I Hosted a 1v1 Tournament with CONTROLLER vs KEYBOARD Players in Fortnite (my best tournament yet)

I Hosted a 1v1 Tournament with CONTROLLER vs KEYBOARD Players in Fortnite (my best tournament yet)
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I Hosted a 1v1 Tournament with CONTROLLER vs KEYBOARD Players in Fortnite (my best tournament yet) I hope you guys enjoy this Fortnite Battle Royale gameplay funny moments video! Today we go into Fortnite battle royale chapter 2 season 4 and hosted a 1v1 tournament with controller vs keyboard players in fortnite!
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    KiwizKiwizPrije 6 mjeseci
    • i just got a noti

      leonardo aguilarleonardo aguilarPrije 12 dana
    • @Q_rcx Ok

      Kimariun HerkleyKimariun HerkleyPrije 16 dana
    • Ok

      Kimariun HerkleyKimariun HerkleyPrije 16 dana
    • @Q_rcx h

      Kimariun HerkleyKimariun HerkleyPrije 16 dana
    • Can I get to a tournament I am controller player my username SharkGamer907

      Shoaib AhmadShoaib AhmadPrije mjesec
  • I wanna join the tournament

    RA!N PlaysRA!N PlaysPrije 21 sat
    • How it’s been 6 months

      Tax_AVTax_AVPrije 3 sati
  • I play on PS4 keyboard and mouse cause my fam not that rich to get me pc which is alright well I will have one one day and it will be a fine ransition

    Rifty 2.0 ReplacedRifty 2.0 ReplacedPrije dan
  • Die is hond kak

    I AI APrije dan
  • bs if it was not for rodlin he would not be there

    Robert BoardmanRobert BoardmanPrije 2 dana
  • Quiting fortnite

    HamsterTheGoatHamsterTheGoatPrije 3 dana
  • Why did u tell outcast to fucking pickaxe him,if console wins im wuiting fortnite

    HamsterTheGoatHamsterTheGoatPrije 3 dana
  • Rifling deserve the win the winner don’t

    FaZe DimovFaZe DimovPrije 4 dana
  • I play on both

    dev pateldev patelPrije 5 dana
  • Ngl cranking 90s isn't that much of a skill

    SillysSillysPrije 5 dana
  • the video when rodlin grew

    zqitazqitaPrije 5 dana
  • Kbm has much more precision. Controller players with kbm tier aim is kinda uncommon or rare

    Average human breathingAverage human breathingPrije 6 dana
  • I like and subscribe with notifications on Epic Name is OG-Zana

    JJCODMJJCODMPrije 6 dana
  • Ian you gift m Kan you gift me

    Wolfiez IVWolfiez IVPrije 7 dana
  • This is when rodlin came to fame 🥺

    CP XzifyeCP XzifyePrije 7 dana
  • Hi

    Mohzmohz83 Mohzmohz83Mohzmohz83 Mohzmohz83Prije 8 dana
  • I'll rather sub rodlin then spaiids like spaiidz is a big p****

    Muhammad HamzaMuhammad HamzaPrije 12 dana
  • Ball is better then all of them

    X7AIX7AIPrije 12 dana
  • Rodlin has 86k in 6 months WTF

    F L A R EF L A R EPrije 12 dana
  • I also like so

    Ryan MRyan MPrije 12 dana
  • My dad died the next day😖

    Ryan MRyan MPrije 12 dana
  • How the fuck did you go to Siri thank you

    AikeosAikeosPrije 13 dana
  • My fortnite is Robcruz239

    Roberto CruzRoberto CruzPrije 13 dana
  • Spaidz is on controller?

    belinda kingbelinda kingPrije 13 dana
  • Can u do switch vr Xbox and I wanna play on switch team

    Clipz cjClipz cjPrije 14 dana
  • Rodlin deserved the win so much more

    That guyThat guyPrije 15 dana
  • That's how I think spaidzz got some subs

    Salma EzzeldineSalma EzzeldinePrije 15 dana
  • Like I mean roblin shoulve lost the 1v1 but he still won the 1v3 anyways

    Salma EzzeldineSalma EzzeldinePrije 15 dana

    Qu4ckzQu4ckzPrije 15 dana
  • Outcast why the freck you go for pic make

  • Ayo toaster players and smart fridge players gang where are u

    EyadEyadPrije 16 dana
  • Let’s go controller

    Ltk Tha kidLtk Tha kidPrije 18 dana
  • Rodlin is the come back kingg

    Simon LiddleSimon LiddlePrije 18 dana
  • Let’s goooo

  • Bruh is it just me or does everyone have a heart attack when someone gets in your box

    Code Jarz in itshCode Jarz in itshPrije 19 dana
    • Ye cuz like my pump only does 30 to the head and they one pump me

      Yamyam RowkYamyam RowkPrije 18 dana
  • I love 💕 spedes

    AjAjPrije 20 dana
  • Controller v keyboard =aimbot

    Cool PhoenixCool PhoenixPrije 20 dana
  • pc shouldve got it

    trulyangel jrtrulyangel jrPrije 20 dana
  • I really want to be in these

    Dan PopielarczykDan PopielarczykPrije 21 dan
  • You should have gave outcast ball another chance

    Gray ManGray ManPrije 22 dana
  • bruh the other dude deserved it

    notvertexxnotvertexxPrije 22 dana
  • That lucky 200 got rodlin more subs from kiwiz

    Master ShadowMaster ShadowPrije 23 dana
  • I'm annoyed that rodlin didn't win

    spaceghoul69spaceghoul69Prije 23 dana
  • His 1controller

    Tank Balauru ăsta baTank Balauru ăsta baPrije 23 dana
  • He wasnt on console bcs u cant have space on the name

    Detjon AhmetajDetjon AhmetajPrije 24 dana
  • What a babger

    X2 FLEAX2 FLEAPrije 26 dana
  • Rodlin deserves it more than spaiidz

    Fluxy_on60fps UFluxy_on60fps UPrije 26 dana
  • Rodlin is cracked

    Tracey GallagherTracey GallagherPrije 27 dana
  • Hey sway in here again it would be so good

    John FloresJohn FloresPrije 27 dana
  • lets go console on top

    the unoffical alpha clanthe unoffical alpha clanPrije 28 dana
  • stinky

    Chayton VedumChayton VedumPrije 28 dana
  • Outcast Ball just has a really good gaming chair

    Dice JoyceDice JoycePrije 28 dana
  • Outcast is dead ass at 70k from kiwoz video bro

    TtoxicPKTtoxicPKPrije mjesec
  • Outcast could've killed rodlin so I don't know why they were acting as if he didn't went for the Pic axe

    TtoxicPKTtoxicPKPrije mjesec
  • Pc players is OP

    Boryana YanchevaBoryana YanchevaPrije mjesec
  • Bro I been watching you for 2 years and just now subbing that just sad

    Jeremy EnglishJeremy EnglishPrije mjesec
  • Fuck rodlin ball woulda shit kn him but kiwiz told him to pickaxe

    Michael MartinezMichael MartinezPrije mjesec
  • U make the best vids

    Trisha LearyTrisha LearyPrije mjesec
  • I feel like Ball or Rodlin should have won, and that Spaidz got lucky with his loot in the realistics with the charge.

    vvizion20vvizion20Prije mjesec
  • i love your gameplay

    Colby MccrayColby MccrayPrije mjesec
  • Who subbed to to rodlin but not spades

    Asheyboy GameplayAsheyboy GameplayPrije mjesec
  • @kiwiz How do i get myself more subs btw

    Marsta op gaming HMarsta op gaming HPrije mjesec
  • Honestly outcast ball is 10 times better than rodlin

    Krg RickyKrg RickyPrije mjesec
  • Controller takes more skill

    rudy Jamalrudy JamalPrije mjesec
  • I would love to play in 1 of this bc I am on ps4

    Landon43fn 1Landon43fn 1Prije mjesec
  • who is watching this in 2021

    Gabriel HopkinsGabriel HopkinsPrije mjesec
  • NNNNNOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Jayden BroylesJayden BroylesPrije mjesec
  • micro

    Jayden BroylesJayden BroylesPrije mjesec
  • who won

    Zain playsZain playsPrije mjesec
  • commented

    NotSwagAadiNotSwagAadiPrije mjesec
  • Ball is a cheater

    Adrian RogowskiAdrian RogowskiPrije mjesec
  • Oucast ball is the bew faze sway

    Dana BertranDana BertranPrije mjesec
  • Yo kiwiz if u didn’t say to outcast pickaxe him he would’ve won😡👿

    SasukeSasukePrije mjesec

    Kiran HunjanKiran HunjanPrije mjesec
  • If pc players gets killed by a controller player, OMG THAT IS A CONTROLLER PLAY! Controller: HE IS HACKING * Smashes controller*

    Yousaf 07Yousaf 07Prije mjesec
  • What’s this map called?

    Mane GamerMane GamerPrije mjesec
  • Who else thinks that the console players were getting triggered when he talking bout ball being so good

    MusMusPrije mjesec
  • spaidz is garbage

    Tegan boxed UTegan boxed UPrije mjesec

    Keatxn_RL _Keatxn_RL _Prije mjesec
  • Spaiidz should of put up a good fight

    Ur MomUr MomPrije mjesec
  • Spaiidz has 520k now 😳

    NamiLOLNamiLOLPrije mjesec
  • The fuzzy skirt concurrently whisper because fragrance apparently tremble behind a dreary father-in-law. unbecoming, hard-to-find stick

    Christopher JenningsChristopher JenningsPrije mjesec
  • 1:17 yeah im here interrupted the king kewiz

    QixzyFNQixzyFNPrije mjesec
  • Ngl Rodlin is cracked

    TDTDPrije mjesec
  • Rodlin try to make us whatch a good fight

    Joseph KerryJoseph KerryPrije mjesec
  • All them outcast members is crazy crack but the person who let them in outcast got less subscribers then them smh

    Joseph KerryJoseph KerryPrije mjesec
  • Can we all acknowledge the fact that everyone here is on 100+ frames and on pc, and rodlin was on 60 fps..

    ScytheFNScytheFNPrije mjesec
  • Rocking has grown so much since this vid omg

  • Rodlin was on pc console player can’t have space in there name

    anxietyonsticksanxietyonsticksPrije mjesec
  • ball is insane

    Marcus CoonMarcus CoonPrije mjesec
  • Hey you should see what Rift can do it’s insane it’s just incredible of what he can doI’m pretty sure he can do 45 edits in a second

    Shanda KShanda KPrije mjesec
  • I wish I could play whit u

    Nle David69Nle David69Prije mjesec
  • The vid that started Rodlins career

    Adam DiazAdam DiazPrije mjesec
  • Rodlin is cracked my guy

    melowFNmelowFNPrije mjesec
  • Kiwiz POV im gonna do a tournament hey i need u guys for views

    STZ SpazSTZ SpazPrije mjesec
  • Omg!!

    Vsharp _SnagzVsharp _SnagzPrije mjesec
  • If faze sway was there

    Alex GeorgeAlex GeorgePrije mjesec
  • Let’s see how many subs I get from this comment current 22 u don’t have to tho 😌

    Mystix_FNMystix_FNPrije mjesec
  • Bro rodlin should have won

    SNW_ aloneSNW_ alonePrije mjesec
  • I hate when people say what's happening 🙄 cus it means the oppenet knows what the other person is going to do it noses it unfair

    DeyhydratedSlimeDeyhydratedSlimePrije mjesec