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  • Rashford would look great in an Arsenal kit..................

    Orange JuiceOrange JuicePrije 9 dana
  • I opened 5 125k packs and i didnt even get higher than 83!

    BuHnad َBuHnad َPrije mjesec
  • i remember being in stream when he reloaded after pita and trying to keep his cool🤣

    Alex LindaoAlex LindaoPrije mjesec
  • If you were a player on fifa EA Would have to add a contract to make people weight less

    Gowregoes GTGowregoes GTPrije mjesec
  • I packed record breaker sancho twice today but they were both untradeable so I put one of them in a totw sbc and then got ben yedder lol

    Miles ReshetarMiles ReshetarPrije mjesec
  • Best to just buy coins on ebay and buy the player works out alot cheaper

    Broken SilenceBroken SilencePrije mjesec
  • Ofcourse, you’re gonna pack a record breaker card after opening 500k + packs. Y’all still watch this guy’s content?😂

    Southpark IISouthpark IIPrije mjesec
  • Clip it

    your 11wyour 11wPrije mjesec
  • It’s this kind of videos that encourage people to spend money on the game. This is not reality

    Warsy MagsWarsy MagsPrije mjesec
    • This is gambling. Clear n simple. And this guy is making money off people losing Money. It’s a disgrace

      Warsy MagsWarsy MagsPrije mjesec
    • This guy is creating a platform that encourages people to spend money. Such a sellout

      Warsy MagsWarsy MagsPrije mjesec
  • Just got van dijk Rulebreaker from 100k pack 😍 check my last video ✌️

    Noob GamerNoob GamerPrije mjesec
  • Packs remaining 127k wtf

    z0kez0kePrije mjesec
  • I had one pack yesterday and i packed sancho from it

    j sj sPrije mjesec
  • I got varane, falcow 😂,Oscar hazard and mbappe all record breakers apart from hazard and varane all in one day 😂

    Ethan J BrownEthan J BrownPrije mjesec
  • I got falcao

    SUP_ G0D_SUP_ G0D_Prije mjesec
  • Imagine having pack luck :(

    Matt NMatt NPrije mjesec
  • Na próxima vez que for abrir esses packs, coloca a música do Mbappé - PES Mil Grau. Garanto que irá tirar o Mbappé especial!

    Evandro RossiEvandro RossiPrije mjesec
  • This weekend i got neymar and record breaker falcao from player pick sbc’s and sadly they are both untradeble

    Ben MerrimanBen MerrimanPrije mjesec
  • He gets Falcow

    Connor PotterConnor PotterPrije mjesec
    • He gets sancho

      Coreysmith 2376Coreysmith 2376Prije mjesec
  • *07:44** thank me later*

    Βαγγέλης ΝικολάουΒαγγέλης ΝικολάουPrije mjesec
    • Θενκς Μπάμπη

      Grigoris TakosGrigoris TakosPrije 19 dana
    • Thanks 😂😂

      Funny SansFunny SansPrije mjesec
    • @Jayzy sorade 😂😂

      Βαγγέλης ΝικολάουΒαγγέλης ΝικολάουPrije mjesec
    • Ναι ρε Βαγγέλη 😂

      Jayzy soradeJayzy soradePrije mjesec
    • Μπράβο ρε Βαγγέλη παίχτη 🤣🤣🤣

      xaros_antonis_7xaros_antonis_7Prije mjesec
  • Anyone see the ragin Celtic fans tonight 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    Josh WhiteJosh WhitePrije mjesec
  • on goooooooooood

    lorenzo Editslorenzo EditsPrije mjesec
  • i made a vid on the new sancho hes broken af

    C7LC7LPrije mjesec
  • He got Sancho btw

    Olava OlavaOlava OlavaPrije mjesec
  • Austin fc yessir

    KR723 KiTKR723 KiTPrije mjesec
  • He discarded Saint Maximin 💀

    Harry PumaHarry PumaPrije mjesec
    • When

      exploding 4561exploding 4561Prije mjesec
  • does anyone know that sad song Castro played

    JapanSNowJapanSNowPrije mjesec
  • Not tryna disrespect King Castro but his girlfriend is cute/adorable

    Henryk MartinezHenryk MartinezPrije mjesec
    • Pita

      Matthew G123Matthew G123Prije mjesec
  • Sevint

    AIMBOT LTL2AIMBOT LTL2Prije mjesec
  • Who was in the stream when he uploaded more Fifa points quietly

    S4MU3L H4TF13LDS4MU3L H4TF13LDPrije mjesec
  • I packed sancho 5mins ago

    Harry JamesHarry JamesPrije mjesec
  • Yessir I see you W the Austin FC jersey YESSIR VAMOSSSSS

    Chinoscr9Chinoscr9Prije mjesec
  • @hdot1290

    Gazzer 10Gazzer 10Prije mjesec
  • @w2s

    Gazzer 10Gazzer 10Prije mjesec
  • Yesterday I packed Kyle Walker inform untradable and then today I packed ferland mendy and I’m in div 9 and trash at fifa. Lol

    Travis_ DottTravis_ DottPrije mjesec
  • We need a tott for liga apertura with sick cards liga mx needs more attention

    Shannon SharpeShannon SharpePrije mjesec
  • This guy is all clickbait

    Mr-MB 30Mr-MB 30Prije mjesec
  • What did you lot get i got totw neuer/ falcao/oscar

    Gagan-Veer SinghGagan-Veer SinghPrije mjesec
  • Liverpool are the most successful and the best English club and castro cant handle that

    Elliot FarragherElliot FarragherPrije mjesec
  • I packed Sancho record breaker in a 7,5 pack

    Game FineGame FinePrije mjesec
  • I packed sancho from 83+ pack

    QŤRQŤRPrije mjesec
  • I did a rare player pick and got mbappe lolz

    ChillikiwiChillikiwiPrije mjesec
  • German Flag and she said KDB 😂

    Pleb BearPleb BearPrije mjesec
  • How can he get rashford inform? He is not in the current totw

    Sebastian RuudSebastian RuudPrije mjesec
    • Best of totw is in packs at the moment, and rashford is in the best of totw.

      Stijn de BruijneStijn de BruijnePrije mjesec
  • I've had 0 pacluck for 2 fifas, but since this thursday, i pulled rashford on thursday, neymar on friday, if ben yedder and if rashford back to back in upgrade packs yesterday, i just got all my packluck for 2 more fifas in 3 days lol

    Lowe AlthénLowe AlthénPrije mjesec
    • I packed an untradeable 93 totw Ronaldo today out of a free pack lmao

      Will KennedyWill KennedyPrije mjesec
    • Same 2nd day of fifa and packed Carlos Alberto after elite eight my best ever pack 😂

      Leo ArmitageLeo ArmitagePrije mjesec
  • on godddd

    Scotty999-Scotty999-Prije mjesec
  • الله ياخذك يا كاسترو

    Jax TellerJax TellerPrije mjesec
  • best believe i bought some Guava g fuel with this black friday deal. let’s gooooo

    Samantha FallonSamantha FallonPrije mjesec
  • Spend 700k on packs got kimmich as only walkout

    Cheffie SpecialCheffie SpecialPrije mjesec
  • I Packed IF CR7 today the first time ive ever packed him

    Bulls InsanityBulls InsanityPrije mjesec
  • ive played 19 games won 10 im doing decent

    PL_highlights _PL_highlights _Prije mjesec
    • @River Bass86 literally the first thing Castro said in the video

      Teun SikkemaTeun SikkemaPrije mjesec
    • No one asked I hope u get bad rewards

      River Bass86River Bass86Prije mjesec
    • Good luck and hope you get amazing rewards

      J1DrippyyyJ1DrippyyyPrije mjesec
  • Aha

    Hybr1d_ DriftZzzHybr1d_ DriftZzzPrije mjesec
  • Hairy Kane 😂

    Plugjug 5Plugjug 5Prije mjesec
  • 140$ and got werner and martial on the same pack yeah fuck ea and these shitty ass packs but nice packs Castro keep up the great content

    Eddie KarapetEddie KarapetPrije mjesec
  • I opened 3 125k packs i packed three 83

    PintohozPintohozPrije mjesec
  • Sancho is shit and rashford is only one good striker on this planet and his name is Robert lewandowski

    Liam WilliamsLiam WilliamsPrije mjesec
  • the 75k packs are the worst

    BrioniAnd CaviarBrioniAnd CaviarPrije mjesec
  • おすすめに出すぎやで!

    ぷにおぷにおPrije mjesec
  • Your thumbnail was destroyed when you said England 😂 . MBAPPE ❌ SANCHO ✅

    AhmedAhmedPrije mjesec
  • I got FIFA on Friday and packed Record Breaker Sancho from a rare gold player pack

    David LairsonDavid LairsonPrije mjesec
    • So lucky

      SIVAN AYADSIVAN AYADPrije mjesec
  • how on earth did castro pull pita she’s a 10

    Joe.ieJoe.iePrije mjesec
    • murray i couldn’t agree more

      Joe.ieJoe.iePrije mjesec
    • there’s this thing called personality that people can be attracted to

      Ryan HartiganRyan HartiganPrije mjesec
    • He’s A 10

      Murray McAuslanMurray McAuslanPrije mjesec
  • Someone do the timestamps

    abdelaziz benjameaabdelaziz benjameaPrije mjesec
  • I got totw cr7 out of the seri A upgradr

    Freddie TurnerFreddie TurnerPrije mjesec
  • I did an sbc and got record breaker mbappe from jumbo gold pack

    mannemannePrije mjesec
    • @shuayb no joke I got him from the 81+ ligue 1 double upgrade. There’s not that many walkouts from ligue 1 so I did 5 and I got him. Dead serious

      Aidan PeruzziAidan PeruzziPrije mjesec
    • Today on things that never happened

      shuaybshuaybPrije mjesec
  • Just when you thought fifa couldn’t get more unrealistic, Sancho in a United kit

    Dylan RichardsonDylan RichardsonPrije mjesec
  • I got rashy from a jumbo premium gold pack 😂😂😂

    Sam EnglishSam EnglishPrije mjesec
    • @Sam English Yeah I know I got IF kante out of my Rare gold pack for getting rank 17

      Lewis HeapsLewis HeapsPrije mjesec
    • @Yuval Morginstin that the only person I’ve packed from the two 100k pack from objectives I got no one above 70k

      Sam EnglishSam EnglishPrije mjesec
    • @Lewis Heaps it was unreadable

      Sam EnglishSam EnglishPrije mjesec
    • I wish my luck was like that

      Yuval MorginstinYuval MorginstinPrije mjesec
    • That's sick aha he's nuts I had to buy him when his IF was released still got him lol

      Lewis HeapsLewis HeapsPrije mjesec
  • On Goooooooooooooooood

    Aadhithya AAadhithya APrije mjesec
  • Why so suprised and happy when u open packs för like 10000$ each time?

    Jonathan Nord EkfeldtJonathan Nord EkfeldtPrije mjesec
    • U can't afford it $$$$@#

      k98 gamingk98 gamingPrije mjesec
  • My brother packed An icon rashford, Salah, inform Ramos and more shit. Without spending any money

    Jelle BoersmaJelle BoersmaPrije mjesec
  • Like the vids man keep it up

    Real JosseReal JossePrije mjesec
  • Keksters y’all lol

    Marky Boi YTMarky Boi YTPrije mjesec
  • When ever someone is early *Quick think of something funny*

    Jack BoltonJack BoltonPrije mjesec
  • Ur kinda weird btw

    Jack BoltonJack BoltonPrije mjesec
  • If you read this, have a good day!

    Sim KortSim KortPrije mjesec
  • Gold 3

    Calum McCalum McPrije mjesec
  • Packed Eusebio 🙌

    Edgar ValenzuelaEdgar ValenzuelaPrije mjesec
  • U just can’t get bored from Castro reactions to good packs

    BeNz WindBeNz WindPrije mjesec
  • You.good fatstro

    LaZe capzLaZe capzPrije mjesec
  • Castro opens packs so we don’t have to ❤️

    AyresAyresPrije mjesec
    • Yes and now all the players he packed are in my club thanks castro

      Y E PY E PPrije mjesec
  • Bro what a luck

  • Love your vids keep up the cracking work

    Sharon BellSharon BellPrije mjesec
    • So true, he’s another level when it comes to content!

      AyresAyresPrije mjesec
  • Even though I’m no longer a fifa youtuber, I still love watching Castro and skillz

    AyresAyresPrije mjesec
    • Who asked?

      Noel min BoelNoel min BoelPrije mjesec
    • @Yassin Elghor i did

      ExotideExotidePrije mjesec
    • haha same those are the only two i watch

      ExotideExotidePrije mjesec
    • did we ask?

      Yassin ElghorYassin ElghorPrije mjesec
    • Recon you could check my channel out and maybe give me an idea on what makes you watch people 😁

      MikeableGamingMikeableGamingPrije mjesec
  • Bro I am a sub on twitch you better make an on god emote😂😂😂

    Yousef IdkYousef IdkPrije mjesec
    • Hahaha this would be brilliant

      AyresAyresPrije mjesec
  • K then

    CHARL H 200CHARL H 200Prije mjesec
  • Trying to get 10 subs

  • On gaaaaaaaaaaaaaaawd

    Crypticsilence 07Crypticsilence 07Prije mjesec
  • Castro finally simping in pita in his stream😂

    Diego LopezDiego LopezPrije mjesec
    • NNN

      Rene dahrieRene dahriePrije mjesec
  • HI

    ام فلهام فلهPrije mjesec
  • I saw it on your instagram lets goooo

    Jayden van CappellenJayden van CappellenPrije mjesec
  • Who's here after Manny packed four recordbeaker

    But MannyBut MannyPrije mjesec
    • Who did he pack

      Harry The Fridge MaguireHarry The Fridge MaguirePrije mjesec
    • Ye I am

      Nicole BloomfieldNicole BloomfieldPrije mjesec
  • 😍😍

    Aras HDAras HDPrije mjesec
  • ON gawd

    fishyxyfishyxyPrije mjesec
  • 75k packs😯😯

    Dion gamerDion gamerPrije mjesec
  • On gawwwdd

    Timmi KoliasTimmi KoliasPrije mjesec
    • 😂

      AyresAyresPrije mjesec

    cormac coltoncormac coltonPrije mjesec
  • Yo sup 5 mins early

    Omar number twoOmar number twoPrije mjesec
  • 🥲🥲

    l0ui5 1876l0ui5 1876Prije mjesec
  • Who thinks we should see some fut champs highlights 👉👉👉👉

    Burnsy 404Burnsy 404Prije mjesec
  • Castro heart this if you love your family and community

    sylveiwnlsylveiwnlPrije mjesec
    • @m m mad?

      sylveiwnlsylveiwnlPrije mjesec
    • Stfu

      m mm mPrije mjesec
  • What a dream of mine to play with you bro if you see this bless up

    SLICE_YT LawsonSLICE_YT LawsonPrije mjesec
    • With him, not against him! We’d get destroyed haha

      AyresAyresPrije mjesec

    97 snc97 sncPrije mjesec
    • The viewers every youtuber needs 💪

      AyresAyresPrije mjesec
    • Nobody ask

      m mm mPrije mjesec