OLD vs NEW! Season 2 Balance Comparison | Clash Royale August Update Highlights

Clash Royale Season 2 August Balance Changes are LIVE!, This video shows BEFORE and AFTER Comparison to give you a better idea on the updated cards in Clash Royale. Clash Royale balance changes comparison by radicalrosh.
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  • This video shows you detailed comparison, I didn't sleep the whole night to get this done and Clash Royale went live with new changes while I was recording. Thought I wouldn't upload But Thanks to *OJ* and *Chief Avalon* for the valkyrie and fishermen interaction clips. LIKE 👍👍👍 to RESPECT the Efforts Taken to produce this video. Love you fam! ❤️

    RadicalRosh - Brawl StarsRadicalRosh - Brawl StarsPrije godine
    • Always respect for you

      hurd burdhurd burdPrije godine
    • Wow I Try That Golem Beatdown

      SolverGameplay !SolverGameplay !Prije godine

    Satu SinhaSatu SinhaPrije godine
  • Let’s keep those Valkyrie nerfs coming, K supercell?

    It’s Urboi66It’s Urboi66Prije godine
  • What about dark prince in clash universe epic card rewards the dark prince hits 886 and while i played dark prince vs arena tower it was 686

    jian wen Lijian wen LiPrije godine
  • nerf range pekka please

    L U K iL U K iPrije godine
  • Magic ...........................

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  • 😙😙😙😙😙😙

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  • Like bro

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  • I'm so happy that I don't play this game. It's trash. I hope that people find out that it's waste of time and money.

    Miro VysnyMiro VysnyPrije godine
  • His good

    علاء الحنين علاء الحنين 12345علاء الحنين علاء الحنين 12345Prije godine
  • Que triste mi vakiria

    Javier Ramirez rtJavier Ramirez rtPrije godine
  • Witch nerfff

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  • Valka 😢😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

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  • Myth: shelly's super can cancel the frank's super

    Michal PalaczMichal PalaczPrije godine
    • Dude that's so obvious, Bull, Darryl, Bo, Tick, Tara, Gene, another Frank, Bibi's homerun, Piper, El Primo and Dynamike can all stop his super with their super.

      Magnificent SpyMagnificent SpyPrije godine
  • Myth:- when crow use supper at river center what happened???

    Guffu GamingGuffu GamingPrije godine
  • R.I.P lumberjack😟. My faforite

    hehehehePrije godine
  • Nooooooo Barbarian barrel is needs buff

    Davo255 -GamingDavo255 -GamingPrije godine
  • But how about king tower lvl 9 and 13😑

    ZeedpieZeedpiePrije godine
  • Me: nerf RG Supercell**: nerf pekka and inferno tower Also me: are you kidding me??

    Huong PhanHuong PhanPrije godine
  • The best old valkirie and pekka and lumberjack

    Rayan A7H الحاقد . YTRayan A7H الحاقد . YTPrije godine
  • eres un crack

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  • Why P3KK4's range has been increased, if he's hit like a x-bow P.S RIP PEKKA

    КриогенКриогенPrije godine
  • I think Pekka' balance change makes sense, since the Pekka has sword, so she should hit far away from targets.

    ツJasSAMツJasSAMPrije godine
    • @Ranger When you open cr next time try to read the tips in the loading screen at the bar below maybe you'll find the tip. about the Pekka just try to read all tips ok

      ツJasSAMツJasSAMPrije godine
    • @ツJasSAM nope

      RangerRangerPrije godine
    • @Ranger Haven't you ever heard that the Pekka is a female😕

      ツJasSAMツJasSAMPrije godine
    • She?

      RangerRangerPrije godine
  • Amigo la valquiria sigue matando el barril lo que pasa ew que la pusiste mal, era un cuadrovmas a la derecha

    Luisito RodriguezLuisito RodriguezPrije godine
  • 0:38 new is better...

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  • Tengo todas las cartas😎😎

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  • Lumberjack 😔😔 way

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  • I never understand why only a few people play Lumberjack although it's very OP and useful for 4 elixir cost 🤔

    Florian CASSAGNEFlorian CASSAGNEPrije godine
    • Cause there are Decks where other cards are better? That is what is called meta

      Paul MüllerPaul MüllerPrije godine
  • Interesting 😋👍

    Florian CASSAGNEFlorian CASSAGNEPrije godine
  • Noooo my lumberjack is now...

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    • Versatile Lord Lumberjack is love 🌷😚

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    • Stefan Stefanek he’s still really good

      Versatile LordVersatile LordPrije godine
  • Thanks you

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  • can you please let me know what the name of the musics are? Thanks a lot.

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  • 5:33 i don't understand this!!!

    Daniel DrandarovDaniel DrandarovPrije godine
  • 5:33 i randomed but got goblin cage again

    Barış SöğütBarış SöğütPrije godine
    • Same and u can't random fisherman

      Paul MüllerPaul MüllerPrije godine
  • *First Buff the Fisherman. After the players invest money in it. Nerf it. Learn Business from Supercell*

    EXØDIAEXØDIAPrije godine
  • You are awesome, i love your videos

    Ştefi BoraŞtefi BoraPrije godine
  • Why does my PEKKA has wooden swords? (I am not from China).

    Vlad NicolaescuVlad NicolaescuPrije godine
  • Both pekkas make the same amount of damage to the arena towers in the vid 🤔

    banane flambéebanane flambéePrije godine
    • Pekkas damage did'nt get a nerf

      Stephan Van Den BogertStephan Van Den BogertPrije godine
  • Magic archer's first attack also faster

    HosminaHosminaPrije godine
  • Good video. Very clean

    Aviral JainAviral JainPrije godine
  • Barbarian barrel ultra nerfed and pekka ultra buffed

    Mustiss GTMustiss GTPrije godine
    • @Florian CASSAGNE growtopia player lost his braincell

      key rewardkey rewardPrije godine
    • PEKKA has lost -9% of his health, so, even with his range boost I don't think it is too buffed 😂😝

      Florian CASSAGNEFlorian CASSAGNEPrije godine
  • Next update: remove barbarian from the barrel Or remove damage from the barrel

    Ricky RifiandRicky RifiandPrije godine
    • Remove the barrel

      BotuczyChannelBotuczyChannelPrije godine
    • or throw a barb

      The BushcamperThe BushcamperPrije godine
    • Yep 😂😂😂 so we need to reduce the elixir cost to 1 😂😂😂😂

      Florian CASSAGNEFlorian CASSAGNEPrije godine
  • IM CONFUSED!!!???? Pekka is Worse Now!?! She'll let Hog Rider Still Get a Hit Except Very, VERY PRECIOUS Placement. AND SHE GET ONE HIT FROM TOWER INSTEAD OF 3 FROM MEGA KNIGHT BLOCK!!!!!! Well. F### This Game!! Mega Knight and Hog Rider Will Ruin the Meta Along with Beatdown For Months Now.....

    Darian ClarkDarian ClarkPrije godine
    • @Benny Chacon Pekka still lil easier to counter so meh, not impressed with the Pekka Rework

      Darian ClarkDarian ClarkPrije godine
    • @Darian Clark forget the video seriously. In a real game shes so much stronger. Before u can easy distract her but now she will attack you at the last moment

      Benny ChaconBenny ChaconPrije godine
    • @Benny Chacon She has Less Health than a Mega Knight. N u seen the comparisons. Pekka with no very precise placement will still let Hog hit Tower. And Mega Knight allowed Pekka to only hit the Tower once instead of 3 times. Pekka is still meh

      Darian ClarkDarian ClarkPrije godine
    • Pekka is stronger now

      Benny ChaconBenny ChaconPrije godine
  • R.I.P barb barel

    Firas waseemFiras waseemPrije godine
  • All the reasons why I don’t play this game anymore😂🤣

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  • 4:06 beautiful valkirie 😍😍😍

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  • Thanks bro :)

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  • they nerfed the valk as they always do

    faje toskufaje toskuPrije godine
    • Its just a bug fix

      Clarence LoLClarence LoLPrije godine
    • @D. S. someone was coming with d princeand and put a muskettleer on the river they were almos inline as they passed the bridge i loged and put the valk in the midle it didnt touch the musketeer it was so close like wtf . another one vs golem deck they were golemotes left night witch ang guard again i put it in the middle on golemates were hit not the night whitch not the guards ,i knowguards have range but if the meed i a duel the atack first but if i put a valkyrie in the midle and only hits golemites even n witch shooting at here is absurd

      faje toskufaje toskuPrije godine
  • La mise à jour a échoué !

    Rayan BesslimaniRayan BesslimaniPrije godine
  • rlly luv the animations

    shane mushane muPrije godine
  • how can i swap fisherman for another legendry in ladder ? it doesn't give me another option

    Abdoo KhaterrAbdoo KhaterrPrije godine
    • Not for legendary. Only for other two cards.

      RadicalRosh - Brawl StarsRadicalRosh - Brawl StarsPrije godine

    Jero XamaJero XamaPrije godine
    • Hog Rider and Mega Knight are the Cancer

      Darian ClarkDarian ClarkPrije godine
  • Bro u put so much effort Your videos You are great man!!! HATTS OFFF

  • Your video shows the differences more clearly, thanks.

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  • Awesome video. Cleared my doubts about the new balance changes

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  • Like 👌

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  • Can we get F in the chat for barb barrel

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  • 0:37 How is the old one better? The new one made the wizard one-shot to the arena tower and the old one wasn't

    PrimAlennPrimAlennPrije godine
    • @PrimAlenn now I saw what you mean😅 it's probably a mistake

      FireDragonFireDragonPrije godine
    • @FireDragon I know that. My question is, why does it have the green arrow for the old one if it's worse than the new one?

      PrimAlennPrimAlennPrije godine
    • In the second interaction the wizard died earlier than in the first one because the magic archer deals more damage there.

      FireDragonFireDragonPrije godine

    Alican DemirAlican DemirPrije godine
    • Agla😂

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  • ı love your old and new!

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  • RADICAL IS CONTROLLING !!!!!!!!!!! ggs for being in COC video

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  • Sup rosh

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  • I can see your hardwork in your videos . Hats off to you

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  • Rip barb barrel :======

    Sơn TrầnSơn TrầnPrije godine
  • Why do they keep nerfing the barbarian barrel?

    BlockheadBlockheadPrije godine
    • Not Axl because a lot of pros constantly complain about it

      Versatile LordVersatile LordPrije godine
  • I love you

    CD RoGiCD RoGiPrije godine
  • RIP Barbarian Barrel forever till next update it gets some buff. Magical Archer is good but Fisherman deserves more Idk y Pekka was nerfed Btw Radical Rosh I waited for this video for long.

    Unique_007Unique_007Prije godine
    • @Versatile Lord yup

      Jaspreet SinghJaspreet SinghPrije godine
    • Unique_007 she’s honestly better now

      Versatile LordVersatile LordPrije godine
    • pekka is a defence card sooo it got a pretty decent buff

      Karen SurrKaren SurrPrije godine
    • Pekka shouldn't have received a nerf I like the fact that it is long range now.

      Jaspreet SinghJaspreet SinghPrije godine
  • Magic Archer!!!

    NESSTOR94NESSTOR94Prije godine
  • Ah yes, nerfing Barbarian Barrel to the point it will be unplayable

    Bitsy Le Cat LoverBitsy Le Cat LoverPrije godine
  • I think that the pekka range was overkilled i think it would be better if it was 1.2 tiles instead of 1.6

    Sartiee GamingSartiee GamingPrije godine
    • @Muhammad Nuruddin Too strong in my opinon

      Sartiee GamingSartiee GamingPrije godine
    • The new pekka range is insane imo. She can reach a witch easier now.

      Muhammad NuruddinMuhammad NuruddinPrije godine
    • If they did they they better change the health from reduction 9.5% to 4.5% or 4% to compensate

      debaterdebaterPrije godine
  • RIP Barbarian barrel 2019-2019 press F to pay respects

    l.,.ll.,.lPrije godine
    • f

      Ғаьiιιοuττ οfcҒаьiιιοuττ οfcPrije godine
    • *F*

      Canal CerradoCanal CerradoPrije godine
    • Y. K. I hate barbarian barrel because it’s literally the log but weaker and with a barbarian.

      It’s Urboi66It’s Urboi66Prije godine
    • I agree with the fact that it's op but I rather have the barb barrel to be able to counter princess and dart gobs for 3 elixer than having it not counter it for 2 elixer. Barb barrel is so dead now

      DirenDirenPrije godine
    • lol deserved the nerf

      ns2kns2kPrije godine
  • I already choose this cards freak it!

    JAGJAGPrije godine
  • *Now pekka is unstoppable* 😎😎😎 "butterrrrfly"

    NinjaNinjaPrije godine
    • Wicht

      BrytanximusBrytanximusPrije godine
    • Ik it reached my witch b4 she could even spawn skeletons🙄🙄

      Clarence LoLClarence LoLPrije godine
    • @Darian Clark i didn't took it seriously though 😂

      NinjaNinjaPrije godine
    • @Ninja It was a joke. Plus I hate Mega Knight

      Darian ClarkDarian ClarkPrije godine
    • @Darian Clark lol nerfing her health is like a glass of water from sea 😂😂...now she will hit u hard on ur butt even if you're 1tile away lol🤣....

      NinjaNinjaPrije godine
  • best comparison video ive ever seen

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  • This game is dead Brawl stars wins

    SnoopyCalienteSnoopyCalientePrije godine
    • AlexMM nah

      Versatile LordVersatile LordPrije godine
    • Nope, still a live except the game is closed

      Ricky RifiandRicky RifiandPrije godine
    • Still a good game tho

      Zoehib KhanZoehib KhanPrije godine
  • *The only video after update i wait for* 😍😍😍

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    • me too

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  • 0:43 why new magic archer is badder?

    _almas_almasPrije godine
    • @_almas worse)

      Станислав Петров 9-5Станислав Петров 9-5Prije godine
    • @tiKo my English is bad sorry

      _almas_almasPrije godine
    • *B A D D E R*

      tiKotiKoPrije godine
  • I collected the random card between the cannon cart but still got a cannon cart......

    Kevin •_•Kevin •_•Prije godine
    • Banana Man same lmao

      64 siskat64 siskatPrije godine
    • Got a hog rider, the card I want to have maxed. YES

      J0h04J0h04Prije godine
  • Pekka got bigboi buff

    The Clash ExperienceThe Clash ExperiencePrije godine
    • @tiKo Please read the Clash of Clans loading screen tips from now on, which reads: "The armor of the pekka is so heavy that a spring trap does not work on HER."

      Muhammad NuruddinMuhammad NuruddinPrije godine
    • @Naptyme_ Clips if Pekka is a girl, why his armour have nipples?

      tiKotiKoPrije godine
    • @Naptyme_ Clips no, he's not

      tiKotiKoPrije godine
    • big girl*

      Naptyme_ ClipsNaptyme_ ClipsPrije godine
  • Been waiting for this 👋 and u were in clash of clans yt vid

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    • :)

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