STORY TIME • Why I wasn't into him...

Blame it on the alcohol... and my refined taste in men. Thanks for watching babes. See you again so soon.
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  • To those who are keeping up with the Koshy, thank you. You’ve been watching me creep back into a HRclubs groove for the past few months (AKA I upload monthly on each of my channels now: LizaKoshy and LizaKoshyToo). And a thicc thanks goes to my creative family at @westbrook who’s helping me whip up this wizardry more consistently! Much more is in store, and girl, I know it’s different than it was before... but I’m truly just proud to share more of my creations, experiences and stories with you. I'll see you very soon.

    Liza Koshy TooLiza Koshy TooPrije 5 dana
    • Liza i like your singing

      peachy maddipeachy maddiPrije 5 sati

      lelo roselelo rosePrije dan
    • @Esme Lushi because people love to hate, however when it comes to hate liza is bulletproof.

      InfiniteGamingHDInfiniteGamingHDPrije dan
    • you literally only show up for ad promotions lmfao

      bubscolonybubscolonyPrije 2 dana
    • skip 2:13

      Mine NOTursMine NOTursPrije 2 dana
  • Wow she’s more annoying then usual

    Erica Play’sErica Play’sPrije 45 minuta
  • It’s so crazy how people can’t get the fuck over two people who broke tf up four years ago like grow tf up seriously people fall in and out of love every Effin day Christ people will get together say they love eachother in one week and break up the next stfu people seriously lol annoying af

    Erica Play’sErica Play’sPrije 46 minuta
  • i just wached the Work It movie i love it

  • did i just saw Helga?

  • when u said sue me in the video,in my minde,a song came up ,and its Sue me by Sabrina Carpender,and now i cant stop singing it

  • I so love you... You definitely won't see this but I'm starting a show and it would be a dream come true to interview you...🥺🙏💗

    D. D. TracyD. D. TracyPrije 3 sati
  • i love liza but i hate the fact that everytime she comes up with a new video now its an ad

    pida siouypida siouyPrije 4 sati
  • not this whole generation thinking it’s about david😭😭

    ava hava hPrije 4 sati
    • views are low huh

      pida siouypida siouyPrije 4 sati
  • This vid was so confusing

    alice_hbgalice_hbgPrije 4 sati
  • Liza koshy is just as problematic as david at this point tbh

    S MS MPrije 6 sati
  • Do these come in +sizes? You know, for the bigger to the biggest gurls✨

    Pastel PunkinPastel PunkinPrije 8 sati
  • Lol you’re crazy and I love it I have missed you. I need an empty laugh from time to time. Thanks

    Katherine PierceKatherine PiercePrije 9 sati
  • “dO i LooK LiKe a LiqUiD?”

    ZAiN UNEDiTEDZAiN UNEDiTEDPrije 9 sati
  • i try to watch her channel but 90% is her promoting something and the rest is a random story. i don’t think people like watching commercials, very disingenuous

    Hailey CrawfordHailey CrawfordPrije 9 sati
  • What’s the first thing that comes to mind.. DAVID oh I mean -

    Ava VernonAva VernonPrije 9 sati
  • How?why?what?whats going on!!! Literally liza all the time

    rdm vidzrdm vidzPrije 9 sati
  • Bruh! 😂 1. That suicide prevention PSA: “Yo growth is so cool! Stick around! You never know what you gon’ turn into.” 2. SIR! I AM A SOLID! HOW ARE YOU GONNA DRINK ME?! I AM CHUNKY *AT BEST* !!! YOU COULDNT SUCK ME THROUGH A BOBA STRAW!!!! 😂

    Lani KissLani KissPrije 11 sati
  • I need serious help I just saw the title and screamed “DAVID!”

    Dana PeichDana PeichPrije 11 sati
  • Time that I unsubscribed...Liza isn't the same anymore :(

    Mia DoxtatorMia DoxtatorPrije 12 sati
  • Let’s be honest David is going to end up marrying his assistant I just know it!

    Ally CatAlly CatPrije 13 sati
  • I am literally so glad that she has started posting again. She has always been an inspiration to me and I am literally SO FRICKING PROUD of how far she has come bro. I literally would simply turn from a solid into liquid on the floor if i met her. I WOULD DIE

    Alissa McEntyreAlissa McEntyrePrije 14 sati
  • Liza knew what she was doing, the sad part is that it worked 😕

    DD_ ProductionsDD_ ProductionsPrije 16 sati
  • 😂✨

    Artistic ManalArtistic ManalPrije 16 sati
  • views are low huh

    madison wisenermadison wisenerPrije 17 sati
  • *i wasn't interested in the title, I'm interested couz Liza uploaded a video +saves her passwords now.*

    ALJKALJKPrije 17 sati
  • This was total click bait to promote fabletics I should’ve known she doesn’t post unless it’s to promote something

    jojo clerisierjojo clerisierPrije 18 sati
  • lol

    maryelizabethmaryelizabethPrije 18 sati
  • sis

    maryelizabethmaryelizabethPrije 18 sati
  • Yes, very cute

    Kristina AnstissKristina AnstissPrije 18 sati
  • Hold on was this click bait to sell her fabletics line lol 😂 I'm here for it tho

    Magdelana ThielMagdelana ThielPrije 19 sati
  • She looks British in the thumb nail idc why 😂

    Erin WorrallErin WorrallPrije 19 sati
  • Lol liza always put a smile on my face, wish I could have walk into a store and pic a girlfriend like her, I would ask the cashier I want a girlfriend that look like a potato 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    Antonio BootheAntonio BoothePrije 20 sati
  • Ahh love all of it

    Gladys OshaiGladys OshaiPrije 20 sati
  • LOL the editorial posing when she did the missing thumb trick SENT ME. 😂

    Heaven ValenciaHeaven ValenciaPrije 20 sati
  • “If you don’t wanna do this, do you,” my new life motto 😌😂

    Neida BalloNeida BalloPrije 22 sati
  • Truthfully I love Liza but this content feels like it’s only made for fabletics not actually for entertainment or with any effort behind it 👀

    Fiona C. TFiona C. TPrije 22 sati
  • Liza you should totally have a drag queen do your make up!

    Rob NRob NPrije 23 sati

    Zeynep ZorluZeynep ZorluPrije 23 sati
  • Liza: casually sings 'level up' by Ciara

    Zeynep ZorluZeynep ZorluPrije 23 sati
  • "Hey guys, it's me Liza coming AD you"

    kristopotamuskristopotamusPrije 23 sati
  • She dated a supporter of SA 🤢

    dcdcPrije dan
  • Liza: “OoH.. SIR . Do I LOOK LIKE A LIQUID” Me :* laughs historically* Grandad :*jumps out of his sleep and falls off sofa*

    Luna LovatoLuna LovatoPrije dan
  • Hi Liza thanks for this sit down and share missed these!!! Love from South Africa

    Angelique NormanAngelique NormanPrije dan
  • She basically made more money selling phone cases and shirts in high school than the teachers made TEACHING!

    doliio volaydoliio volayPrije dan
  • 😖 she tries too hard now I used to love her

    Kiwi BabyKiwi BabyPrije dan
    • Queen of clickbait

      doliio volaydoliio volayPrije dan
  • I died when she says " is this DUA LIPA "

    gunawan Pratamagunawan PratamaPrije dan
  • i could honestly just watch u be u for hours. so much entertainment in one body. love it !😂🔥

    Ariell & LeneAriell & LenePrije dan
  • “”

    Its_Raelee__ _Its_Raelee__ _Prije dan
  • Not me thinking it’s about David from reading the title

    S AS APrije dan

    Rejoice EkakitieRejoice EkakitiePrije dan
  • if i see this in vogue im suing 😂😂😂 omg

    Quinntana WettlinQuinntana WettlinPrije dan
  • It's weird that all the comments are about a relationship that happened 4 years ago, please, speak about it during your therapy session and never again on her page.

    Ismahan AIsmahan APrije dan
  • Have you recently watched Talladega Nights ??? lawlz

    Sara ShySara ShyPrije dan
  • For some reason, I feel if Disney made a live action film of The Princess and The Frog, I would want Liza to be Tiana. Just me?

    Hannah NeffHannah NeffPrije dan
  • "do I look like. ✨A LIQUID✨"

    Casey AhasteenCasey AhasteenPrije dan
  • Selfless plug, I love it. Get your coin, sis.

    bakedkittenbakedkittenPrije dan

    Xia ChãnXia ChãnPrije dan
  • Legit clicked thinking this was about David😭😭😭

    kirstie pilgrimkirstie pilgrimPrije dan

    emilyyynatashaemilyyynatashaPrije dan
  • SIR

    emilyyynatashaemilyyynatashaPrije dan
  • Queen of clickbait

    emilyyynatashaemilyyynatashaPrije dan
  • Queen of marketing

    emilyyynatashaemilyyynatashaPrije dan
  • I clicked SO FAST

    emilyyynatashaemilyyynatashaPrije dan
  • 'Einstein over here solving a problem' HAHAHAHHAAHA myghadddd liza I miss you!

    Leanne SapunganLeanne SapunganPrije dan
  • I love her 😭

    VaehTheCapVaehTheCapPrije dan
  • this video is a mess... i love it

    Julia PhJulia PhPrije dan
  • Why are all fuckboys the same I'm crying laughing at this 😂😂😂😂

    Maria Paula LoriaMaria Paula LoriaPrije dan
  • I'm 15 and I got my first moo moo a few years ago😂 I love that you wear them too

    Grace LanierGrace LanierPrije dan
  • Y’all she’s the HAPPY GRINCH tell me I’m wrong

    KochiiComidaKochiiComidaPrije dan
  • “Stick around you never know what you’ll turn into” - very good words - Liza Koshy

    Rayann FarrisRayann FarrisPrije dan
  • yall see the picture too?

    KiM TaEgUcCiKiM TaEgUcCiPrije dan
  • 6 minute video with three quarters of the video being ads for stuff and not even a disclaimer or a #ad lmao

    Ella GElla GPrije dan
  • It's a trap... viewers beware. 95% sponsor info vs 5% content

    Mizshell MxioiMizshell MxioiPrije dan
  • love ur sold out of mediums... 😭🥺

    Yuridia Rosales-CortezYuridia Rosales-CortezPrije dan
  • I miss Jet, Helga, and Carlos 😔 I still lover though and at least she still has that beautiful humorous personality!

    Taylor MooreTaylor MoorePrije dan
  • babe wake up, liza koshy posted

    fridafridaPrije dan
  • I really thought she was going to talk about DAVID ...😔 Just me? Oh ok😔

    Icecreamlover forever24Icecreamlover forever24Prije dan
  • TBH, I did not for once think she meant David. I only realized from the comments. Please don't be disrespectful, she's always put titles like these. PLEASE GUYS. SUPPORT HER. She's doing sooooo amazing and I absolutely LOVE her, her coolness, her creativity! LIZA, don't you dare listen to the haters! I absolutely LOVE you!! 💜

    Zainab HaiderZainab HaiderPrije dan
  • The boobies part 😂😂😂😂😂😂 THE STRAW PART. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    Zainab HaiderZainab HaiderPrije dan
  • im not sure if the "eye makeup" looks cool or is a brain cant decide..

    bubbly mashupsbubbly mashupsPrije dan
  • Did the title story time remind anyone else of Thomas sanders vines ? 😂

    Evie HoggEvie HoggPrije dan
  • Miss whatching you guys have fun together, i guess that's life... (sad inside)

  • summary for whoever hasnt watched the video yet: she makes a joke ab a pickup line in the beginning and then spends 5 minutes trying to get you to buy stuff. Nothing to see, no tea was spilled.

    Kassy GKassy GPrije dan
  • she literally only posts to promote stuff I'm unsubscribing this is annoying asf.

    Kassy GKassy GPrije dan
  • "as long as you have dead eyes and a gaping mouth..." *zooms in* ".. ITS FASHUN"

    Alexandria BradeenAlexandria BradeenPrije 2 dana
  • 2:57 🤣

    Mil BogMil BogPrije 2 dana
  • Hey liza um I’m really going through a tough time with my parents and i love your videos so much you always cheer me up right before i... want to give up so even if you don’t respond, thank you so so much for always making my day❤️

    Starcross_ UniverseStarcross_ UniversePrije 2 dana
  • as long as you have dead eyes and a gaping mouth.... *it’s fashion* 💀💀no truer words

    kateline540 !kateline540 !Prije 2 dana
  • Only posts when has something to sell. Baits by implying David.

    bilishu alissbilishu alissPrije 2 dana
  • Why'd you break up with David? And is David dating others and such?

    Ronal DanielRonal DanielPrije 2 dana
    • your a legend

      bilishu alissbilishu alissPrije 2 dana
  • Go to the dollaaaa store Liza, we all need dollar store therapy w u😂

    TheAlexanderSeriesTheAlexanderSeriesPrije 2 dana
  • Liza go to bed, it's sleepy time🤣

    Ashley IkerdAshley IkerdPrije 2 dana
  • No one: Liza: HAH?!............WHAT?!........SIR!?........DO. I. LOOK. LIKE. A. LIQUID-..

    carzaicarzaiPrije 2 dana

    Haylie KerrHaylie KerrPrije 2 dana
  • Liza is a mood that I wish I had

    Crazy PandaKittyCrazy PandaKittyPrije 2 dana
  • We love click bate. Not even a whole story about a him in there... that made sense at least... just sad😂😂

    Oreo ._.Oreo ._.Prije 2 dana
  • Tho there's technically no story here... But I LOVED IT. 🤣

    harsh holkarharsh holkarPrije 2 dana
  • lo

    Caitlin BoonstraCaitlin BoonstraPrije 2 dana
  • Forever my fave❤️ I’m getting my fablos fabletics rn!😌

    Toffy OlowoToffy OlowoPrije 2 dana