Dhar Mann Holiday Special: 4 Stories That Will Change Your Life

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  • Aiden has a GirlFriend too and im a Fan of him xuz Aidens Friend are Piper Rockle and Lev cuz Piper and Lev are couples and they are called Liper

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  • I cried so much at the 3 rd story

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  • I’m here in 2021 but my grandpa died and I use to hate going to his house and hate going to the hospital to see him because I said it was boring I’m crying rn bro

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  • Poor me.... i just discovered this channel last night and i missed out on the chance for that iphone 12 giveaway (not because its an iphone 12 but because i really need a new phone to replace my about to die android phone) . Bless you all for making these short stories that could really change our lives and points of view since this pandemic outbreak! I know so because I could personally relate to some of the featured stories since I also experienced them (the sexual harassment at work, being grateful for what i have, never judge a book by its cover, and a lot more)!

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