but he kept passing me gross notes in class asking to have kids (and he did NOT mean when we were older) and it just became too much and i dumped him. The VERY next week he had a new girlfriend and he threatened me USNG her, saying she would beat me up. I instantly knew what was going on and told her, and luckily she understood and dumped him too. He moved to another school after that...

    HappychuHappychuPrije 22 dana
  • At the age of thirteen?

    WillitrandomWillitrandomPrije 22 dana
  • YA BOii!! I HATE WELSH AS WELL!!! I still have to study it tho 😩 I know how to speak it but still have to learn it 🥲

    Phrogg -_-Phrogg -_-Prije 22 dana
  • Her 13: bf Me 14: wAiT dO I lIKe GiRls? OOO THeReS A BoNniE pLUsH

    rainbowpopcorn555rainbowpopcorn555Prije 22 dana
  • if you have a boyfriend they will probs brake up with you in a weak FACT!

    Its_Taylor _hunniIts_Taylor _hunniPrije 22 dana
  • Well, not at your age but yes

    Lara S.Lara S.Prije 22 dana
  • I am 14. Thank you for making this video :)

    Ainsley R.Ainsley R.Prije 23 dana
  • Go gurl you tell em who’s boss 😎

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  • I need HELP pls I have cousin and he is year older he is cool I like him but he is kinda .... Like he ask me for pictures and saying dirty questions I want to be friend's with him....

    gacha_drama_qeengacha_drama_qeenPrije 24 dana
    • Just be strong tell him „no“ and „let’s just be friends“

      Graeme StanleyGraeme StanleyPrije 7 dana
    • Well he is your cousin so you can’t date

      Graeme StanleyGraeme StanleyPrije 7 dana
    • He is not wery toxic I know how to say no stop and it work but I want to have friend in him oh and I forgot I'm 13 he is 14

      gacha_drama_qeengacha_drama_qeenPrije 24 dana
    • But when we talk abute normal things he just don't care or don't talk back to me 😔 what should I do ?

      gacha_drama_qeengacha_drama_qeenPrije 24 dana
  • Youre pretty cool

    DarjeelingJellyDarjeelingJellyPrije 24 dana
  • Idk if anyone can relate... I’m pretty sure someone could but have you ever liked someone, fell in love with them but weren’t allowed to date? They liked me too but my parents said we weren’t allowed to... and so did God... we’re friends but especially now that Valentine’s Day is coming up I get hurt seeing all the lovey dovey stuff... and we still really like each other... we miss each other since there was a point where we would say those loving things as boyfriend and girlfriend but had to stop since I wasn’t allowed too... we love each other but have to stay as friends... idk how long I’ll be able to stand this...

    iLex RomeiLex RomePrije 24 dana