Finally 12 Win with 2.9 Ebarbs 😍


  • The best thing about classic decks is that , you can just replace the win condition , with the card ( basically win condition ) you prefer .

    Sinjit MallickSinjit MallickPrije 5 dana
  • Post your losses

    Ben DoverBen DoverPrije 12 dana
  • 2:30 .    。    •   ゚  。   .    .      .     。   。 .   .   。      ඞ 。 .    •     •  ゚  fisherman was An Impostor. 。 .   '    0 Impostors remains    。    .      .     。   。 .     ゚   .   . ,    .  . .

    Shangen HsuShangen HsuPrije 16 dana
  • i swear this guy can use anything and still win

    Vach LinVach LinPrije 17 dana
  • 18:14 it so close to tiebreaker but he win this game. EPIC!!!😱😱

    Muhammad Adam iqbalMuhammad Adam iqbalPrije 20 dana
  • 2:22 literally the most funniest scene.The fisherman pulls the e barb and mega jumps in😂😂😂😂😂

    Tech Knowledge BanglaTech Knowledge BanglaPrije 22 dana
  • Wut da crap?

    MrWarrior 222MrWarrior 222Prije 24 dana
  • i have clash royale videos on my channel. You can watch.

    RoyaleviRoyaleviPrije 29 dana
  • Gg

    KamingZKamingZPrije mjesec
  • 12:41 GG. This guy was not only bming, but also playing x bow

    yes yesyes yesPrije mjesec
  • 🐓

    Vladimir VladimirVladimir VladimirPrije mjesec
  • 🏳‍🌈🏳‍🌈🏳‍🌈🏳‍🌈

    FX_StE1sFX_StE1sPrije mjesec
  • もはや2.9ファイボウッドで草

    いろはすいろはすPrije mjesec
  • а0а00а хог 2.6 + ебарбс, спс. за ролик хаха

    Leonid MinakovLeonid MinakovPrije mjesec
  • Wow

    I'm RomeoI'm RomeoPrije mjesec
  • Gay

    Амирка хххАмирка хххPrije mjesec
  • 6:40 bug??

    투블럭의여집합투블럭의여집합Prije mjesec
  • It is the hog cycle but instead of hog rider he has kept elite barbs

    Archit's Clashing ArenaArchit's Clashing ArenaPrije mjesec
  • Русские(Украинцы) вы тут не одни

    m3ry x SO2m3ry x SO2Prije mjesec
  • Ебарс

    _MakReks__MakReks_Prije mjesec
  • Your level is amazing bro

    Ignacio De PaoliIgnacio De PaoliPrije mjesec
  • I am 🇷🇺:)

    wimi ssdaaawimi ssdaaaPrije mjesec
  • クロスボウの処理上手いなー

    橋口友也橋口友也Prije mjesec
  • It shoul be a good idea try heal spirit in time of ice spirit

    Julio AlvaradoJulio AlvaradoPrije mjesec
  • why did you turn off the music? it's so bland without the music

    Mocha Ch.Mocha Ch.Prije mjesec
  • うますぎーー!

    KIT thirdKIT thirdPrije mjesec
  • 今から他のチャンネルでお前がでてるやつに全部低評価つけていくわww あんまり他人に迷惑かけんなよww

    この垢目についたら登録不可避説この垢目についたら登録不可避説Prije mjesec
  • Lol OYASSUU is good with deck that are similar to hog rider deck or maybe he good at deck with cannon in it lol XD

    JokerシJokerシPrije mjesec
  • The best 😍🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷

    Vitor RibeiroVitor RibeiroPrije mjesec
  • Puedes hablar español

    Samuel DiazSamuel DiazPrije mjesec
  • Omg you cut your vidoe is this a first love your vids btw👍❤️

    Penn15GPenn15GPrije mjesec
  • He hasn't even a building targering unit. This guy is amazing.

    JaJaPrije mjesec
    • Ya,but using spell to damage them is enough

      大海贼团溌春大海贼团溌春Prije mjesec
  • good job against Rey the x-bow player. The match was posted on stats royale. I also wanna thank you for helping me play 2.6. i analyze your videos and use them in battle. i hope to be a top 200 player like you one day.

    InfernoInfernoPrije mjesec
    • You Can Do It Man, Anything Is Possible :)

      VALTO 666VALTO 666Prije 21 dan
  • Seeing X-bow players get beat is so satisfying for some reason

    Cesar A VallesCesar A VallesPrije mjesec
    • It's ok to say you lost from x-bow We all did before

      maged samehmaged samehPrije 16 dana
  • 6:40 7:25 How did the musketeer go to the left

    عمر الجملعمر الجملPrije mjesec
  • Чел такой сначала думает : хог 2.6 ,ясно Потом : блять элитки

    〆Resect1ve彡〆Resect1ve彡Prije mjesec
  • Amazing! Could you play with 3,1 eBarbs WB miner cycle?

    ĐakaĐakaPrije mjesec
  • Yo I starting doing clash royale vids if you want check my channel

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  • Русские есть?

    ꧁LUCIFER꧂TM꧁LUCIFER꧂TMPrije mjesec
  • WTF?! 44k people saw this and 2.3 million of likes!

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  • That was awesome!!! OYASSU!! please make a direct playing a grand challenge!!

    Rodrigo Figueroa :3Rodrigo Figueroa :3Prije mjesec
  • When You already saw it On CWA

    Debarshi DuttaDebarshi DuttaPrije mjesec
  • 二戦目のマスケ 7:25 これどういう事?

    確かに君は正論で正しいことを言ってるけど、確かに君は正論で正しいことを言ってるけど、Prije mjesec
    • @確かに君は正論で正しいことを言ってるけど、 そうそう けつゴレした瞬間逆サイにトルネかけられたときとかも、ゴレ出した側の相手のタワー1本折った状態だとゴレが変な歩き方して元のサイドに戻るよ

      KIT thirdKIT thirdPrije mjesec
    • @KIT third そんな仕様あるんや初めて知った

      確かに君は正論で正しいことを言ってるけど、確かに君は正論で正しいことを言ってるけど、Prije mjesec
    • タワー1本折れてるから逆サイにいかない

      KIT thirdKIT thirdPrije mjesec
  • This should be called winnig 12 with spelle cycling without a win condition

    whats newwhats newPrije mjesec
  • Boooooring! 🤮

    Max HernándezMax HernándezPrije mjesec
  • He's going through so many grand challenges only for register one videos per day, amazing

    PachoPachoPrije mjesec
  • Delete the game this community is too soft on dev team they r not doing any good thing for like 2 year only lovely skins and emotes and awesome game mode which is new card in a egg or spawn randomly or behind the towers and balancing is shit everybody who played 6h in last few seasons know rg deck r op hunter can be used like log fireball tank killer or splasher and u have combination of nado knight which have killed every beat down decks then they nerf that and make new card op so u buy it and the whole game is match up dependent

    hawzar saeedhawzar saeedPrije mjesec
  • Wasn’t this uploaded to clash with ash?

    Hawaiianbound808Hawaiianbound808Prije mjesec
  • اسطوره

    مالك سعدمالك سعدPrije mjesec
  • 16:21 a perfect ;-; but the ballon say no

    alejandro colomeralejandro colomerPrije mjesec
  • good video, keep it up;)

    Marisela Trujillo SánchezMarisela Trujillo SánchezPrije mjesec
  • Do you have your Creator Code in clash royale?

    Аркадий БрагилевскийАркадий БрагилевскийPrije mjesec
  • Brazilian?

    reformas de imoveisreformas de imoveisPrije mjesec
  • My brazil salvee

    burguês ffburguês ffPrije mjesec
  • 😂😂yeaah

    Echa KiutEcha KiutPrije mjesec
  • Noobs

    joaquin molinajoaquin molinaPrije mjesec
  • The BEST deck without winning condition~The GREAT OYASSUU has made it!

    Michael CheungMichael CheungPrije mjesec
  • nerf

    Rusbell VincesRusbell VincesPrije mjesec
  • i think yesterday that challenge your favourite deck is from ponos

    Shelby kokShelby kokPrije mjesec
  • 12:12 was oyassus luck if that would have been offensive x bow then he would have lost cause he would have cycled back to another x bow fastly when first one dies......u got luckey oyassum....😂

    UNkNoWNLeGeND OPUNkNoWNLeGeND OPPrije mjesec
  • 防衛も攻めもえぐすぎ

    あいうえおあいうえおPrije mjesec
  • استمر استمر

    مومل محمدمومل محمدPrije mjesec
  • Uyassu how are u winning its really hard

    Said houacineSaid houacinePrije mjesec
  • Omg so good to watch those interactions. Is there any videos facing elixir golem, barb hut?

    Potato is A HerbPotato is A HerbPrije mjesec
  • El de xbow en la victoria 8 era malísimo, cómo llegó hasta ahí

    Emanuel ElisxoEmanuel ElisxoPrije mjesec
  • Good challenge

    Ahmad Muzakir16Ahmad Muzakir16Prije mjesec
  • ~15:30 defense was so clean

    MescaqMescaqPrije mjesec
  • Nothing scares Oyassuu, 1 X-bow, 2 X-bows even a million. 💪🏻

    AminAminPrije mjesec
  • 🍄!!

    Kostya AntonenkoKostya AntonenkoPrije mjesec
  • 💪🏻

    Ароматный_пукTMАроматный_пукTMPrije mjesec
  • Smooth af

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  • Я представляю как противник думает что это хог а оказывается.

    Hilpi AndrigoHilpi AndrigoPrije mjesec
  • Please take lavaloon+ baloon

    Татьяна ХлыноваТатьяна ХлыноваPrije mjesec
  • Bro go ebarb+hog

    DRAGON TVDRAGON TVPrije mjesec
  • Finally Ebarbium.

    Gligor SilviuGligor SilviuPrije mjesec
  • Бля,он выиграет чем угодно

    Ivan TomenkoIvan TomenkoPrije mjesec
  • Oyassu no #1 fan 😎

  • なんじゃこりゃ、訳分かんね、

    _はて_はてPrije mjesec
  • なんで勝てるんだ。

    動物殺処分を0にする男動物殺処分を0にする男Prije mjesec
  • 防衛きれいすぎる笑

    Dank 1937Dank 1937Prije mjesec
  • I like how he uses the goblin laughing emote when he misplays something.

    Ishraj Singh OsanIshraj Singh OsanPrije mjesec
    • @yes yes misplays*

      Ishraj Singh OsanIshraj Singh OsanPrije mjesec
    • He is never mistplaying, he never die. All "mistplays" are just a visual gliches

      yes yesyes yesPrije mjesec
  • everyone complaining from 2.6 in the challenge :(

    AhmedAhmedPrije mjesec
  • 素晴らしい仕事の男

    Kalpesh Tuhin RanjanKalpesh Tuhin RanjanPrije mjesec
  • that's when the elite were buffed with mushrooms, they began to play less than a joke 

    Артём БондаренкоАртём БондаренкоPrije mjesec
  • Amazing, absolutely amazing!

    Luis BeroizaLuis BeroizaPrije mjesec
  • U was on CWA...LOVED U BUDDY

    Akshat ChaurasiaAkshat ChaurasiaPrije mjesec
  • Nice ❤️😘

    khaled for gameskhaled for gamesPrije mjesec
  • Saw these games on CWA 👍

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  • Good work man ,Check out my decks , I m also makes video of clash royale , event, challenges, tournament decks & how to play & win all. Tips & tricks you guys definitely likes it.

    Thunder knocksThunder knocksPrije mjesec
  • That 2:10 megaknight is on fire, he was on right lane 2 times, and 3 times on left one. 2:16 Left lane (1) 2:21 Right lane (2) 2:29 Left lane (3) 2:39 Right lane (4) 2:47 Left lane (5) WTF

    AkumaAkumaPrije mjesec
    • Mega knight do be having mad hops

      RyaN1T5RRyaN1T5RPrije mjesec
  • Do you guys realize rn he 14th in world like let’s gooooo

    Maverick TranMaverick TranPrije mjesec
  • Soooo toxic deck ever

    ELITE.ELITE.Prije mjesec
  • Ahahaahaha

    ELITE.ELITE.Prije mjesec
  • Play as the elite miner, wall breaker and ebarbs plis 🥺

    Héctor AlfonsoHéctor AlfonsoPrije mjesec
  • Perfect win ok

    Mi ChatMi ChatPrije mjesec
  • Go playing with golem+night witch

    masda 04masda 04Prije mjesec
  • electro giant cycle?

    Np Pg3dNp Pg3dPrije mjesec
  • Oyassu I Love You You Phone Model?

    Ebubekir AksoyEbubekir AksoyPrije mjesec
  • did you off the music in the background? idk why, my music is on but its doesnt play

    Ельнур АхатаевЕльнур АхатаевPrije mjesec
  • You are very good! 💪💪

    Anonimo Clash RoyaleAnonimo Clash RoyalePrije mjesec