Cooking pork rinds and potato for whole family - Welcome home (6 year milestone)

Boris makes pork rinds for whole family.
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Today, May 4th, 6 years has passed. Let’s celebrate this day.
Watch first ever Life of Boris video here:
May 4th is also birthday of Boris.
one small block of pig fat
two onions
three potatos
salt, pepper for taste
take slab of pork fat. salted is best. can be with rind (skin) or not.
cut pork fat into slim squares. not too slim. watch video.
heat up your fire-burning stove. put pan on. no oil.
put pork fat on hot pan.
cook until pork rinds have reduced to small size.
remove rinds and leave for later snack with drink.
add sliced onion and potato on the fat that remains on pan.
cook until golden brown.
serve. done.

cooking pork rinds and potato for whole family
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