I Competed in a Solo Cash Cup and LOST MY SANITY... (Fortnite Competitive)

I Competed in the Solo Cash Cup and LOST MY SANITY... (Fortnite Competitive)
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I Competed in the Solo Test Event and LOST MY SANITY... (Fortnite Competitive) I hope you guys enjoy this Fortnite Battle Royale gameplay funny moments video! Today we go into Fortnite battle royale chapter 2 season 5 and compete in a solo test event in fortnite competitive!
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  • You know why you lost, you didn’t have orange and frosty jay

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  • why everyone get bot lobbies and I get bugha and clix lobbies😥

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  • You throw games more then a pitcher throws baseballs

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  • For the fact it’s not a cash cup it’s a solo test tournament lol

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  • your snipes were on point this tourney

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  • The issue with the tournament was anyone could play it, and lets be honest, open league is full of controller players with bad mechanics, but aimbot.

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  • What are your graphics

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  • This ain’t solo cash cup it’s a fucking test cup look at those free people like how do u die how

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  • He got pieced so bad

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  • Kiwiz is such a good sniper he hit so many snipes but he did not kill some of them.

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  • 3:31 I died laughing lmao

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  • That wasn´t a cash cup you noob

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  • It was trio test event for me

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