My 666 IQ Imposter Play Made the NEWS

i literally don't see a point in anything lmfao
Birdjsakdasd APP!!!: Corpse_Husband
listen 2 some tunes doggy!
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  • u sound like corpse

    White CometWhite CometPrije 3 minuta
  • Hey Corpse I love you I SWEAR I will order your hoodie can you please reply love you

    Morgan Van NiekerkMorgan Van NiekerkPrije 37 minuta
  • “Also we were drinking” a quote for the quote book

    Minithegamer 101Minithegamer 101Prije 54 minuta
  • Ohhhhhhh his voice eeeeeeee

    Parker DortParker DortPrije 59 minuta
  • I haven’t watch any of corpse’s new videos for 3 months and not gonna lie but corpse your voice got deeper like not gonna lie it really did its like you hit puberty 3 times 😳

    Hannah Nathaly’s -HeartHannah Nathaly’s -HeartPrije sat
  • XD

    [Tøxïč_ _Mîšt][Tøxïč_ _Mîšt]Prije sat
  • Corpse I miss the old story times man plss upload some been here for about 4 years😐

    YourSins難YourSins難Prije 2 sati
  • I literally love how Corpse and BrookeAB has a thing that every time they kill each other before they kill each other they say, oh really?

    Emma WatkinsEmma WatkinsPrije 3 sati
  • 😞

    QUEER KingQUEER KingPrije 3 sati
  • Evil

    QUEER KingQUEER KingPrije 3 sati
  • Corpse there’s a mis missa on u head u with the squad inquisitor master and u Levi

    Lorenia M. BalboaLorenia M. BalboaPrije 3 sati
  • I go through so many issues due to health and anxiety but these videos help. Keep doing what you do corpse.

    Francisco CuberoFrancisco CuberoPrije 4 sati
  • Literally 99% won’t see this but God bless u stay safe I’m struggling to get 1k with notis ❤️

    da boybenda boybenPrije 4 sati
  • His voice......

    local.latinaa ighttlocal.latinaa ighttPrije 4 sati
  • 7:57 brooke: “corpse called me a bitch guys” ash: “well stop being such a bitch”

    Nicole BourgeoisNicole BourgeoisPrije 5 sati
  • that first play was smoooooooth

    NullvalueNullvaluePrije 5 sati
  • Corpse I can do your voice also I'm sorry I'm late XD

    Willow CookiesWillow CookiesPrije 6 sati
  • I went 1600 IQ in a Among us game and I got Both imposters and won and everyone was going crazy lol

    Luis NietoLuis NietoPrije 7 sati
  • CORPSE!!!! did you get your name (corpse husband) from the movie Corpse Bride???? (prolly not gonna see this at all but if it is that’s really cool)

    redbirdredbirdPrije 7 sati
  • Fun fact: I just found a Corpse Husband Fanclub on Facebook. I’m scared 🙃

    Etta RobinsonEtta RobinsonPrije 8 sati
  • am I only only one that had no idea what the IQ part stand for? 💀 like huh do you have to have 666 IQ to win? I’m lost

    *SARAH* Megs*SARAH* MegsPrije 8 sati
  • Was he still drunk making the title

    Ashley GarciaAshley GarciaPrije 9 sati
  • Wow

    Mega BurstMega BurstPrije 9 sati
  • I read in several places that you have Fibromyalgia. I was wondering if you’d ever consider using your platform to spread awareness of the disease. I also have fibro and it messes with my life so much... your channel is great and all your content. It would be amazing to see someone try to spread more awareness for it.

    Morgan PortmanMorgan PortmanPrije 9 sati
  • Hmmm yes "The"

    John PhilipJohn PhilipPrije 9 sati
  • 7:22 yessir yessir..... A toast to an imposter win! (he he.... toast....)

    Amelia MitchellAmelia MitchellPrije 9 sati
  • hE wAs JuSt SinGiNg AnD yoU kiLlEd hIM? (How rude........)

    Amelia MitchellAmelia MitchellPrije 9 sati
  • Corps old vids are so scary

    HasteyHasteyPrije 10 sati
  • "oh no i almost di-"

    lil demonlil demonPrije 11 sati
  • 7:40 was smooth play from cropse

    Bethany JohnsonBethany JohnsonPrije 11 sati
  • I'm not the imposter, corpse.

    Mango Play MusicMango Play MusicPrije 11 sati
  • The rules of the game are explained by a corpse.

    Deep MusicDeep MusicPrije 11 sati
  • Everyone: talks about the video Me: notices that Tina chair started to spin faster when she wasn’t in it

  • I just realized that his name is based of the corpse husband case

    Mysticevil209Mysticevil209Prije 11 sati
  • Commenting & liking for algorithm btw pls collab with Kitty Spalla

    Gwen OgontzGwen OgontzPrije 12 sati
  • Corpse!!! I hope you are doing okay man *STAY STRONG* 💪💪

    ZSTRODE.ZSTRODE.Prije 12 sati
  • Oh my god, Corpse actually donated on Captain Puffy's Stream, I think he knows that TommyInnit died (last canon life)

    Sir Von BuffaloSir Von BuffaloPrije 12 sati
  • Corpse you should make merch!🖤

    x.xexi. editz.xx.xexi. editz.xPrije 13 sati
    • He did, and the entire stock of hoodies and other clothing sold out in less than 10 minutes. He's working on restocking.

      SakalahSakalahPrije 10 sati
  • Corpse is the new bae corpse oof

    عبدالله العابرعبدالله العابرPrije 13 sati
  • Lol when I type it only said CORPSE husband

    Khadija AdenKhadija AdenPrije 13 sati
  • "Also we were drinking." Me: Ah, I see, May i join in on that?

    Zecinnamon TreeZecinnamon TreePrije 14 sati
  • 8:50 omg bretmen u did not lmao😭😂

    rolling THUNDERRRrolling THUNDERRRPrije 14 sati
  • 7:52 lmaooo😂

    rolling THUNDERRRrolling THUNDERRRPrije 15 sati
  • 7:19 lmao yess i mean they do have matching scarfs they gotta stick together

    rolling THUNDERRRrolling THUNDERRRPrije 15 sati
  • 27:10 im confused why there like corpse u got him he killed bretmen in front of everyone ? do they think he's sheriff i thought toast was sheriff confusion

    rolling THUNDERRRrolling THUNDERRRPrije 15 sati
    • @Sakalah oh ok thx

      rolling THUNDERRRrolling THUNDERRRPrije 10 sati
    • Everyone (crewmates) was given Sheriff role that round, so Corpse took the chance of hiding among them.

      SakalahSakalahPrije 10 sati
  • Hi corpse I know before all your among us content you were narrating scary story’s and I was wondering if you would ever consider doing a podcast? Just an idea. Anyways you most likely won’t see this but have a good day :)

    Sailor MoonSailor MoonPrije 15 sati
  • Loving all the new hats. Is the Dream mask actually in there or is it a mod? God your videos make me smile.

    Courtney MasonCourtney MasonPrije 15 sati
  • G I S E L L EG I S E L L EPrije 15 sati
  • Never reveal your face. Stay anonymous with your smexy voice

    LegoDwarf 120LegoDwarf 120Prije 16 sati
  • 😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣 I can't control my laughter

    1maginary.Dragon1maginary.DragonPrije 17 sati
  • U put the “666” into the video . Noice

    Fannii EditsFannii EditsPrije 17 sati
  • OMG

    Anna TurnbullAnna TurnbullPrije 17 sati
  • Tinaaa lowkey looks like real life Nezuko

    JL KookieJL KookiePrije 17 sati
  • Hey corpse

    Kids MinickKids MinickPrije 18 sati
  • Corpse: Sykkuno get on the wall Sykkuno: tell me what to do Me: '_' -_- '_'

    iiCloudy_ SkieziiiiCloudy_ SkieziiPrije 19 sati
  • The description. Yo Corpse you are real lucky. Dont push yourself on doing stuff that you dont feel like doing. There are always ways and solutions for every problem

    tough dawgtough dawgPrije 20 sati
  • lq chonglq chongPrije 21 sat
  • Ever gonna upload scary stories? Or are you stuck in this among us trance

    SlavmanderSlavmanderPrije 21 sat
  • why you use a voice changer

    Koreen Lee ZabateKoreen Lee ZabatePrije 21 sat
  • So you don't do scary stories now🤔

    On KOn KPrije 23 sati
  • hi coarpse

    2smooth 22smooth 2Prije 23 sati
  • Try inhaling sodium hexaflouride Will he be audible tho

    SanjuNairSanjuNairPrije 23 sati
  • Go back to horror stories plzzzz

    Galaxy CatGalaxy CatPrije 23 sati

    DEVILDEVILPrije 23 sati
  • I'm missing the scary stories tbh :( But this is good enough. Hearing corpses voice is great

    Arthur MorganArthur MorganPrije 23 sati
  • I was laughing with Sykkuno when Bretman asked what AFK meant 😂

    Patrick ImperialPatrick ImperialPrije dan
  • BrookeAB: "oh, *gasp* Corpse, remember when I killed you in storage earlier wasn't that so funny?" Corpse: "*triggered* oh really" Corpse: *kills BrookeAB* Me: LMAO

    Asherayne RomeroAsherayne RomeroPrije dan
  • I remember when you read creepy pastas sad

    ICE_idk !!!ICE_idk !!!Prije dan
  • I ship u and your llittle plant boi

    Al RiversAl RiversPrije dan
  • How r people still playing this shitty game bruh

    XxX TentaclesXxX TentaclesPrije dan
    • @pinkishgorgon27 it is shit

      DumDumDumDumPrije 11 sati
    • @pinkishgorgon27 why would i.cry about sum like this bozo 🤣🤣🤣🤡🤡🤡🤡

      XxX TentaclesXxX TentaclesPrije 23 sati
    • Cry about it bud

      pinkishgorgon27pinkishgorgon27Prije dan
  • Corpse Stan's aren't as bad as dream stans but they are still stupid enough to like this clickbait video

    YEGGSYEGGSPrije dan
    • @TheLegendaryKale nobody is hating lmao and auto play got me on this video. Obviously u don’t know the true meaning of the world “hating”

      sakuwrldsakuwrldPrije 6 sati
    • @sakuwrld love folks like u hate on them but like... ya came to the video 💀💀💀

      TheLegendaryKaleTheLegendaryKalePrije 9 sati
    • @Ata Eda u dont even know that they can be completely different people off camera.

      YEGGSYEGGSPrije 13 sati
    • @Ata Eda obviously u don’t understand me and this dude comment

      sakuwrldsakuwrldPrije 17 sati
    • @sakuwrld There no need to see their face if their personality is great:)

      Ata EdaAta EdaPrije 18 sati
  • Just out of curiosity, what happened to Corpse’s parents?

    Dominic CharlesDominic CharlesPrije dan
  • Been with ya since the stories recordings.

    Diya dhimalDiya dhimalPrije dan
  • Lol who plays among us anymore lol

    The Crazer KidThe Crazer KidPrije dan
  • me 10 mins in the vid... did this really make the news??

    isabella steitzisabella steitzPrije dan
  • Kinda sad that a once great horror story channel with a good reader has turned into “EPIC AMONG US SUS WIN EPIC 10000 IQ IMPOSTER SUS” channel. Really gonna miss the chilling stories that brought me here.

    Zone 383Zone 383Prije dan
  • .

    pugamespugamesPrije dan
  • I dont watch him for a couple weeks and he gains 2 million subs

    David DevlinDavid DevlinPrije dan
  • Did you but among us on steam or what?

    ꜞBacon ꜞꜞBacon ꜞPrije dan
  • I wonder how big this guys adams apple is 🤔

    AlphaRacoonAlphaRacoonPrije dan
  • ik you wont find this corpse but if you do you are my fave youtuber and i would love to hear you do another song agrophobic is my fave and it keeps me going you are such a kind person i can just tell and i hope you enjoy your day anyone who sees this from ???

    Jnk TiltJnk TiltPrije dan
  • unrelated but dude find a way to make some songs with yng hstler i think it would be such a great sound.

    IdontknowhowbruvIdontknowhowbruvPrije dan
  • Subscribe to teddYgetsthegold make him go big

    TXNXA Corpse BingussenTXNXA Corpse BingussenPrije dan
  • i fucking love your songs on Spotify

    gatcha storiesgatcha storiesPrije dan
  • "I think I can hear D R A G O N" gee I wonder what that is

    I poop a lot I poop a lotI poop a lot I poop a lotPrije dan
  • 15:55 Rae: I cAn HeAr SyKkUnO iN tHe AfTeRlIfE😂😂

    V.A223V.A223Prije dan
  • bro corpse you have not have been making videos

    Daniel OchoaDaniel OchoaPrije dan
  • I stumbled across this video and I think I found out why people like corpse so much-

    ReaperReaperPrije dan
  • "i missed clicked" 😂😂

    Asino RalteAsino RaltePrije dan
  • 🟩🟩🟩🟩🟩🟩🟩🟩🟩🟩🟩🟩🟩🟩🟩🟩🟩🟩⬛️⬛️⬛️⬛️⬛️⬛️🟩🟩🟩🟩🟩🟩⬛️⬛️⬜️⬜️⬜️⬜️⬜️⬜️⬛️⬛️🟩🟩🟩⬛️⬜️⬜️⬜️⬜️⬜️⬜️⬜️⬜️⬜️⬜️⬛️🟩🟩⬛️⬜️⬜️⬛️⬜️⬜️⬜️⬜️⬛️⬜️⬜️⬛️🟩🟩⬛️⬜️⬜️⬜️⬜️⬜️⬜️⬜️⬜️⬜️⬜️⬛️🟩🟩⬛️⬜️⬛️⬜️⬜️⬜️⬜️⬜️⬜️⬛️⬜️⬛️🟩🟩🟩⬛️⬜️⬛️⬛️⬛️⬛️⬛️⬛️⬜️⬛️🟩🟩🟩🟩⬛️⬜️⬜️⬜️⬜️⬜️⬜️⬜️⬜️⬛️🟩🟩🟩🟩🟩⬛️⬛️⬛️⬛️⬛️⬛️⬛️⬛️🟩🟩🟩🟩🟩🟩🟩🟩🟩🟩🟩🟩🟩🟩🟩🟩🟩

    DruesDruesPrije dan
  • corpse do u remeber kyler??

    Aaliyah OsborneAaliyah OsbornePrije dan
  • Corpse just landed :b Lol

    Boise MonsterBoise MonsterPrije dan
  • this is my first time watching his channel, his voice makes my throat feel weird when I listen to it

    PorkyX9PorkyX9Prije dan

  • Ay i was drinkin too! I WAS DRINKIN SUM- Sparkling water..What do you think i was drinking??

    Tyler ColemanTyler ColemanPrije dan
  • Batman

    that susthat susPrije dan
  • Corpse Cg5 made a song about you can you please listen to it? 🥺 👉👈

    Chimken NuggetsChimken NuggetsPrije dan
  • downlosd crew link you and your friends its make the proximity chat whitout asking a admin or an owner to give you a mod

    Thelater FirstThelater FirstPrije dan
  • This idea is from SocksFor1

    Lina ŽitinevičiūtėLina ŽitinevičiūtėPrije dan
  • dang, first time coming here and that voice dude...... SOO DEEP

    LonLonPrije dan
    • @Anime simp it suits so much for scary stories

      LonLonPrije dan
    • @Anime simp yes

      LonLonPrije dan
    • Ikr his voice is so cool

      Anime simpAnime simpPrije dan