Mother Witch Gameplay + Free Emote + Tower Skins + Balances 🍊

Season 18 update is here and we've got Logmas with Mother Witch legendary card with gameplay of her, free emote at tier 5, more emotes from challenges, the shop and an EXTRA tower skin that you can buy in the shop that will be LIMITED. Balance changes are coming every 3 months now, but they WILL tweak balances monthly IF they deem a card needs it. They're dialing back their approach and trying to stop ruining everyones decks for the sake of monthly balance changes. These quarterly changes will be more meaningful and impactful. Hopefully the meta doesn't become too stale in those 3 months but great for every player that ISN'T maxed out!
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  • The mother witch did turn to a pig the mother witch turn everyone to hog when she attacks

    Dara the robotic mega dino sharkDara the robotic mega dino sharkPrije mjesec
  • Whoever said that Guard’s health should be the same as skeleton after the shield is gone is (in my opinion) wrong, because after the shield is gone, the skeletons still is wearing a helmet!!! Unless they lose the helmet like OJ said

    Let’s Doodle Something!Let’s Doodle Something!Prije mjesec
  • Next: father ghost

    Miguel Playz StuffMiguel Playz StuffPrije mjesec
  • Witch's buff makes her become effective against charging Prince &Dark Prince

    Chris GonzalezChris GonzalezPrije mjesec
  • I love the sad bowler emote 😅

    Vaishali pareVaishali parePrije mjesec
  • Xbow isn't balanced though. It's a big nerf.

    Death Reaper TheX02Death Reaper TheX02Prije mjesec
  • 5:36 they spawn in to pig MASTER GRAMER

    Ninja Master GamerNinja Master GamerPrije mjesec
  • Mother witch with rage sounds interesting

    Justin BangJustin BangPrije mjesec
  • So the witch buff isn't what it sounds like he thinks it is, it's the initial spawn so, 1 second after the witch "activates" it spawns skeletons then it's normal, man would I live skeletons every 1 second, that would make a skarmy so fast, anyway still a great buff especially In my deck, witch is one of the most important cards In my deck

    Landen SitLanden SitPrije mjesec
  • She's not garbage just built different

    ygo mangoygo mangoPrije mjesec
  • They seriously nerfed e wiz again 😐

    Chris ThomasChris ThomasPrije mjesec
  • OJ is too fast

    MagicAcesMagicAcesPrije mjesec
  • hey guys im challenger 1 nearly 2 I came back after a break im looking for a team that can get legendaries every time I can grind

    Nat GNat GPrije mjesec
  • Next- grandpa peka

    Yb StreetsYb StreetsPrije mjesec
  • *Heal spirt and electro wizard has been nerfed.* Both of my best decks: 👎🏻

    The Lamb SauceThe Lamb SaucePrije mjesec
  • Actually skeleton army is not that easy to counter using mother witch cuz the other part of the army kills the pigs really quickly no, instead it is a great counter to graveyard as the skeletons spawn further than each other it littrally is like a hog making machine

    Catchablesky OnlineCatchablesky OnlinePrije mjesec
  • Next card : Baby Wizard

    MrManic_3000MrManic_3000Prije mjesec
  • Mother Witch, Witch, and Night Witch Next card: The Three Witcheteers

    JiranimoJiranimoPrije mjesec
    • LOL

      JiranimoJiranimoPrije mjesec
    • Wow, I just replied to my own comment

      JiranimoJiranimoPrije mjesec
  • royal ghost no longer floats

    MEET MEEMEET MEEPrije mjesec
  • ways to defend mother witch:spell attack or tower target

    比阿比阿Prije mjesec
  • is it just me or OJ using MKBHD merch

    alex anderalex anderPrije mjesec
  • 6:47 This isn't like a real battle.. *5 seconds later* Competitive mode: *ON* 🔥

    Hazmi ShaidiHazmi ShaidiPrije mjesec

    Caleb BallCaleb BallPrije mjesec
  • We need grandfather golem who give birth to golems and they further give birth to golemites

    Gaurav CR360Gaurav CR360Prije mjesec
  • Next:brother execusnior

  • I started playing Clash Royale again, let's see how long I will play.

    Indiana JonesIndiana JonesPrije mjesec
    • Ok

      Emerald CobraEmerald CobraPrije mjesec
  • Hi OJ

    Wadia IndiaWadia IndiaPrije mjesec
  • Ur 2nd channel name

    Krishna GhadiKrishna GhadiPrije mjesec
  • Next: poison spirit

    LKI-DivisionLKI-DivisionPrije mjesec
  • please nerf electro giant

    Hat R6Hat R6Prije mjesec
  • Noooo why EW again

    Ivan MagnifiqueIvan MagnifiquePrije mjesec
  • Welp witch is back to being broken.

    Seth MartinSeth MartinPrije mjesec
  • 9:25 Heeeeeey that guy was Greek! Nice! Although I bet it's read more like Yorgos Kollyas and the g is soft, like a french r or spanish g.

    killerlightning -killerlightning -Prije mjesec
  • Dead game.

    SteefTheGamerSteefTheGamerPrije mjesec
  • Nobody Oj - attack on titan vibes 9:30

    NariYanTDMNariYanTDMPrije mjesec
  • I wanna watch father witch

    Nothing But EverythingNothing But EverythingPrije mjesec
  • Opponent : hehe boy imma put a skarmy Oj with mother witch : *helo

    VINAYA MVINAYA MPrije mjesec
  • Wait u already got the event? Cuz I didnt

    Cornel DobreCornel DobrePrije mjesec
  • I'm a bit deluded by the balances (except for the xbow, thank God if it was annoying) still no nerf to the musketeer and mega knight still in the game

    Andrea TrovatoAndrea TrovatoPrije mjesec
  • 2:28 EXACTLY what I wanted! Wow! Edit: Wait! Why reduced health?! NO!

    DysonVacuumer_1111DysonVacuumer_1111Prije mjesec

    150k subs with no vids challenge150k subs with no vids challengePrije mjesec
  • I'm so sad 😭 Skelton barrel got its hp reduced

    fawaz. kcfawaz. kcPrije mjesec
  • Attack on Titan's next season is coming next week🔥🔥🔥

    Aaditya VermaAaditya VermaPrije mjesec
  • 6:30 The tower gets healed ?

    LitsickbaeboyLitsickbaeboyPrije mjesec
    • Oj was lagging and the skarmy was paced before the mini pekka hit

      Luca Adams-AgrestiLuca Adams-AgrestiPrije mjesec
  • 9:09 that's my post...😍😍🥰🥰

    Guy Guardian GamingGuy Guardian GamingPrije mjesec
  • Uuuuuuuuuhhh

    fea4r innitfea4r innitPrije mjesec
  • does anyone else’s say season 17 still ??

    Twisted fandoraTwisted fandoraPrije mjesec
  • is it just me but OJ was talking quicker than normal

    Damien VargasDamien VargasPrije mjesec
  • You don't look good without goggles

    When it StartedWhen it StartedPrije mjesec
  • I’m watching this at 1 am

    SleppyBoi - Brawl StarsSleppyBoi - Brawl StarsPrije mjesec
  • they nerfed skelly barrel :/

    Sky2.2Sky2.2Prije mjesec
  • These balance changes are pretty good for my deck

    Winner GamingWinner GamingPrije mjesec
  • Next:Grandfather Gaint

    Near YtNear YtPrije mjesec
  • Next troop skeleton delivery It drops skeletons😅😂😁

    townshipeeetownshipeeePrije mjesec
  • Thank you for the balance changes!

    Winner GamingWinner GamingPrije mjesec
  • Anyone else here who can't get in clash royale? For some reason the load screen goes to 50% then says updating for 3 mins a d dies the exact same thing again. How to fix it ;-;

    John Andrei AlandraJohn Andrei AlandraPrije mjesec
  • ears aren't bleeding, you're ears are bleeding

    Beast GamerBeast GamerPrije mjesec
  • 1:45 bars

    JumpingJarvisJumpingJarvisPrije mjesec
  • 0:59 wow better than mother witch

    who is subhamwho is subhamPrije mjesec
  • Next is Morning witch

    Jacob Raven BalmacedaJacob Raven BalmacedaPrije mjesec
  • that bowler emote will make me depressed

    Lei XiaLei XiaPrije mjesec
  • 1:08 I beleive that he meant a rage spell right?

    C For Crazy: The Family WorldC For Crazy: The Family WorldPrije mjesec
  • Mother Witch looks cool, but weak

    Igor PolotaiIgor PolotaiPrije mjesec
  • People who get to play with oj are EXTREMLY lucky!

    Tom's WorldTom's WorldPrije mjesec
  • Y'all worried about mother witch I'm over here freaking out about xbow getting a 30% damage buff wtfff supercell.

    NOVA I 1NOVA I 1Prije mjesec
  • someone clip OJ's mother witch impression

    Hady LabbanHady LabbanPrije mjesec
  • Next: Evil Archer or Dark archer Could be like magic archer but dark colours and a 3 way arrow shit but less damage

    MetricSyphnMetricSyphnPrije mjesec
  • OJ what does "umph" mean

    Omar KhanOmar KhanPrije mjesec
  • Now for the Father Witcher And the Baby Larry

    Steven NogaroSteven NogaroPrije mjesec
  • E wiz cant catch a break

    Gerard SinghGerard SinghPrije mjesec
  • Did you guys hear Michael Jackson's "HE HE" in 7:20

    konstantinos stavkonstantinos stavPrije mjesec
  • Witch by far is the most controversial card imo, she's very versatile and OP if used correctly

    Guilherme ZanettiGuilherme ZanettiPrije mjesec
  • I want daddy wizard

    Royale LMaORoyale LMaOPrije mjesec
  • madre to stop people stacking

    Danny LiangDanny LiangPrije mjesec
  • And the tower skin is cost gem or coin??

    Milán NuskovMilán NuskovPrije mjesec
  • Nice MKBHD shirt

    Kabir DhingraKabir DhingraPrije mjesec
  • OJ please find this out. If you kill a Giant Skeleton with the mother witch will the bomb turn into a hog or will the skeleton turn into a hog and then it will just die from bomb damage

    WARHERO 101WARHERO 101Prije mjesec
  • Next up : Electroknight

    aryan singharyan singhPrije mjesec
  • Please wear spectacles, i can't focus on the video while looking at those small eyes of yours 😂

    Muhammad TalhaMuhammad TalhaPrije mjesec
  • No

    علي حربهددعلي حربهددPrije mjesec
  • her attack should be increased man ........ but anyway her style of attacking is op

  • Did he Just said Attack On Titan.

    Freddy boyFreddy boyPrije mjesec
  • Is ice dragon coming? Answer plz

    Rush VenomRush VenomPrije mjesec
  • Clash Royale should add Skins to the characters.

    Blazed penguinBlazed penguinPrije mjesec
  • Oh hi

    Toenail MertensToenail MertensPrije mjesec
  • Orange juices suck milk is better

    Zuko ._.Zuko ._.Prije mjesec
  • I still haven’t has this?

    ソンコベ-seankobeソンコベ-seankobePrije mjesec
  • If a cursed unit becomes a hog... *Will a skeleton barrel become a hog barrel*

    FallenFallenPrije mjesec
  • OJ: doesn't reach 10 minute Reddit: I know you hear me...

    VeloxityVeloxityPrije mjesec
  • We wish u a merry logmas

    Crewm8 The ImpostorCrewm8 The ImpostorPrije mjesec
  • Move on to World War Doh. CR killed itself.

    Joe DJoe DPrije mjesec
  • probably the mother witch is weak for 1v1 fight, only strong for swarms, she would be powerful against goblin hut, tombstone, every spawner (except barb hut maybe), possible counters to cursed hogs, splash troops like wiz, mega knight etc.., Can be perfect counter against troops with after effects like Giant Skeleton, (maybe including Goblin Giant and Balloon) since they turn into hogs, probably weak against decks without swarmies these were just my opinion

    Jetro SisonJetro SisonPrije mjesec
  • Can’t wait for the curse spell

    Astro_ PaulAstro_ PaulPrije mjesec
  • Waiting for new cos play LOL😂😂

    Ayush Pratap SinghAyush Pratap SinghPrije mjesec
  • I wish you had tried clone. Or making a clone mirror army of mother witch vs clone mirror skarmy

    Mr. UnavailableMr. UnavailablePrije mjesec
  • Next: Electric golem

    Shaurya SShaurya SPrije mjesec
  • Nice card O__O

    Shaurya SShaurya SPrije mjesec

    Prakash TiwariPrakash TiwariPrije mjesec
  • OJ you look so sweet without specs

  • I love the fact that The tower skin is in fact Log endary season tower skin, but with Lights... As shown in that animation 🎉

    Anmol BaramlipurAnmol BaramlipurPrije mjesec