The 2nd 1v1 case opening battle. Who dares to challenge me next? B-)
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Thank you Victor for opening these cases with me B-)

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    AnomalyAnomalyPrije mjesec
    • 83 likes really??

      ToyotaToyotaPrije mjesec
    • 666

      lucuteslucutesPrije mjesec
    • f a t x d

      DunteDuntePrije mjesec
    • no u

      iamthewallrusiamthewallrusPrije mjesec
    • XD

      HafidzzHafidzzPrije mjesec
  • viktors gejs

    xd Stealthlvxd StealthlvPrije 5 dana
  • Wait you said 400 cases not 200?!?!?!?!?!?!?!??

    Eris BeqirajEris BeqirajPrije 5 dana
  • Thomaz Yeverzon

    Mr. Potato AimMr. Potato AimPrije 5 dana
  • holy shit, 12:48 look at the p250 transition from victors screen to anomaly kekw

    NightshadeNightshadePrije 8 dana
  • Bro that Jordan 1882 joke killed me 😂😂😂😂😂

    C DoggC DoggPrije 11 dana
  • 7:58 lol, they have the same pistol in the middle

    Burly FireBurly FirePrije 11 dana
  • Size 11? If those Thomas Jeffersons are size 11 and they’re so small compared to Victor how fucking large is he?

    Xylia MoonlightXylia MoonlightPrije 13 dana
  • If van goth was Chinese 9:23

    KoffelKoffelPrije 22 dana
  • 8:04 böx

    KoffelKoffelPrije 22 dana
  • 1:45 lmao

    KoffelKoffelPrije 22 dana
  • 4:38 The Civil War Fours

    KosonostraKosonostraPrije mjesec
  • Noice

    Some PersonSome PersonPrije mjesec
  • The case buying goes BUY BUY BUY BUY BUY BUY BUY BUY

    ErRoR SAnSErRoR SAnSPrije mjesec
  • Är ditt riktiga namn ludvig

    SentrySentryPrije mjesec
  • Mans said january 27-29

    Baguetolini69Baguetolini69Prije mjesec
  • I cant buy a skin becouse i am poor but i can play for free at cs this Is a good things

    Papugo 1980Papugo 1980Prije mjesec
  • The declaration of independence was the receipt for the Thomas Jefferson 1756s

    Ethan McCormackEthan McCormackPrije mjesec

    KaLamaR.[]KaLamaR.[]Prije mjesec
  • Victor is my first name and Ludwig is my middle name, i think that's epic

    KempanKempanPrije mjesec
  • ah yes my favorite content 2 guys screaming about pixels

    gerrardgerrardPrije mjesec
  • He got a tooth fairy 0.69 float and it was 6.96 euro nice

    MattdwMattdwPrije mjesec
  • 8:05 BÖXES

    sk8 Jadensk8 JadenPrije mjesec
  • Anomaly is a real life cart man lol hahaha

    Kermit The FrogKermit The FrogPrije mjesec
  • One day, Anomaly will make a video about speeding through 300 cases each, and Viktor will get a stattrack knife, it may not happen today, or tomorrow, but one day it will happen, and anomaly won't upload that video

    Doom SlayerDoom SlayerPrije mjesec
  • The steady friend peroperativly cry because grandson conversantly peck like a childlike connection. shiny, unusual lumber

    SupremeGiooSupremeGiooPrije mjesec
  • Victor: **gets bullied** Also victor: **loses 80€**

    LagDonLagDonPrije mjesec
  • You could've spent the money on investments, charities, drugs, cocaine, and etc. But you spent it on pixels.

    Jules N' StuffJules N' StuffPrije mjesec
  • he literally said January 27 28 29 instead of nov 27 28 29 and no one noticed XD

    Sir VIGILANTSir VIGILANTPrije mjesec
  • Ooooh a tiny sparkley strip imma pay $100 for that

    RetzRetzPrije mjesec
  • Poor Victor always getting bullied by his friends and also Gaben Bullied him too although he bought 400 cases😭

    Bashanborlang khongsheiBashanborlang khongsheiPrije mjesec
  • Every time anomaly with victor his always get good luck

    ActivatedClosureActivatedClosurePrije mjesec
  • This is the funniest i ever see 11:22

    MGD FURRYMGD FURRYPrije mjesec
  • 13:21 aAaAaAaAaAAaaAaAaAA

    yeetmaster3001yeetmaster3001Prije mjesec
  • The most people said that cs money is scam

    farouk Abifarouk AbiPrije mjesec
  • 8:10 lol

    lucuteslucutesPrije mjesec
  • Printstream is lazy made shit skin I'd say.

    PavlussukPavlussukPrije mjesec

    Grey BaphometGrey BaphometPrije mjesec

    Phalanx 1441Phalanx 1441Prije mjesec
  • i like ur cut g VICTOR

    Robiică 0Robiică 0Prije mjesec
  • Spaz is on yo ass

    Danielw863Danielw863Prije mjesec

    Carrot's Wild HuntCarrot's Wild HuntPrije mjesec
  • spaz is on yo ass

    gozagozaPrije mjesec

    Stxllar _Stxllar _Prije mjesec
  • Lmao the knife unboxing at 13:22 lol.

    Deady DeadSh0tDeady DeadSh0tPrije mjesec
  • Anomaly really out here about to make a case opening battle royale

    Arthur BilykArthur BilykPrije mjesec
  • böx

    engineer gamingengineer gamingPrije mjesec
  • Meanwhile f1:I will take over ships

    ChV3zChV3zPrije mjesec
  • I love jokes made by people who have a very limited knowledge of American history. It makes it more funny to me.

    The FoolThe FoolPrije mjesec
  • hey

    RobyHatzRobyHatzPrije mjesec
  • Swedishhhhh

    CabbECabbEPrije mjesec
  • Du sa januari istället för november

    huggemedtandenhuggemedtandenPrije mjesec
  • Free cs:go skins :@t​

    Cookie CSGOCookie CSGOPrije mjesec
  • Anomaly make victor thick again plz

    Swipe_YTSwipe_YTPrije mjesec
  • Crazy hamburger

    Need Help?Need Help?Prije mjesec
  • 7:40 Kore ga requim da.

    Macc-kunMacc-kunPrije mjesec
  • Finally, someone who doesn't promote scam gambling websites who opens cases. I got a headache from watchgamestv's channel for that reason

    MackleboyMackleboyPrije mjesec
  • Come💃on🕺shake💃your🕺body💃do🕺that💃conga🕺know💃you🕺💃control🕺💃any🕺longer💃🕺💃🕺💃

    KalumeaKalumeaPrije mjesec
  • imagne being able to play a match w anomaly

    Rune dahlenRune dahlenPrije mjesec
  • Victor had the slavery 7s in the back

    Troutwatch.Troutwatch.Prije mjesec
  • thomas jeferson lmfao

    Adrian YudeaAdrian YudeaPrije mjesec
  • 420 690 views

    August Markström SA19 PihlskolanAugust Markström SA19 PihlskolanPrije mjesec
  • 420 690 Views. Nice.

    ThiccCheeseThiccCheesePrije mjesec
  • Victor looks like Karrigan from mouseesports

    Yahya NabilYahya NabilPrije mjesec
  • 14:04 xd

    StreXStreXPrije mjesec
  • anermaly

    Wka WkaWka WkaPrije mjesec

    TQ-10 GaminG YTTQ-10 GaminG YTPrije mjesec
  • Tylko jedno w głowie mam

    DawiśシDawiśシPrije mjesec
  • The Jeffersons are fire

    Sandy's CheeksSandy's CheeksPrije mjesec
  • I love watching people getting things. That i would never have.

    Spiyuder Mon GAMINGSpiyuder Mon GAMINGPrije mjesec
  • he really said january instead of november in the ad

    kalinkalinPrije mjesec
  • ok

    AbcdifAbcdifPrije mjesec
  • 9:28

    FrancisFrancisPrije mjesec
  • budget karrigan

    ReasonReasonPrije mjesec
  • 1st case, both Cassettes. Last case, both Cassettes.

    I_Like_TuwtlesI_Like_TuwtlesPrije mjesec
  • like, betting in case 1v1 battle with anomaly is suicidal mission

    Денис ХрнчиарДенис ХрнчиарPrije mjesec
  • 0:28 January ??? you mean November xD

    FirewallFirewallPrije mjesec
  • You dropped my fav deagle, i really want it :[[

    Bobak TVBobak TVPrije mjesec
  • nab

    TommyGGTommyGGPrije mjesec
  • next you should make the player who has the less profit wins, to change things a bit

    vasko kabralvasko kabralPrije mjesec
  • you could give your friends some skins just to make him happy tho. hes losing a lot more than you.

    JustLouisJustLouisPrije mjesec
  • i love watching people get things that i’ll never have.

    JoferJoferPrije mjesec
  • like stfu

    Wêlanduz FullôWêlanduz FullôPrije mjesec
  • skip scam 1:06

    Johan KiraJohan KiraPrije mjesec
  • The challenge was an excuse to roast victor.

    Stan KolodinStan KolodinPrije mjesec
  • He said “let’s” go 9 times

    spankyspankyPrije mjesec
  • Holy shit, victor has a job

    Big EBig EPrije mjesec
  • hello guys its yaboi anomaly from us within

    lyserklyserkPrije mjesec
  • 7:59 middle top row, pretty Nice if you ask me.

    Emil GripenbäckEmil GripenbäckPrije mjesec
  • Victor getting bullied I see

    nnnnPrije mjesec

    JakoozaJakoozaPrije mjesec
  • Anyone else noticed the float on the Bs m4 was 0.69 and the marked price was 6.9? 😂 XD

    DamienDamienPrije mjesec
  • haha its cool how anomay got sponsored by cs money, while my inventory, wich i worked hard for (wich included a knife and some cool skins) got scammed by a fake cs money account. keep an eye out for these. i lost everything wich i put my money into.

    FireplaysFireplaysPrije mjesec
  • You both lost money, so really GabeN wins again

    TheFDDPTheFDDPPrije mjesec
  • is that a sock on victors mic

    prepoxsessingprepoxsessingPrije mjesec
  • Anomaly: 1 red in 60 cases My friend: FN Butterfly knife Fade in 31 cases

    DinoDuckDinoDuckPrije mjesec
  • me: buys 15 cases gets nothing also me:buys 15 more gets skeleton knife cw mw 0:

    Zem01Zem01Prije mjesec
  • im getting ads for cs wallhacks lmao

    Matt TrudeauMatt TrudeauPrije mjesec
  • My dream is to have a 60e knife=(

    ZZALeCSZZZZALeCSZZPrije mjesec
  • Oxygen is good

    reznorreznorPrije mjesec