Fortnite Season 5 LIVE event countdown happening NOW! 59:00 in video!

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  • ok

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  • get bussted galactus

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  • When ever I think of killing myself I watch ssunde

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  • Stop inviting him.

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  • If you can text me if you can send me something back give me the code so I can play murder mystery video to you I am your best friend ever

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  • SSundee your my fav youtuber your the best

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  • When ssundee fished he didn't realise there was a gold pump next to him and he could of got it instead of biffle

    HenryRBX RobloxHenryRBX RobloxPrije 23 sati
  • Ssundee missed the gold pump and biffle took it😅

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  • its galactis holly cow

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  • H>iii

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  • He has a T to t the terrestrial like if you know what I’m talking about hit that foot button

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  • Look carefully and you might see the Travis Scott planets

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  • Love your videos man :)

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  • If you dont know what BR means Battle royale

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  • hi

  • ha ssundee i pladthat game

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  • SSundee pls play among us with me my among us name is SSundeefan and I made a game now and it's on urope and the code AHXEUF

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  • Sunday I can deat you at a 1v1

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  • Sunday I can see you in a onesie

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  • Bot

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  • Can we be friends in fortnite

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  • this is a perfect example of what happens to people when they don't thank the bus driver

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  • aaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy coooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooollllllll

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  • yeah dude I wish this was the end of it

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  • Hide the puzzles

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  • The zero point is the the reason how fortnite works

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  • SSundee is the best

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  • I like when you meet iron man

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  • I was in your live and in game and had minis and said here Ssundee

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  • SSundee why aren’t you playing fortnite season 5

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  • Am I late?????

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  • Ssundee is dumb. ............

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  • That was a cray cray event

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  • Do you and jelly know eachother

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  • I like got pockets

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  • I love the famas

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  • i like ya cut g 1:02:03

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