Lomachenko's Top 5 Taunts

Few fighters show as much personality between the ropes as Pound for Pound King Vasiliy Lomachenko. Look back at his Top 5 opponent taunts heading into his highly anticipated showdown with Luke Campbell Sat. 8/31 only on ESPN+.
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  • Así o más claro lo que pasó con teofilito

    chuy nunezchuy nunezPrije 20 sati
  • If only he started earlier in Lopez fight. Still, props to Lopez for putting brakes on Lomachenko

    The ClinchThe ClinchPrije dan
  • Tiene el estilo de maravilla xd

    carlos david peña mendezcarlos david peña mendezPrije dan
  • We don't see that bulls**** against Teofimo... 😀😀😀

    Nicolás CruzNicolás CruzPrije 2 dana
    • I didn't saw Teofimo do one of his famous punches behind the back either. Nobody showboat in the most important fight of his life dude, stop the hating.

      Cesar VergarâCesar VergarâPrije 21 sat
  • Tefeomo must be realllllly fricken good then, to beat loma is good on his resume

    Papi DetroitPapi DetroitPrije 4 dana
  • Jajaja 😂😂😂 que paso con lopez

    Marvin PaguadaMarvin PaguadaPrije 5 dana
  • where was the dancing vs teo? lol

    Bryan SanchezBryan SanchezPrije 8 dana
  • I didnt see none of that vs Teofimo 😂😂😂😂

  • He disrespect all enemyyy... Im glad lopez won

    Wilson PapaWilson PapaPrije 9 dana
  • Teofimo Lopez

    Brock VillegasBrock VillegasPrije 11 dana
  • Loma is still legend for me.It's not how many losses you get.We want see good fights.Ali had 5losses,tyson 6,pacman 7,roy jones 9.I think he will come back stronger

    nisitha fernandonisitha fernandoPrije 12 dana
    • Manny was on the top for 10 years. Also Mayweather. Lomachenko was good but not in the level of the greatest.

      Nicolás CruzNicolás CruzPrije 2 dana
  • Wasn’t doing none of that shit when Teofimo Lopez was in front of him. He was scared.

    ADRIAN Soto-PerezADRIAN Soto-PerezPrije 13 dana
  • Literally look at who he’s fighting. Glad Teofimo whooped that ass

    luis vargasluis vargasPrije 14 dana
    • @Cesar Vergarâ Teofimo has every bit and right to do so. Look at his resume. Literally his last fight was for a world tittle. His next fight is a fucking unification fight against a top 3 p4p. You don’t see Garcia, Haney, or Tank doing shit like that. Cherry picking their opponents. Even Lomachenko who did he beat of note to make him compete Canelo for #1 spot in the p4p rankings? Na these guys are fucking pussies. Teofimo is old school and went into the fire and didn’t cherry pick unlike these new era floyd pussies.

      luis vargasluis vargasPrije 5 sati
    • @luis vargas Teofimo is way a more cocky and disrespectful person than Loma, and like I told you, the amount of hate that this guy is receiving is completely ridiculous.

      Cesar VergarâCesar VergarâPrije 6 sati
    • @Cesar Vergarâ classy? Maybe at the beginning yes. But towards the end he ended up becoming a cocky guy. Glad Teofimo (a guy who’s fucking 23) beat him for all his titles and won’t give him a rematch. Now loma has nothing ✌🏽

      luis vargasluis vargasPrije 13 sati
    • The amount of hate that Loma is receiving is ridiculous. The boxing fans are able to hate a dude like Loma that always as showed himself as a classy man.

      Cesar VergarâCesar VergarâPrije 21 sat
  • PFP first place is convincing

    hero Marshero MarsPrije 14 dana
  • Teo should of have taunt him after beating him

    Edgar GutierrezEdgar GutierrezPrije 15 dana
  • his taunt doesn't have a cd

    toddtoddPrije 15 dana
  • ¿Por qué no hizo eso con Teófimo López? Payaso ese Lomachenko.

    Cesar ObandoCesar ObandoPrije 16 dana
  • Loma Missed 99% of his shots against rigondeaux and the commentator screams look at this! He can clown everybody.

    Tony PonyTony PonyPrije 19 dana
  • this guy is the defintion of a wii boxer lmao

    CharlieCharliePrije 21 dan
  • Name song, plz !!

    MagistrMagistrPrije 22 dana
  • Look at the bums he was beating, no wonder he didn’t know what to do against a elite boxer this guy was such a hype job😂😂😂 l

    Brown's LLCBrown's LLCPrije 22 dana
    • Loma has a better record than Teofimo stfu, and by the way he already has maked history and broke records so nope, it's too late already to say that Loma is a hypejob.

      Cesar VergarâCesar VergarâPrije 21 sat
  • He was exposed by Teo Lopez.

    NicolásNicolásPrije 23 dana
  • Where was this confident loma when teop walked in the ring?? Lol

    YungDrewYungDrewPrije 24 dana
  • defeated by an inflated clown from Lopez? pdf 👎

    Jorge luis NavarreteJorge luis NavarretePrije 26 dana
  • Lol lopez missed so many punches that they counted...loma snapped lopez head back maybe a dozen times...lopez dint land 3 clean head shots

    Jacob CollinsJacob CollinsPrije 27 dana
  • Not vs Lopez I am sorry

    ToxiprankToxiprankPrije 28 dana
  • Loma is great, talented.. The overall boxer

    Risty DelmoroRisty DelmoroPrije 28 dana
  • Loma is great, talented.. The overall boxer

    Risty DelmoroRisty DelmoroPrije 28 dana
  • Really loma just isn't what hes made out to be, he was a great amateur but I just dont think its translated into pro boxing. Usyk is a different beast though

    Hayley WhitehouseHayley WhitehousePrije 28 dana
    • Yeah i agree, 3 weight world champion means nothing. :D

      J MJ MPrije 20 dana
  • Le ubiera hecho eso a López jajsjsjjs

    Miguel ContrerasMiguel ContrerasPrije 29 dana
  • Why didn't he do that shit to Teo as well? Arrogant piece of s... Good thing he lost and didn't have a rematch clause.

    J RJ RPrije 29 dana
  • I like the one where he's sitting in the corner waiting telling him come in 😂😂😂

    Tmoney420Tmoney420Prije mjesec
  • HAHAHAHA know your bitchass wasn't doing that with LOPEZ 🖕😠

    Ralph GonzalesRalph GonzalesPrije mjesec
  • Ukrainians freeze when pressed apparently

    Raintree RefugeRaintree RefugePrije mjesec
  • loma is over rated he can only do that on a straighline target but when a boxer know how to use angles and counter him he will be nobody like lopez did

    itsme jdcitsme jdcPrije mjesec
  • Jajaja contra salido y contra teofimo no lo vi burlarse asi

    Alberto Valdivia SuarezAlberto Valdivia SuarezPrije mjesec
  • Por que nole iso lo mismo a teofimo solo le ponian costales sin contar que en las 135 libras no ay boxeadores buenos

    Cesar Cazares SánchezCesar Cazares SánchezPrije mjesec
  • Where was all this bullshit when he finally fought somebody that was on higher level Top Rank at its best deceiving casuals

    Jay MendoJay MendoPrije mjesec
  • Imagine Loma tryna taunt against pacman or floyd😂😂

    NicoMedicoNicoMedicoPrije mjesec
  • So boastful.. but afraid to lopez.. your next fight I'm sure you're lose again. You're nothing compare to pacman.

    Jarold CarianJarold CarianPrije mjesec
  • А где эта вся бровада в бою с Лопесом??))))

    Floyd Money Mayweather MayweatherFloyd Money Mayweather MayweatherPrije mjesec
  • Where's the one with Lopez? 🤣🤣🤣

    ShadowGhost81ShadowGhost81Prije mjesec
  • Error 404: Loma's taunt on Lopez. 😂 As a fan of him, I was really expecting him to lose someday(again) but not the way he lost to Lopez. He fought like he wasn't fighting for a belt. They underestimated Lopez, the guy deserved that win. I'm looking forward of what he is going to do after this lost.

    C J RC J RPrije mjesec
  • The legend hype NOPUNCHENKO made by arum.

    christopher19843christopher19843Prije mjesec
  • Ahora le Toca a Teofimo burlarce de Vasil

    Enrique MartinezEnrique MartinezPrije mjesec
  • Teofimo 👍

    Oscar HernandezOscar HernandezPrije mjesec
  • Against bums

    Gregor KliganGregor KliganPrije mjesec
  • And the new....

    St810k ksforlifeSt810k ksforlifePrije mjesec
  • Teofimo Lopez 😋😛😜😝🤑

    David SuazoDavid SuazoPrije mjesec
  • Bruh why couldn’t he do that with Lopez smh but Lopez deserve the W tbh...... hopefully a rematch cause it was kinda close

    Eddie GonzalezEddie GonzalezPrije mjesec
  • I came here to see his taunts against Lopez oh wait there aren't any because Lopez it's a bum

    Clayton BigsbyClayton BigsbyPrije mjesec
  • Low-Tech Great White Hypeachenko is a fucking joke, that only fought bums that were smaller and sitting on the shelf for over a year! He got completely outclassed and outboxed + humiliated by Lopez, who exploited every flaw that I've been talking about for over 5 years! Arum's Great White Hype show is almost over and he only has Fury left! Low-Tech and LDBC fangirls are two of the worst types of boxing fans, that can't believe that both losses came from Hispanic fighters and want an excuse to complain!

    Backcountry EnthusiastBackcountry EnthusiastPrije mjesec
  • But he's a super great boxer I giv him dat he has that skill...

    Ronald DRonald DPrije mjesec
  • Didn't see no clowning around wit teofimo doh 😂

    Ronald DRonald DPrije mjesec
  • Well ain’t karma a bitch..... gets beat by a 23 year old kid

    The KingThe KingPrije mjesec
  • Why loma didn’t dance white Lopez,

    Nahun JuarezNahun JuarezPrije mjesec
  • He wasn't show boating against Lopez

    MELO JRMELO JRPrije mjesec
  • Hahaha couldn't do any of that with teofimo that how u now he lost

    Alex MartinezAlex MartinezPrije mjesec
  • No Knockout Power.

    MarkTianz TVMarkTianz TVPrije mjesec
  • I didn’t see him do any of this last weekend against Lopez 😂

    Daniel ParedesDaniel ParedesPrije mjesec
  • Overrated only beat bums or guys who were paid to lose or 2 weight classes below him... thats why now he's acting the way he is after getting outclassed by Teo

    Pc JacobsPc JacobsPrije mjesec
    • Stop downgrading the dude.... Everyone has to lose someday, exemples: ally, tyson and and pacman and they are still legends. Great boxers lose when they dont duck even Teo might lose in the future.

      Hebereto SanchezHebereto SanchezPrije mjesec
  • I hate when fighters showboat and mock their opponents as if it isn't bad enough getting whooped. So disrespectful! Glad he received his from Teofimo too. There's enough to go round for everyone 😀

    Babatunde KassimBabatunde KassimPrije mjesec
    • Teofimo is far a more disrespectful and cocky person than Loma. I like how the people after his loss is trying to find some sign of cockyness in the Loma character to joke about him. Pathethic.

      Cesar VergarâCesar VergarâPrije 21 sat
  • Overrated AF

    Stizzy StacksStizzy StacksPrije mjesec
  • How can u watch this say he's overrated man's got skill I don't get it

    Ben JohnsonBen JohnsonPrije mjesec
  • Teofimo lopez : like 💪🏻 Lomachenko : comment 👎🏻

    Abraham MolinaAbraham MolinaPrije mjesec
    • loma

      Dom ScaliaDom ScaliaPrije 19 dana
  • Довыделывался

    ArchiArchiPrije mjesec
  • Loma not a good as he thought. And an extremely bad loser with no class.....

    ANDREW AshmoreANDREW AshmorePrije mjesec
  • Por eso, teofimo lopez lo puso en su lugar, le entro con miedo a sus fuertes golpes.😂😂😂 Adiós cinturones.

    Brian RiveraBrian RiveraPrije mjesec
    • Lomachenko sintio la pegada de López por eso no se animaba a atacar.

      NicolásNicolásPrije 23 dana
    • Aún así es mejor, veremos cuanto dura el nuevo supuesto campeón

      Samuel ArenasSamuel ArenasPrije mjesec
    • La verdad ajajaja solo a defenderse y no le sirvió jajajj

      Alberth martinezAlberth martinezPrije mjesec
  • loser haha whered ur dance go againts lopez??? lomachicken about to cry during post fight interview haha satisfying to watch this guy lose haha arrogant chucken

    Prince MagnetPrince MagnetPrije mjesec
  • He wasn’t doing this Saturday. 😂


    Moto CicletaMoto CicletaPrije mjesec
  • Спета песенка

    Сони ЛистонСони ЛистонPrije mjesec
  • Teofimo shut all that shit down lol

    Evan DeRouenEvan DeRouenPrije mjesec
  • Довыебывался !

    AskedAskedPrije mjesec
  • loma is all hype lol

    Dev ̇Dev ̇Prije mjesec
  • Teofimo 🇭🇳🇭🇳🇭🇳🇭🇳🇭🇳

    CertifiedKekzCertifiedKekzPrije mjesec
    • @Dom Scalia Honduras 1-0 Ukraine 😂😂

    • turd world country

      Dom ScaliaDom ScaliaPrije 19 dana
  • This loma is beating Lopez ong

    #FreeTayK#FreeTayKPrije mjesec
  • Loma genio quiero revancha sos el 1🇦🇷

    Lucas FernandesLucas FernandesPrije mjesec
  • #Honduras 🇭🇳🇭🇳🇭🇳🇭🇳❤

    Tavo DjTavo DjPrije mjesec
    • Hablan bien qlero ustedes (sin ofender)

      Rdz10kRdz10kPrije mjesec
  • Lomo aint shit !!!

    Itscool2beUItscool2beUPrije mjesec
  • Fuck lomechenko

    Boxcar Ent.Boxcar Ent.Prije mjesec
  • Lomachenko had no taunts for Lopez. What happened? Lopez too much for Loma? LOL!

    taino1952taino1952Prije mjesec
    • @Erik Kuci a rematch would be entertaining. But there was no rematch clause in their contract so we will have to wait for the other contenders to have their shot. Loma will have eventual rematch after he gets in line behind the rest.

      taino1952taino1952Prije mjesec
    • We need a rematch

      Erik KuciErik KuciPrije mjesec
    • Boring fight

      Elena MooreElena MoorePrije mjesec
  • Hi Tech ? Now is Bull Shit ! jajajajajajaja. The best coward runner in The World.......Lomachenko !!!

    John ArnoldJohn ArnoldPrije mjesec
  • 💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩🧻

    Borg1Borg1Prije mjesec
  • López took revenge on everyone he humiliated

    Oscar ArmandoOscar ArmandoPrije mjesec
  • 2:23 i would have love to see that when he was fighting lopez the first 6 rounds when his stamina was full loaded but he was running away..avoiding every possible dangerous exchange for 8 rounds

    AcheronAcheronPrije mjesec
    • he would get knocked the fuck out if he did that

      Marcellus SMarcellus SPrije 20 dana
    • His gameplan was trash. He started the fight at round 7 and won til 11. If he had a better gamplan he would be Lopez, but he hadn't.

      Numero UnoNumero UnoPrije mjesec
    • Lopez had a competent program and crushing blows. I don't think that Lomachenko could compete with Lopez with the same ease, even if he wanted to ( Google translator)

      читаю Ячитаю ЯPrije mjesec
  • Teo tough him a lesson 🤣🤣🤣 aint even got 20 pro fights and every dumb ass rates him pound for pound n1 :D who did Lona fight to get there??? I was sooo happy Loma got brought back down to earth by Teofimo that was a nice lesson ... loma aint no Floyd and aint no PACMAN..!!! Crawford is the king 👑 by the wAy

    Johnny CashJohnny CashPrije mjesec
  • Sucks that he lost

    Clark DarkClark DarkPrije mjesec
  • Yeah when your carerr was fake what have you to expekt when you fight a real boxer lopez

    Ryo SaebaRyo SaebaPrije mjesec
  • I’m just here for the new comments after the Lopez fight 🤷🏼‍♂️

    Hollyfreehole !Hollyfreehole !Prije mjesec
  • Where was the taunts vs Lopez???? Ceratin fighters get heat for doing this but Lomachenko gets all the praise in the world. Lopez was the first guy close to his level he fought and got outclassed 8 rounds to 4.

    Omar LeeOmar LeePrije mjesec
  • Wasn't Taunting when Lopez whooped his ass 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    Baron SamediBaron SamediPrije mjesec
    • @Merciless Undead that's still only 4 out of 12 rounds lmfao, he's got beat

      Jerome PJerome PPrije mjesec
    • @taino1952 loma very clearly had rounds 7-11lmao fym generous shitty ass analyst

      Merciless UndeadMerciless UndeadPrije mjesec
    • @Merciless Undead I gave Loma 3 rounds on my scorecard against Lopez and I think I was being too generous.

      taino1952taino1952Prije mjesec
    • Whooped his ass is a bit of a stretch

      Merciless UndeadMerciless UndeadPrije mjesec
  • López López López

    abraham lopezabraham lopezPrije mjesec
  • ah pero con teofimo lopez

    Balt JimenezBalt JimenezPrije mjesec
  • Its funny against bums, but then you fight against a Teofimo Lopez, where was this arrogance?🤣🤣😂😂

    Taisen FjouriTaisen FjouriPrije mjesec
    • @Merciless Undead annnddd still lost, doesn’t matter

      J13J13Prije mjesec
    • ''tyson mike'' lol this inbred casual

      Helios HyperionHelios HyperionPrije mjesec
    • 'Bums' lomas record has more champs than lopez lmao casual

      Merciless UndeadMerciless UndeadPrije mjesec
  • VS Lopez = loma sad , jajajajajajjajajaj

    Eze quielEze quielPrije mjesec
  • Would’ve been cool if he would have tried this with Lopez 😂

    Adrian LazaroAdrian LazaroPrije mjesec
    • @Frain Breeze The Guy who put Loma in the hospital for 2 Weeks 😂

    • @Frain Breeze please rewatch the fight lol. How was the win not convincing???

      Adrian LazaroAdrian LazaroPrije 26 dana
    • It's not a convincing win though Shots was blocked by loma's elbow while his head was popping back all night

      Frain BreezeFrain BreezePrije 26 dana
    • Frain Breeze the guy with all of lomas belts

      Shahbaz KhanShahbaz KhanPrije 26 dana
    • Who's lopez? The guy who's punching the air all night long?

      Frain BreezeFrain BreezePrije 27 dana
  • lomachenko you are lucky to fight in this era..20 years ago you would have lasted 6 months

    Jonny Boom Boom 46Jonny Boom Boom 46Prije mjesec
  • Good

    canal wushu rehamnacanal wushu rehamnaPrije mjesec
  • Nice

    canal wushu rehamnacanal wushu rehamnaPrije mjesec