I Competed in a Solo Cup using ONLY GOLD WEAPONS... (Fortnite Competitive)

I Competed in a Solo Cup using ONLY GOLD WEAPONS... (Fortnite Competitive)
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I Competed in a Solo Cup using ONLY GOLD WEAPONS... (Fortnite Competitive) I hope you guys enjoy this Fortnite Battle Royale gameplay funny moments video! Today we go into Fortnite Battle Royale Chapter 2 Season 5 and compete in the solid gold LTM Cash Cup Tournament with only gold weapons in Fortnite Competitive! Tournament!
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  • Its sad tbh I miss red when there was no problems

    Mateo VieiraMateo VieiraPrije mjesec
  • I like and subbed for good luck and now I’m in hospital with a broken arm lol

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  • How do you have one million subscribers but only have 120k views on this video

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  • You do realise everyone that’s watching this that kiwis groomed a kid

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    • Yea hes gonna start saying in the intro i am sorry to announce to you but im a proven sexoffender

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  • Kiwiz killed me earlir

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  • 11:42 how can ur ping be that good and u be that bad

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  • How are u playing for placement dogshit lmao

    Roshan-Abbas ManjiRoshan-Abbas ManjiPrije mjesec
  • "if i get a shotgun im rushing this whole lobby" *gets a tac and dies to a bot *

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  • Kiwiz: I don’t think the combats worth it Also kiwiz: Just give me a fking shotgun I looted everywhere

    Mr Ridoruca and StuffMr Ridoruca and StuffPrije mjesec
  • i wanna get a 20 bomb if possible (dies)

    SGB_SneakySGB_SneakyPrije mjesec
  • Kiwiz bro plz switch ur game.Fn is dead bro.Plz for god sake.

  • Good tip for you kiwiz on game 8 he wouldn’t have killed you if you would have placed high walls it’s a good habit to get into:)

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  • I got 121 points with 1 game left but i crashed twice

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  • kiwiz is so trash bro LMAO

  • Kiwiz is so ass and all he does is complain.

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  • You said it wasn’t worth it to take the combat

    TheSmithyBoy 919TheSmithyBoy 919Prije mjesec
  • Kiwiz-“I swear to god if I get a shotgun” Next game- gets shotgun then dies mid game

    lolandylolandyPrije mjesec
  • Kiwiz “so bad” No scopes a kid through a ramp, then just sprays. 😂 LMAO

    lolandylolandyPrije mjesec
  • He got so triggered when he didn’t find a shot gun but decided not to take the combat

    MeisepicMeisepicPrije mjesec
  • Kiwiz u could lowkey be a demon if u really take comp serious

    AssurAssurPrije mjesec
  • During this entire tourney I never used a SHOTGUNNNNNNNNNN

    Moses DebeloMoses DebeloPrije mjesec
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    OA_WhodrippyyOA_WhodrippyyPrije mjesec
  • I got on when there was only 30 minutes left in the cup so I only got 41 points

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  • Hey kiwiz I don’t think solo w key is your thing. Maybe switch up the strat

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  • You should do a ground loot only tournament

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  • Do this but only gray

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    • It was a ltm tournament

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  • 6:22 at .25 speed u can clearly see he missed a shotgun and then proceeded to say i need a shotgun

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  • I stopped watching you because I am a miner

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  • 6:48 That was one of the coolest clutches I’ve seen for someone not having a shotgun going up against someone who had one. That was clean 🔥. Nice no-scope shot too! Risky, but it payed off!

    BTGames2004BTGames2004Prije mjesec
  • I wouldn’t risk i....

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  • This was proly the easiest tournament

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  • To the 1 Person that'll read this: You're cool and adorable stay safe

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  • 1st 2nd and a 1st and you ruin it by keying you had like 4-6 kills every game you didn’t have to key you could have got top 5 if you would have stayed doing that that’s a rip

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  • i think kiwiz has soft aim lol

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