I Attempted a Pokemon Platinum Nuzlocke

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Thank you for watching the videos, this year was rough for a lot of reasons but despite everything all your support really helped me end mine on a positive note. I'm very greatful for all the people around me be it the team, my friends, and whoever enjoys the videos, and I'm excited about what we can achieve this next year :)

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  • Jaiden: Your name is failure Shinx: ok! Me: I'm sure there is some kind of secret message here

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  • 100th video!

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  • Coming in 2021: “I attempted a Pokémon Black/White nuzlocke”

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  • Hey Jaden you can't complain about Texas we got Florida it's hotter than Texas and I would like to see you try to say something about thet

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  • well atleast Milk the jolteon survived

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  • Epic battle storyline, "Against all odds... Flakes outsped Cynthia's Garchomp!

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  • alexa, why am i crying over a pokemon platinum nuzlocke

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  • Can you please color stuff in the background just looks so in pleasing to look at no hate I'm just saying

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  • You could actually become a Pokémon channel I kind of got bored of the regular videos but the video game ones are funny especially and I think will last longer so maybe consider a gaming channel

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    I was bored so I started making videos :pI was bored so I started making videos :pPrije 6 sati
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    • She's an adult, she can.

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    • @Jeanine Krebbers it's alright

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    • @Gabriel Ladd its ok sorry if i was rude

      Jeanine KrebbersJeanine KrebbersPrije 4 sati
    • Thank you! I usually use them but I don't really do nuzlockes so there are no rules.

      Gabriel LaddGabriel LaddPrije 5 sati
    • @Pau Suan Khai thats actually so obvious tho

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    • @Andrekor exactly

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