I Spent 100 Days in Minecraft VR And This Is What Happened

Minecraft Hardcore Mode is tough, and if you've watched my RLCraft series you'll know I'm not the best at Minecraft. So I TRIED to survive VR Hardcore Minecraft for 100 Days and This is What Happened. The original idea for this video came from Luke TheNotable, who graciously gave me permission to do this. So check him out!
Original Idea STOLEN from Luke TheNotable:
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I TRIED to Survive VR Hardcore Minecraft For 100 Days And This Is What Happened
Video Includes:
Hardcore Minecraft VR Gameplay
Hardcore Minecraft VR Guide
Hardcore Minecraft VR Episode 1
Hardcore Minecraft VR Lets Play
Hardcore Minecraft VR
Hardcore Minecraft VR 100 Days
Forge Labs
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  • Hey! If you want to see me play VR RLCraft! Check it out: hrclubs.info/get/video/h415p8eXppXFx9w

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    • Noooooooooooooooooooooooob! King Zombie? PAH!

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    • hi

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    • @IDoHaveMilk hey you dont have a big buiiy a huge jurk a potty mouth monster how can you even post this comment to him you said that much thing to him for not having that much knowledge about Minecraft you should be a shame of yourself you could just tell him about the other mods of the Minecraft nicely even many people in my school is a fan of Minecraft but they didn't know about the Minecraft mode until I told them about the other mods by the way you don't the honor to talk to send the comment you send to him he is one of the pro builder like me

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    • Yesssss

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    • I watched you on the computer now I'm watching on my phone

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  • Anyone wanna do him the favour of writing down all his mistakes (not there’s that a problem with making mistakes, of course) so then he can try to improve if that’s what he’d like? ☺️

    Baby AvesBaby AvesPrije 37 minuta
  • Wow your cool

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  • Forge: i crafted a diamond sword with my first diamonds Me: nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

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  • i ate the soap and it gave me jump boost for about 3 seconds

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  • This video has the most mistakes that made me sooooo mad😭😁😹😹😹

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  • Worst mistake to add mobs I have idea how to survive 100 days in minecraft just make house plenty of foods and done just be afk done 100 days xD😂😂✨✨😂😂

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  • GOD DAM DIMMOND ok back to the island turtle park!

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  • 5:10 The saddest 10 secs of my life😭

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    • 17:12 to I cant😂😂😂

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  • Noice

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  • 20:57 yeah rick grimes shouldve done that

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  • It gives you some good or bad effect

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  • That little nightmare he had was great😆

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  • Ahhh you want so much

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  • To tame a horse or donkey you have to put out a hand or give it food then put the saddle on it

    Preston TyndallPreston TyndallPrije 9 sati
  • you cant ride/tame a horse with a saddle in your hand you have to have a empty slot theeeeeeeeeeeeeeen you can tame horses

    Carolyn FlemingCarolyn FlemingPrije 9 sati
  • it is a drown with a trident

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  • like the vid

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  • no way you named a turtle out of my name on day 10 😳😳😳

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  • "I need your meat" WAIT

  • hooooooooooooootttttttt

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  • what a sellou- i mean BEUTIFUL MAN (plz dont hurt me plz im sorry im in his basement help

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  • He says he has a big brain, also doesn’t take mending or go to librarian villager

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  • I don’t have any more brain cells after watching them

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  • F

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  • ⠀ ∧__∧ (`•ω• )づ__∧ (つ /( •ω•。) しーJ (nnノ)It's ok

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  • The thing was a zombie villager and that's rare to spawn you could've just healed it

    Loastes YTLoastes YTPrije 13 sati
  • When taming a horse you can have anything in your hand....

    a cocoanuta cocoanutPrije 13 sati
  • Cats in minecraft can be tamed by Raw cod

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  • 1:25 Thats what she said

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  • Yes

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  • The crepe sound in the nether was a gast and it only has 10 health

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  • you need to tame the horse

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  • lol

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  • can we appreciate that he was harassing the horse with a saddle

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  • Ahahhahahaga

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  • Just to give him comments

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  • Endermen take blocks and are hostile if u look at them

    Sofia TisekerSofia TisekerPrije dan
  • The turtle hates the place

    Sofia TisekerSofia TisekerPrije dan

    Sofia TisekerSofia TisekerPrije dan

    Sofia TisekerSofia TisekerPrije dan

    Sofia TisekerSofia TisekerPrije dan
  • you ok?

  • This is really good

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  • 27:19 what can I say? I wasn’t on shift

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  • hey whats that cradborad cutout in the backround

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  • bruh you want comeents heers some COMENTS

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  • can anyone tell me what kind of Vr headset he has?

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  • wow thit guys is cold

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  • Remember one ocean for safe in Minecraft

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  • Playing hardcore vr minecraft is like playing SAO

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  • Yo i was creating my account in plink and it says join forge labs and it doesnt show a no button and every time i open it it forces me to click the green try it for free button and i dont have money to pay 16 dollars just for some app

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  • 28:01

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  • U have to sit on the horse first it might throw u off a couple of times then u can put a saddle on the horse

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  • 35:00 why dind't you just installed shaders ?!

  • commenttttttttttttt

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  • 3:46 is that a cutout in the background?

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  • and you a dum ass its called a Trident black purple eyed minecraft mob is called a Enderman and you must not look at an enderman in the eye cause it will attack you and ranged doesnt work you have to go under a 2 block high ceiling spot to kill it and beware,it can teleport

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  • 25:58 Skeleton Sniping dual challenge complete

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  • i subed just from that asking to sub. it was honest and I appreciate that

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  • 24:10 Day 78 after battling 21 mobs at midnight

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  • 15:48 Day 46 Enchanting

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  • I mean 15:36 Day 45

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  • 15:38 Day 45

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  • Is Igor the iron golem is iron man mark 38 name and it’s tanky

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  • Do you need a bell and ring it and then Igor will help

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  • Lol when forge labs doesn’t know about turtles or ghasts and then he calls tridents a harpoon

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