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    • @F N awwwww someone’s scared of the truth

    • Bald

      sebysebyPrije 13 dana
    • Gary needs a Tesla

      sam corneliussam corneliusPrije 13 dana
    • Good shit Gary!

      A RodA RodPrije 14 dana
    • i'm that kid that met you on omegle

      Manvendra GamingManvendra GamingPrije 14 dana
  • Crazy content lol damn

    Kaiser PhillipsKaiser PhillipsPrije sat
  • Trash

    Steven MSteven MPrije 2 dana
  • Whene did you play the first time warzone?! Completely new map 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤡

    DarioDarioPrije 2 dana
  • You were playing with noahj456

    Coop5646 season 8 The startCoop5646 season 8 The startPrije 4 dana
  • So they nuked it ... but we still play on it Rebirth island 😀😀 CS has more maps , come on

    Grigor PetrovGrigor PetrovPrije 5 dana
  • I couldn't get my banned account back until I was introduced to *CYBER_TECH90 on IG* who helped me recover my account,, thanks dear

    mona Aliciamona AliciaPrije 5 dana
  • I couldn't get my banned account back until I was introduced to *CYBER_TECH90 on IG* who helped me recover my account,, thanks dear

    mona Aliciamona AliciaPrije 5 dana
  • I know I'm late but have been playing cld.for a long time and this is why I don't play anymore typical cod re-skin all the buildup and this.shitty.re-skin what a joke

    Josh BaileyJosh BaileyPrije 6 dana
  • it is Alcatraz in cod mobile

    Stanous WilliamsStanous WilliamsPrije 8 dana
  • Still haven’t played yet...that’s how excited I am for the Warzone updates.

    StreetStangStreetStangPrije 8 dana
  • Same disappointing trash updates we’ve all come to know and love. It’s the EXACT SAME MAP?!?!?

    StreetStangStreetStangPrije 8 dana
  • Nick how is the new map I haven’t gotten to play it yet

    Daddylnglegz YTDaddylnglegz YTPrije 8 dana
  • Just now it give me nonfiction

    pellypellyPrije 9 dana
  • It looks the fucking same 😂😂😂

    Yassir I. PerezYassir I. PerezPrije 9 dana
  • Your thumbnails suck

    Zack CurranZack CurranPrije 10 dana
  • What guns did u use 😃

    TheAvacado_KidTheAvacado_KidPrije 10 dana
  • Why are people donating 100$ repeatedly 😂

    marlysmittasmarlysmittasPrije 11 dana
  • This is trash! So instead of getting a destroyed verdansk, yall get the same map with more color and vintage look? 🤦‍♂️

    Alexis GonzalezAlexis GonzalezPrije 11 dana
  • How I get 5 o’clock shadow like urs daddy?

    Connor BConnor BPrije 11 dana
  • *I have similar issues it was ‘’’’valuecyber01’’’’on Instagram that resolved mine.*

    Lewis SteavensonLewis SteavensonPrije 11 dana
  • *I have similar issues it was ‘’’’valuecyber01’’’’on Instagram that resolved mine.*

    Lewis SteavensonLewis SteavensonPrije 11 dana
  • Nick, the hanger you were in at 14:20 is the snowy "multiplayer" map in MW, they just put a plane in it. Just noticed when you ran through.

    JJshottyJJshottyPrije 11 dana
  • Idk why but Im having terrible frame rates when I play on the new map. Rebirth works fine with no frame drops but damn when I play the new verdansk I get down to 30fps from 80fps especially when I'm shooting.

    Anthony MattaAnthony MattaPrije 11 dana
  • The map is exactly the same as b4, I wish the youtubers told the truth, they hit everyone with the same ol nuketown re-skin and changed a few buildings. Fuck this game and the developers they'll never get another dime out my pocket! You guys keep falling for the stupid as titles him and other youtubers post,,, example... (YO THIS GUN IS BROKEN)...(NEW ONE SHOT DOWN GUN)...(NEW DISCOVERY FOUND) LOL WAKE UP ⏰ ⏰ ⏰ ⏰ ⏰

    nightmare510 oaklandnightmare510 oaklandPrije 11 dana
  • A completely new map ! Are you blind ! Smh rehashed map after all this time , Come on man seriously. We got screwed

    Simon AmaralSimon AmaralPrije 11 dana
  • An Irish man was the first look it up

    My cover of Songs and my songsMy cover of Songs and my songsPrije 11 dana
  • When stream snipers are ass af 😂

    Kei TheKuronoKei TheKuronoPrije 11 dana
  • Same map reskined

    Ryan CrichtonRyan CrichtonPrije 11 dana
  • How are you over hyping this bullshit. It’s the same map you plebs with a few tweaks ffs. If people just accept this after over a year of waiting then the devs will continue to be this lazy. “completely new map” listen to yourselves 🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️

    callum appleseedcallum appleseedPrije 11 dana
  • What people don’t realise is how good verdansk was... so I’m totally okay with them improving it and not changing it completely. It is painfully obvious to me that most people demanding changes are just bandwagoners. Most people would just want the old map back if it was completely new.

    AfropunkxAfropunkxPrije 12 dana
  • ye man its completely NEW cant tell the diffrence LOL

    CrypTo LonGoCrypTo LonGoPrije 12 dana
  • Try sks

    DanthaMANDanthaMANPrije 12 dana
  • "Completely new map" as I am looking at the exact same map. . .

    Nikolai KNikolai KPrije 12 dana
  • what’s your load out you used after nuke

    Nike BikeyNike BikeyPrije 12 dana
  • I use your code

    Lee DelmoreLee DelmorePrije 12 dana
  • BETA

    Mr. BrownMr. BrownPrije 12 dana
  • Should’ve titled it as “We blew up Verdansk”

    Hunting the windHunting the windPrije 12 dana
  • No way! The same thumbnail..again! Lmffffao you're stuck a fuckn tool bro

    BIG HEADBIG HEADPrije 12 dana
  • It looks the same imo 🤣😭

    CameronCameronPrije 12 dana
  • So they just reskinned verdansk seems cheap and lazy

    The CureThe CurePrije 12 dana
  • 10g update for the same fucking map just different buildings 🤮. Very disappointed

    Lane GeisewiteLane GeisewitePrije 12 dana
  • I'm downloading now and gtteing free skin for mobile plus going to get stuff for this season pass on warzone or the next one

    Martis 2099Martis 2099Prije 12 dana
  • Brought y’all back to before Tim was fat

    Azure ChemicalAzure ChemicalPrije 12 dana
  • Someone donated 100 dollars and he didn't react i would of shit myself

    alfre serranoalfre serranoPrije 12 dana
  • Nick: "Completely new map" Everyone else: it's exactly the asme

    Ashley HendersonAshley HendersonPrije 12 dana
  • They ruined this game. Really hard to even play it. The lighting and colors look horrible.cant see anything in distance anymore. Bye bye Warzone.

    brandon bbrandon bPrije 12 dana
  • Wtf is that thumbnail

    David VjdjDavid VjdjPrije 12 dana
  • "Warzone Has A COMPLETELY NEW MAP" *90% of the map still the same*

    Noizy HillNoizy HillPrije 12 dana
  • This live stream was one of the funniest things I have ever watchef

    Colin BickellColin BickellPrije 12 dana
  • I was waiting for another ship

    Ashton ArcosAshton ArcosPrije 12 dana
  • They updated the buildings thats not new map

    xavier feliesxavier feliesPrije 12 dana
  • Literally got out in to a game after his last game and he’s getting stream sniped 😂 I think that was just bad luck that time not a stream snipe haha

    Gazz KingGazz KingPrije 12 dana
  • these guys are all streamer goats who will go down in history doing what they love and all gamers wish they could achieve... cudos to them all and bless up MFAM!!!

    Michael WeezyMichael WeezyPrije 13 dana
  • So bad that the new map is exactly the same but looks only slightly different. I'm never touching this trash again good luck with playing the same map for 1.5 years.

    Daan KlasDaan KlasPrije 13 dana
  • the map is a 10/10

    Faustas NemeiksisFaustas NemeiksisPrije 13 dana
  • nice

    JA STUDIOJA STUDIOPrije 13 dana
  • "completely new" lmao why you gotta do us like that

    RealLiveGameplay! goodgawdRealLiveGameplay! goodgawdPrije 13 dana
  • Warzone engine looks so shitty.... unbeleivable 100m players play this shit. Shoulda made a black out 2 instead.

    codizal kooshcodizal kooshPrije 13 dana
  • Turn to Jesus

    Edward GrassEdward GrassPrije 13 dana
  • its painful watching how many times cheaters kill you during the first few hours of the game trying to revive itself. tough the most successful game in history couldnt put more work into their game to support their loyal customers to get prevent the annoying fkn cheaters from even implementing the cheats, instead of just banning them

    Jeffrey CecilJeffrey CecilPrije 13 dana

    Jeffrey CecilJeffrey CecilPrije 13 dana
  • Completely New?

    Aaron BatchelorAaron BatchelorPrije 13 dana
  • Let’s go nick good job

    Tyler SzewcTyler SzewcPrije 13 dana
  • “You have no idea what’s coming” as if we didn’t already see what’s coming

    be Khaosbe KhaosPrije 13 dana
  • It's the same map only in 84

    benrod 1321benrod 1321Prije 13 dana
  • New map huh 🤣🤣

    john McLainjohn McLainPrije 13 dana
  • Karim benzemaaaa

    süper sportssüper sportsPrije 13 dana
  • Dogecoin is rebounding so go get some!

    Tom GriffinTom GriffinPrije 13 dana
  • Hey I just wanna say That Jesus Loves You But i have to say just that saying OMG is using GOD'S Name in vein be careful nick , guys Love you all ✝️❤

    Jesus is KingJesus is KingPrije 13 dana
  • Bro its wack!

    Wudang ShinobiWudang ShinobiPrije 13 dana
  • It hardly looks different. You are all sheep

    iDubbz TV2iDubbz TV2Prije 13 dana
  • I wish they would make call of duty more realistic all the jumping and sliding over bullets then having to put a full clip into the enemy just to take his armour off its just getting to childish for me games like squad and he'll let loose are the real war game's

    Leeds unitedLeeds unitedPrije 13 dana
  • Best youtube video of part 2 of the event.

    ZoraZoraPrije 13 dana
  • i personally think the new map is dope

    Andrew FalconiAndrew FalconiPrije 13 dana
  • The new map is just lipstick on a pig.

    Krooks44Krooks44Prije 13 dana
  • Too bad the servers took a shit yesterday I would’ve loved to play this

    Vatam 1789Vatam 1789Prije 13 dana
  • Everybody say "completely new map" ? That's the same map just more colorful.. It's feels like I'm playing cold war...

    CVirtusCVirtusPrije 13 dana
  • Completely new map? You mean slight alterations on existing map

    Patrick DetervillePatrick DetervillePrije 13 dana
  • I don’t think COMPLETELY NEW means what you think it does

    Ryan SenukRyan SenukPrije 13 dana

    jorge izaguirrejorge izaguirrePrije 13 dana
  • 0:57 yh don't think so bc we know how adding mechs to a game turned out 😬

    KenTinelKenTinelPrije 13 dana
  • why didnt they did this to fort older map

    EinorasGamingEinorasGamingPrije 13 dana
  • 😐 he blew it up

    antwuan cashantwuan cashPrije 13 dana
  • Wow haircot😅😅

    ViktorViktorPrije 13 dana
    • Hair cut

      ViktorViktorPrije 13 dana
  • It's not a new map... Reskinned map lol

    True CryptoTrue CryptoPrije 13 dana
  • Who else watched this on stream?

    S&K Double Take PodcastS&K Double Take PodcastPrije 13 dana
  • This new gulag is fking garbage

    MingiMingiPrije 13 dana
  • I just don’t like the dull colors other than that it’s legit

    Eddie MonstarEddie MonstarPrije 13 dana
  • Completely new ??? Don't think so

    Nerded KyleNerded KylePrije 13 dana
  • Why does EVERY youtuber use the fortnite font?

    TonyHamilton CkTonyHamilton CkPrije 13 dana
  • Imagine waiting for a new map to just play rebirth island lol come on nick

    marco cacciatomarco cacciatoPrije 13 dana
  • “EVERYTHING is totally different!” Reality: Everything is just a different color. 😂😂

    God1stGod1stPrije 13 dana
  • He got sniped in sync with the music lol

    Joey McNabbJoey McNabbPrije 13 dana
  • man looks like an easter egg

    Mehul MartinMehul MartinPrije 13 dana
  • Lmao same map , overhyped once again .........

    TherealbeckboyTherealbeckboyPrije 13 dana
  • i cant tell if this is a joke XD

  • The fact that you actually captioned this as a completely new map kindve just makes you a click baiting asshole, it’s not new they literally change a couple things and made the fucking library blue like it’s not new better than future verdansk sure but not a new map

    Alex FajardoAlex FajardoPrije 13 dana
    • THANK U.. this mans got so many people fuckin delusional

      Nathan WellingNathan WellingPrije 13 dana
  • Pog I just watched new Motor combat

    Izah MalIzah MalPrije 13 dana
  • If you use the black rose skin your not better then me(its a true fact dont try to hate little kid)

    ɢнσѕтɢнσѕтPrije 13 dana