Fifa 21 Squad Builder Showdown!!! FLASHBACK EL SHAARAWY

Fifa 21 Squad Builder Showdown on the Flashback to El Shaarawy's TOTS, even though we all know his Fifa 12 card was the best! And we have A BRAND NEW GUEST!!! Mr Danny Aarons #Fifa21 #SquadBuilderShowdown #Flashback
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  • The scrawny gong controversly answer because flock mechanically mate excluding a subsequent move. daily, fascinated science

    John DunfordJohn DunfordPrije 3 dana
  • Is it forehead day for Andy or what

    Liam AstburyLiam AstburyPrije 4 dana
  • Andy: we've got the best up and coming youtuber but he's not here here Danny: grows 100k in a week and i growing rapid Andy: oh no the comment section is going to do something crazy

    claire050305claire050305Prije 8 dana
  • “Well played waman” Danny is to used to saying WAMANNNNNNNN

    JoshJoshPrije 18 dana
  • Sidibeeeeeeee

    aRusty CowaRusty CowPrije 19 dana
  • Andy, Roma hasn't got a leftback because Roma plays with 343 with Spinazzola on the left and Karsdorp on the right. Spinazzola is playing really good but unfortunately for Fifa he isn't a leftback because he is a leftmid.

    Lorenzo AorLorenzo AorPrije 25 dana
  • I call this guy Greasy, Masni in my language.

    BobiBobiPrije 27 dana
  • I think Mcjell would be good

    A WilliamsA WilliamsPrije mjesec
  • these videos could easily be 15 minutes

    Yannis FleetYannis FleetPrije mjesec
  • do sbsd with bateson

    Sunita LambatSunita LambatPrije mjesec
  • my friend call him elsa cus he lets it go into an sbc (ik that makes like no sense just pretend that it does)

    ItsRimaItsRimaPrije mjesec
  • More Danny Arron’s

    Bradley FryattBradley FryattPrije mjesec
  • Do a future star fofana squad building showdown

    Kyle MitchellKyle MitchellPrije mjesec
  • 26:50 is why your here

    Hijacker777Hijacker777Prije mjesec
  • More danny!

    max hoffmanmax hoffmanPrije mjesec
  • To be fair Andy, *I* had Alex Sandro written on my whiteboard. So it's a good thing you didn't pick him because I would've taken him out of your squad.

    Reid McEvoyReid McEvoyPrije mjesec
  • Wammmmmmmm

    lisa 3293lisa 3293Prije mjesec
  • Do futcrunch

    James StockJames StockPrije mjesec
  • Nikola Jokic does SBSD????

    Ricardo BolanosRicardo BolanosPrije mjesec
  • Danny picking gk: " i cant take my nan"😂🤣🤣🤣

    A҉l҉a҉n҉ I҉s҉ O҉n҉l҉i҉n҉e҉A҉l҉a҉n҉ I҉s҉ O҉n҉l҉i҉n҉e҉Prije mjesec
  • dynamic fucking duo

    Νικόλαος ΚρανίουΝικόλαος ΚρανίουPrije mjesec
  • Collab with bigmacjack

    Ryan CoppinRyan CoppinPrije mjesec
  • You should do a SBSD with Manny

    Bedo YTBedo YTPrije mjesec
  • Van de beek a fraud, shutup😂

    Ben HoughBen HoughPrije mjesec
  • mcjell'

    FrazecoFrazecoPrije mjesec
  • Can u do a video with the baket

    lac 10lac 10Prije mjesec
  • Sadibe

    Adam MurninAdam MurninPrije mjesec
  • mcjell next

    John PaulJohn PaulPrije mjesec
  • Mcjell next

    Samuel MartinezSamuel MartinezPrije mjesec
  • When we gona see SBSD X MMT ???

    Steven MorrisSteven MorrisPrije mjesec
  • Andy : mocking the comment section like basically every video The guests faces when he mocked us 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤨🤨🤨🤨

    MegadunkwizardMegadunkwizardPrije mjesec
  • I did this SBC and checked if you did a video, 1 day later you did, it was my birthday so i haven't seen this video, until now

    JimIsNotFunnyJimIsNotFunnyPrije mjesec
  • andy put a shadow on walker....

    AngryPangryAngryPangryPrije mjesec
  • I love him for putting Saliba in 😂😂😂

    O CO CPrije mjesec
  • Niceeeee

    murakulYT gameplaymurakulYT gameplayPrije mjesec
  • Does are red violets are blue You read my comment Thank you!

    Corin SmithCorin SmithPrije mjesec
  • Do an SBSD with xDuttinho on Wendell

    max whitemax whitePrije mjesec
  • Vs twosinc I feel that would be funny

    rich grimesrich grimesPrije mjesec
  • Jesus I’ve only realised his forehead wow

    It’s YaboiIt’s YaboiPrije mjesec
  • Man, this guy looks like Nikola Jokic or am I trippin?

    DoubleMGamingDoubleMGamingPrije mjesec
  • Set 8 kids when they answer a question 12:20

    AlfphaAlfphaPrije mjesec
  • should do a sbsd on what if kante, like if you agree

    james Lallyjames LallyPrije mjesec
  • saliva has 99 ball control Danny plays cap gun tom

    Max CartwrightMax CartwrightPrije mjesec
  • Do an sbsd on icon player pick pack

    Isak FrenkIsak FrenkPrije mjesec
  • Andy you've gotta do it... sbsd with Manny

    They call me POTATOThey call me POTATOPrije mjesec
  • the Tosin disrespect is strong with this one

    tjfogs46tjfogs46Prije mjesec
  • Do i sbshowdown with manny

    CoombsyCoombsyPrije mjesec
  • We want mcjell

    Caleb OsheaCaleb OsheaPrije mjesec

    Xavier OliveiraXavier OliveiraPrije mjesec
  • Aj3 is dead long live AJ5head

    Chris RoweChris RowePrije mjesec
  • He wasn't lying, Andy's in the elite level of fifa HRclubsrs alongside, jack54, zwe, bateson, tom, Castro, matthdgamer, reev, Neppo, and who ever I couldn't remember

    Gaming BugGaming BugPrije mjesec
  • Danny is 18 ! I’m feeling old .

    Arash GholamiArash GholamiPrije mjesec
  • My man looks like baby Nikola Jokic

    Mario OldaniMario OldaniPrije mjesec
  • Do a bass prank on Tom

    Jack GamblinJack GamblinPrije mjesec
  • didn’t know nikola jokic played fifa

    Jas DuggalJas DuggalPrije mjesec
  • I hate it when HRclubsrs come on SBSD and purposely pick rubbish players to avoid losing players! Totally ruins it 🥱😴

    craig omahoneycraig omahoneyPrije mjesec
    • Wdym el sharawaay is a class card and it's something new

      Shay DukeShay DukePrije mjesec
  • Now we need one with manny

    George DunstanGeorge DunstanPrije mjesec
  • Nikola jokic 2.0

    Magic9NMagic9NPrije mjesec
  • Ngl last time I’ve check your channel you were at 1.5 mil but now your at 1.57 mil keep on grinding for tha 2 mil bro

    Matty PlaysMatty PlaysPrije mjesec
  • Mini Itani ftw

    Stoned BeetrootStoned BeetrootPrije mjesec
  • Get futcrunch on

    jenson israeljenson israelPrije mjesec
  • this guy is Jokic's twin

    Connor FrancisConnor FrancisPrije mjesec
  • pls get manny on the channel it would be a good matchup

    Culture R6Culture R6Prije mjesec
  • Do one with mm7games

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    carter waissencarter waissenPrije mjesec
  • I thought you were 32 😂 😭

    ????Prije mjesec
  • Omg I didn’t click on this I should have though😭

    ????Prije mjesec
  • woken in a nutshell

    Justin sean Osei gyeniJustin sean Osei gyeniPrije mjesec
  • Please bring the lad back. Y'all's chemistry is insane!!!!

    bradleysahnbradleysahnPrije mjesec
  • good content

    Yahyaa RahmanYahyaa RahmanPrije mjesec
  • How can i do that celebrations from Danny???

    laurens voorthuijzenlaurens voorthuijzenPrije mjesec
  • get danny on more

    dec Oneildec OneilPrije mjesec
  • The last three minutes of that video were SOOOO funny! Well done boys!

    iFlip4winsiFlip4winsPrije mjesec
  • No esswein was a striker

    ThatFatGuyThatFatGuyPrije mjesec
  • You should do an episode with aa9skillz

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  • Anyone chris smalling RCB

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  • Do it with manny

    Bradley ChickenBradley ChickenPrije mjesec
  • Get miniminter on a sbsd

    Owen BrownOwen BrownPrije mjesec
  • Andy didn’t do his research

    dmiha06dmiha06Prije mjesec
  • Never knew Nikola Jokic was a youtuber as well.

    GarciaGarciaPrije mjesec
  • Liked because you didnt tramp it.

    Essa JWEssa JWPrije mjesec
  • ”William Saliba for no reason”😂😂😂

    Ebbe WedstedtEbbe WedstedtPrije mjesec
  • Do an sbsd on a gold card, because its a bit different, however you have to put a bigger player in

    XJokermanXXJokermanXPrije mjesec
  • Dannyyyy

    Ludvig Göransson OgeborgLudvig Göransson OgeborgPrije mjesec
  • You should do a sbsd on Reiner or fofana or curella

    UtrixUtrixPrije mjesec
  • Where's itani

    FlamingRavenMCFlamingRavenMCPrije mjesec
  • danny should put wanchor to that saliba

    4v Viljami4v ViljamiPrije mjesec
  • Fun fact: Andy had a triple in TOTS Drogba in fifa 16 against Capguntom

    sagmaster juju87sagmaster juju87Prije mjesec
  • This is the funniest sbsd I’ve seen in years

    JJGamesJJGamesPrije mjesec
    • Yo man I just started making teams for other people and I am trying to build people teams if I could build you a team I would really appreciate it and I could put it in a vid I just need to know your budget and players if you could comment it on my latest vid I would really appreciate it and it will be out tomorrow

      KD1KD1Prije mjesec
  • Would like to see Zerkaa or Nick28T do a SBSD before the end of fifa 21 if possible 🤞🏻

    Craig M7Craig M7Prije mjesec
  • Mcjell next

    Mitch MUMitch MUPrije mjesec
  • Danny how's your older brother Frankie?

    Lost NovelLost NovelPrije mjesec
  • Just as a fun idea you could do a one time sbsd where you take your audio in game out and after the game is over you and your guest will go in the role of e-sports or football commentators however you want to see it and commentate the game having some banter over it but pretending like you didn't just play the game yourself

    Leon LewaldLeon LewaldPrije mjesec
  • I wanna see McJell on this show

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  • Do le96z next

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  • do a sbsd with manny

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  • Does world peace have 5* 5*?

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  • do a squad builder showdown of future stars antony

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  • I want la5ty on

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  • Andy pulling a spurs 😂

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