fall guys season 2 is pretty good
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  • Right as the video started... I got an Among Us ad also socks you will be pleased to know that the hammer is called "Big Yeetus"

    Zach BlanchardZach BlanchardPrije 2 sati
  • You can just dive then grab to the wall

    FNAF fan YouTube FNAFFNAF fan YouTube FNAFPrije dan
  • Socks:I hate this map

    Moe Phyu ZawMoe Phyu ZawPrije 3 dana
  • Lucky

    Soup Do castleSoup Do castlePrije 4 dana
  • First HRclubsr I’ve seen play fall guys in 2020-2021

    Eshaan ShareefEshaan ShareefPrije 4 dana
  • The black-and-white fertilizer suddenly matter because lemonade conspicuously strengthen mid a dull shoemaker. untidy, difficult dress

    Demetra KylaDemetra KylaPrije 5 dana
  • Blaza’s name is Isaiah?!?

    Fulton GretencordFulton GretencordPrije 6 dana
  • I got my first win on the finals sockfor1 hates

    XD objectforfun GamingXD objectforfun GamingPrije 7 dana
  • 30/29 wualified

    Criminal VibezCriminal VibezPrije 7 dana
  • Balaz is so funny play with him more

    Aung ThinAung ThinPrije 7 dana
  • Did anybody else see there where 30 people out of 29 that qualified

    Awesome TAwesome TPrije 8 dana
  • Ithink socks is the only youtuber that still playing fall guys even that i didn't even played fall guys

    Jasmin Dela CruzJasmin Dela CruzPrije 8 dana
  • please you can do a video of fall guys season 3

    Andrea c.Andrea c.Prije 9 dana
  • Socks: oh your just climbing? Easy peasy! Soon after: can we just form an alliance or something?

    CookieeMonsta QueenCookieeMonsta QueenPrije 10 dana
  • Blaza: STOP WITH THE HAMMERS!!!!!!

    CookieeMonsta QueenCookieeMonsta QueenPrije 10 dana
  • do u play on a pc

    Naveen TummalaNaveen TummalaPrije 11 dana
  • Not fall guys wall guys lol ;)

    neonderlyn christneonderlyn christPrije 14 dana
  • Hammer shammer lammer kammer

    neonderlyn christneonderlyn christPrije 14 dana

    neonderlyn christneonderlyn christPrije 14 dana
  • When fall guys used to be irrelevant

    Super GodSuper GodPrije 14 dana
  • At 14:18 you can see in the top right that is says 30 / 29 have qualified glitch

    ItsMrfishyItsMrfishyPrije 15 dana
  • 4:15 if u see on the qualified people when socks eliminate it says 30 people qualified from 29 fall guys is broken

    Muhammad AmeenMuhammad AmeenPrije 15 dana
  • Time for season 3

    Muhammad AmeenMuhammad AmeenPrije 15 dana
  • Tessa finally u win for the first time good job man good job

    Sara AmirSara AmirPrije 15 dana
    • Tessa I mean yessss

      Sara AmirSara AmirPrije 15 dana
  • socks: I think this is gonna be the most hated game me: *Speed Running the level*

    mr.geodashmr.geodashPrije 16 dana
  • socks play fall guys season 3 its so fun and there was some new updates

    Jonathan PortilloJonathan PortilloPrije 17 dana
  • i haven’t laughed this hard since icarly ........ good job

    Thomas DrahosThomas DrahosPrije 18 dana
  • Now do season 3

    debbie joycedebbie joycePrije 19 dana
  • did anyone notice that at 4:18 top-right corner it says 30 people qualified when max people who can be qualified was 29?

    Anika SankhlaAnika SankhlaPrije 20 dana
    • *4:19

      Anika SankhlaAnika SankhlaPrije 20 dana
  • Jogue na Temporada 3

    robô genéricorobô genéricoPrije 22 dana
  • What about season 3?

    Will makes videosWill makes videosPrije 26 dana
  • Hey socksfor1 you should do a season 3 video

    Heidi GibbonsHeidi GibbonsPrije 29 dana
  • dey crash

    babapink babybabapink babyPrije mjesec

    Asil PhoneAsil PhonePrije mjesec
  • i want u to play season 3 for 24 hours

    Thedoodle _monkeyThedoodle _monkeyPrije mjesec
  • Its sow funny agein hahaha socks for 1 is cool

    Jack DanaoJack DanaoPrije mjesec
  • whats the ultra instinct theme for

    Shehryar AminShehryar AminPrije mjesec
  • Is that just me but in his wall guys game the monkey that won is in his game again???

    Lewis JacquesLewis JacquesPrije mjesec
  • There is a new Shrek skin SHREK INTENSEIFYS

    Liss EdministerLiss EdministerPrije mjesec
  • they should rename fall guys... HAMMER GUYS

    Grim ChipGrim ChipPrije mjesec
  • its called a big yeetus and its rare

    Special Diamond MemeSpecial Diamond MemePrije mjesec
  • 10:31

    NothingNothingPrije mjesec
  • the hammers are called BIG YEETUS

    Ravi KumarRavi KumarPrije mjesec
  • now do this for season 3

    Ravi KumarRavi KumarPrije mjesec
  • i was drawing when looking at this and i have a blue yellow and red pencil what a coincidense beacuse thets the teams in this game

    Taco KittyTaco KittyPrije mjesec
  • Can you do fall guys morre

    Naz NazNaz NazPrije mjesec
  • It’s big yetis not hammer

    Physic UndeadPhysic UndeadPrije mjesec
  • In tip toe if you see a tile shake that means it's fake.

  • the dizzy heights and door dash hammers are big yeetus

    catco 123catco 123Prije mjesec
  • 8:48 what happened to purple

    tgylg2030 pro gamertgylg2030 pro gamerPrije mjesec
  • 4:19 game glitched 30/29 what?

    tgylg2030 pro gamertgylg2030 pro gamerPrije mjesec
  • 4:19 QUALIFIED 30/29

    Yo boi SteevieYo boi SteeviePrije mjesec
  • More fall guys and among us mods please

    Christopher ErwinChristopher ErwinPrije mjesec

    just a Random YouTube kidjust a Random YouTube kidPrije mjesec
  • Haha fools die *0:19*

    Yellow CrewmateYellow CrewmatePrije mjesec
  • You dint even change your name

    Ji JuJi JuPrije mjesec
  • Socks for 10000000000000

    Joe BraniffJoe BraniffPrije mjesec

    Jess _Jess _Prije mjesec
  • At 4:19 it says 30/29

    Oof BoiOof BoiPrije mjesec
  • Oh I remember the 24 hour challenge. That’s when I found socks

    Ducky MomoDucky MomoPrije mjesec
  • Family friendly in the description, has the f word .-.

    Collossal LegendCollossal LegendPrije mjesec
  • I know socks hated fall mountain

    Abdul SultanAbdul SultanPrije mjesec
  • After 4min who all notice 30 qualified out of 29 like

    KrishnaKrishnaPrije mjesec
  • Play more fall guys

    sheep techsheep techPrije mjesec
  • Sock is cursed so that he can never get the right door if he guesses

    Diamond and LuckyDiamond and LuckyPrije mjesec
  • I love you

    Kristen DavisKristen DavisPrije mjesec
  • everything about blaza is so funny

    もにチャンネルもにチャンネルPrije mjesec
  • Well this game is dead

    EarthEarthPrije 2 mjeseci
  • 30/29?

    Yvan ChavezYvan ChavezPrije 2 mjeseci

    Akasuno no SasorinnitAkasuno no SasorinnitPrije 2 mjeseci
  • FALL GUYS!!!!!!!!!!

    Super Happy Gamer!Super Happy Gamer!Prije 2 mjeseci
  • Xdshon holaeishon adioseishon

    Juan PradoJuan PradoPrije 2 mjeseci
  • 4:18 the qualified players is 1 player more than the regular like is 30/29

    EjSamson GamingEjSamson GamingPrije 2 mjeseci
  • Am a pro at the now Update

    Paulie GamingPaulie GamingPrije 2 mjeseci
  • 4:19 Ehm, QUALIFIED 30/29 ??? 🌚👍🏻

    David HuangDavid HuangPrije 2 mjeseci
  • Fall guys update makers on those maps: STOP hammer time

    Connor MangioneConnor MangionePrije 2 mjeseci
  • Play fall guys again

    K859 342K859 342Prije 2 mjeseci
  • who else is mad he dont know the hammer is big yeetus

    JayspenceJayspencePrije 2 mjeseci
  • He does not understand diving

    Stick Man AdventuresStick Man AdventuresPrije 2 mjeseci
  • Finally he won the fall guys season 2

    Ankita SinghAnkita SinghPrije 2 mjeseci
  • 4:19 Whatt 30 Qualified??

    Rafa AlghifariRafa AlghifariPrije 2 mjeseci
  • Uau!!! Q legal cara

    Cecilia YumiCecilia YumiPrije 2 mjeseci
  • Did anyone see that 30 ppl got qualified but it was supposed to be 29?

    Shaded_ BaconShaded_ BaconPrije 2 mjeseci
  • Burp

    Shaded_ BaconShaded_ BaconPrije 2 mjeseci
  • Goodbye fallguys hello Amung us

    NotFassNotFassPrije 2 mjeseci
  • All hale big yeetus the hammer

    Nicholas Anthony ByrneNicholas Anthony ByrnePrije 2 mjeseci
  • Socks for 2 how about socks for 3?

    Portaluim PlayzPortaluim PlayzPrije 2 mjeseci
  • Big yeetus saves lives

    Damian lildDamian lildPrije 2 mjeseci
  • Great name

    Lee HillaryLee HillaryPrije 2 mjeseci
  • i love shrek

    Julian WJulian WPrije 2 mjeseci
  • Give a like for big YEETUS 👇

    Manic maniacManic maniacPrije 2 mjeseci
  • More ultra instinct

    Ssj lost BendySsj lost BendyPrije 2 mjeseci
  • Lol

    Creato ManCreato ManPrije 2 mjeseci
  • IDC if people say this game is dead, I’m still always going to be a fan of this game, and I’m always going to love it

    Silver Animations.Silver Animations.Prije 2 mjeseci
    • Same

      Random Gaming And StuffRandom Gaming And StuffPrije 2 mjeseci
  • There is a new game mode every week. First is gauntled showdown, which is a game of Fall Guys, but you only get race minigames. The second one is slime survivors, which is a game of Fall Guys with only survival minigames where you need to NOT fall in the slime.

    The Horny PoliceThe Horny PolicePrije 2 mjeseci
  • lol im so used to esc space when u got out i was like esc space lol

    MrPugglesMrPugglesPrije 2 mjeseci
  • The man who update those map like Bob the builder Like if agree. 👇

    Ruel MomoRuel MomoPrije 2 mjeseci
  • Wait In door Dash it said 30 qualified why should be 29

    Keith McGuinnessKeith McGuinnessPrije 2 mjeseci
  • Can u make more fall guys videos

    EthanEthanPrije 2 mjeseci
  • sockfor1 sockfor2 sockfor3 and the socksoude they wes together all the time antily fall guys and among us tehy have kill but 1one will win and it wes subnautica below zero

    Tamir DavarTamir DavarPrije 2 mjeseci