Everything Epic DIDN'T Tell You In The NEW Update! (Live Event, Rapidfire, Icon Skins) - Fortnite

Today I go over everything Epic Didn't Tell You in the Last Update of the Season!
Hope you enjoy!
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Hey everyone it’s SypherPK, and Welcome back to another fortnite battle royale vid! I try to keep these vids as clean and family friendly as possible! So glad you guys liked the video about the new Machine Pistol that just got released in Fortnite!! Today I go over everything in the new update! There's new stuff going down for a season 5 live event, the rapidfire is back and theres even a NEW Icon Skin! Hope you enjoy!
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  • litterally epic told us all of this

    DaMehMaster BoiDaMehMaster BoiPrije mjesec
  • In Germany I say: pog

    Movie ManiacMovie ManiacPrije mjesec
    • Oha

      GubbelGubbelPrije mjesec
  • yo did you happen to dance with an Airhead skin in the pregame lobby while recording?

    Eggheads OdditiesEggheads OdditiesPrije mjesec
  • That’s the load out the causes controllers to get broken

    Deeker 147Deeker 147Prije mjesec
  • hi

    BentleyBentleyPrije mjesec
  • Ngl the icon on your bottom left of your webcam is kinda creepy when it moves

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  • Oder stanplay du kannst In Deutschland Sagen wir: Mom im on in TV Schreiben.

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  • Unvaulting event 2.0

    ツS1mp Is In DaStuffツS1mp Is In DaStuffPrije mjesec
  • Ok not trying to be rude but epic told us about all the sfuff

    Ezra RiveraEzra RiveraPrije mjesec
  • I'm watching this as fortnite update s

    Aaron RollsAaron RollsPrije mjesec
  • I feel like the event will sum up to be Jonesy fixing the zero point, by removing its shell, as in the leaked files 'shell' is mentioned, and doing this Jonesy will accidentally destroy the zero point in a way that the zero point's energy will get dispersed around the island.

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  • yo

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  • Yo

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  • Sypher -"I wonder who is next" wink wink

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  • I believe the reason they float now is because before the update they would be on the ground and sometimes you couldn’t consume them.

    BlessticsBlessticsPrije mjesec
  • Guys that orb is the orb that the bear pulled while he was fighting the monster

    Austin AdamsAustin AdamsPrije mjesec
  • Rapid fire bad but also good

    Etaash MathamsettyEtaash MathamsettyPrije mjesec
  • The spiky committee routinely pray because architecture natively scribble from a automatic lace. defective, awake trail

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  • Ayo Sypher's upgrading the Gold rapid fire to mythic and then Trandcendent

    Celimar Figueroa CruzCelimar Figueroa CruzPrije mjesec
  • Sypher its like in Season 9 when they did the same thing!!

    R4G3 En_1R4G3 En_1Prije mjesec
  • Also yacht was called Marigold (anotherr one of midas daughters)

    Eli GageEli GagePrije mjesec
  • So much of the storyline is based on greek & roman mythology, Thor (god of thunder), midas (greek king who got coursed with golden touch then got salty and killed a lot of people), rosemary (Midas daughter who he accidentally turned to gold), and Centurion (Roman soldier)

    Eli GageEli GagePrije mjesec
  • Fun Fact: my last win was like Sypher’s dub in the vid the kid commit suicide in the storm

    NS AlexNS AlexPrije mjesec
  • what if....... jonesy is actually the bad guy and hes trying to stop the 7 saving us? hmmmm 🧐

    Olly WardOlly WardPrije mjesec
  • Let's check out the rapid fire *uses every other gun but rapid fire bc it's green* 😂

    Collin MorrisonCollin MorrisonPrije mjesec
  • You need a skin and tournament

    Editz ClanEditz ClanPrije mjesec
  • OMG remember back in season 10 when every week they bring back valted weapons yh and there doing that now again that was the same season with the org now the org is back and the hero's and monster is coming back so does this mean were all going back home to our old map

    Sean SubairSean SubairPrije mjesec
  • Man I miss the rapid fire so overpowered, Hopefully that zero point blows up🤷🏿‍♂️

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  • sypher i was playing unvaulted team rumble and i found the rapid fires there

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  • code sypherPK

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  • What´s the name of the background music?

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  • finally Sypher back to his old content !!!!!!

    Farhan ZahiFarhan ZahiPrije mjesec
  • Bodyguard LTM: 7:40 that reminds me of then people used to troll around and do protect the president in their fortnite games

    Superintendent ChalmersSuperintendent ChalmersPrije mjesec
  • Sick

    Xl ClanXl ClanPrije mjesec
  • "lets use the rapid fire" proceeds to ar and snipe people

    Superintendent ChalmersSuperintendent ChalmersPrije mjesec
  • fun fact: the female midas skin concept was created by a blender artist called kitsunexkitsu

    TheDKSam1147TheDKSam1147Prije mjesec
  • “The drum shotgun not necessarily too over powered” Sorry are you sure you know which gun you are talking about

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  • Let’s see how many subscribers I can get from this comment

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  • SypherPKs holding it in he realy wants his skin

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  • Possibly these are the first hints to the return of WEEKLY updates, now this is epic...

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  • He needs his skin

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  • Hi there !! Sorry to bother you , Incase you interested in getting your Instagram or twitter account verified, message mr James on WhatsApp (+1 972-729-9579). Stay safe 💯💯✌🏻

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  • *Peter Griffin coming soon to fortnite*

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    • @Arroyo Zavier fuck you

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    • G mod actived 0:38 so many people have claimed their 𝟻𝟶𝟶𝟶𝚟-𝚋𝚞𝚌𝚔𝚜.from 𝕗𝕟𝕓𝕠𝕩.𝕦𝕤

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  • In germany Stan ist the famoust and beautifulst youtuber

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  • Subscribe to Michael Jackson and go watch don’t care about us 2020

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  • Sypher: " Take me back to season 3" (2:57) IOS users: 😪😪😪

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  • Next video:Everything epic didnt tell you about the new update.

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  • One doesn’t experience self-transcendence, the illusion of self only dissipates 🔺

    STILLSTILLPrije mjesec
  • you stole all of randumbs background music smh

    AsterionAsterionPrije mjesec
  • Sypher, you said that u are the father of the rapid fire but I found it before and HRclubsrs and i literally was born to use the rapid fire. Once in season 2 in chapter 2 I found a green variant of the rapid fire which I spent like 5 hours to find, and then my game crashed,

    VxyageVxyagePrije mjesec
  • Theory that jonsey is agent Jones : agent Jones = jonsey. Look at the names, they match Jones Jonsey

    GJU SNIPZGJU SNIPZPrije mjesec
  • Stuff is getting on vaulted bc something old is gonna come out season 6

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  • SHYPER IS waiting epic he deserves it

    RyZe YTRyZe YTPrije mjesec

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  • your stats in sane

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  • Amazingiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

  • Why did I get banned from twitch steam

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  • Wait... Lazerbeam got the Yeet Pistol, then got his skin, so if Sypher got the Rapid fire, that means...

    Rayyan MehmoodRayyan MehmoodPrije mjesec
  • You should of gotten a skin.

    Logan GelinasLogan GelinasPrije mjesec
  • Your gonna get a gold rapid fire smg and upgrade it all the way? Mythic Rapid fire? EXOTIC RAPID FIRE???

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  • I know who’s next you

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  • Sypherpk doesn’t realize that he makes everyone in lockdown or quarantine beautiful and joyful and hit the like button if the next icon series bundle should be his and I think yes and he deserves it a lot

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  • Every thing Facui did not tell you about the vaccine update

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  • 8:10 mans got deleted

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  • Ummm can someone explain what the yellow beam of fire 🔥 was at 2:25 of the video?!?!?!

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  • I in subed you said the pump it Great it’s super op ++

    fc elitefc elitePrije mjesec
  • Sypher: Everything Epic didnt tell you about the new update Me: Like Epic tells us anything

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  • The zero point exploaded and took away the season one map same thing will probably happen to this one

    Not ReflxxNot ReflxxPrije mjesec
  • People still play this game

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  • Sniperpk should get a skin in the game

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  • it would be awsome that when the zero point get more unstabble your loot glitches and changes

    Imperial AnimationsImperial AnimationsPrije mjesec
  • Syper is just not showing how sad he is that he didn’t get a icon series skin

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  • Your my favorite HRclubsr

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  • Hi

    Cooper MorleyCooper MorleyPrije mjesec
  • Yo! Sypher your skins gonna come out don't worry bruh, ya like............ ur a pro player & a fortnite teacher sooooo epic can't figure out how to make u look so cool, there working on it =)

    muhammad rajamuhammad rajaPrije mjesec
  • Its not just a rapid fire its a rapid fire😂

    KookieKookiePrije mjesec
  • The Zero point is spitting out the guns the sucking them back in.

    Joseph HughesJoseph HughesPrije mjesec
  • I'm sure the next skin is gonna be sypher's he was like i wonder who's next in a nice way, might have been an easter egg

  • I know sypher is talking to epic about his skin

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  • people haven't realized how good purple and legendary pistols are

    esahesahPrije mjesec
  • What if the old map gets unvaulted at the end of the season

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  • we need season 6 wish list

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  • You should be next one the icon series

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  • Who still plays this stupid game

    raymond hutchisonraymond hutchisonPrije mjesec
  • dude syppher with those nasty rapid fire jumps

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  • does sypher not realise that when u have a scuffed icon skin u cant get another one

    young asian rayyoung asian rayPrije mjesec
    • Exactly

      LegendaryPlayz_dudeLegendaryPlayz_dudePrije mjesec
  • Flinkcock*

    Paulo JrPaulo JrPrije mjesec
  • Why dont u just talk over gameplay, instead of talking shit and playing

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  • When is the new season coming out?

    Allie LutzAllie LutzPrije mjesec
  • Since when did coliseum has water?

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  • Wer ist hier auch wegen stanplay ?

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  • Wen is comming life with ossie's back??🐶😁

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  • Does somebody want to do the Lazar tournament with me?

    TNT Timmi XDTNT Timmi XDPrije mjesec
  • Lazar said it was a two year process to make the skin so if sypher hasn’t been approached yet we could be waiting another two years for the skin ☹️

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  • Unfortunately I can’t play cuz of this go to my channel and watch the recent vid

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  • Are u shore that drum gun is not overpowerd

    Luis gabriel CruzLuis gabriel CruzPrije mjesec
  • K H H H H H H H H H H H H H

    its je boy seanits je boy seanPrije mjesec
  • Already confirmed Sypher will come on season 6 sypherPk will join icon series!

    Olvin Josue Castillo CastilloOlvin Josue Castillo CastilloPrije mjesec