Clash Royale League: CRL West 2019 | The Playoffs! (English)

CRL West Playoffs are here! Tune in to watch as the Top 6 teams compete to become the CRL West Champion! Every team wants to win, but only one can be crownded... who will it be?
The Clash Royale League is BACK! Tune in to the CRL West 2019 broadcast featuring the best teams battling for supremacy in the West every Wednesday at 5PM PT & Saturday/Sunday at 10AM PT!
Match List for the Playoffs:
6th Place vs 5th Place
Winner vs 4th Place
Winner vs 3rd Place
Winner vs 2nd Place
Winner vs 1st Place
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CRL Website:
ABOUT THE CLASH ROYALE LEAGUE: The Clash Royale League (CRL) is Supercell’s official team-based esports league, featuring the best Clash Royale teams and players. With divisions in the West (North America, Latin America, Europe), Asia & Mainland China, the CRL aims to give players & spectators the most exciting & entertaining competition in the world.

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  • 3:08:25

    Good Game Well PlayedGood Game Well PlayedPrije mjesec
  • 3:08:50 sad faces 😭

    Luis AntonLuis AntonPrije 3 mjeseci
  • unpopular opinion - bouefmac has done more for liquid than egor.

    Chang8eChang8ePrije 4 mjeseci
  • Bruh, thegod_rf is the Best player in the world. I mean he beat KaNaRiOoo and Surgical Goblin. What can you say?

    Clasher9000Clasher9000Prije 7 mjeseci
  • look at how old they are xDDD

    Mantra SuraMantra SuraPrije 8 mjeseci
  • 0ldlegends with Zero for O(zero)ldLegends- Join for a friendly clan experience.

    Noble TenzNoble TenzPrije 9 mjeseci
  • My dude vulkan, unlucky. my fav pro but was rooting for team immortals last season

    Noble TenzNoble TenzPrije 9 mjeseci
  • I wish I was 18 right now cuz I could probably go pro in this game... sadly not even close to 18😢

    Legend of the GameLegend of the GamePrije godine
  • 0:00 song pleasee 😭😭

    Demas SulistyoDemas SulistyoPrije godine
  • great job guys

    Ivan Duong (Student)Ivan Duong (Student)Prije godine
  • 1:53:42 the fourth guy in the complexity line kept his hand in his pocket instead of shaking hands XD

    Isaiah Sho-SawyerIsaiah Sho-SawyerPrije godine
    • Raymond C.T I think so

      Isaiah Sho-SawyerIsaiah Sho-SawyerPrije godine
    • vulkan?

      Learn Math OlympiadLearn Math OlympiadPrije godine
  • anybody got a good clan for cr

    • Join Phoenix

      iamCreative IMCiamCreative IMCPrije godine
  • 0:00 That’s how long the elixir bar feels like to fill up

  • This is a game that I play on my phone in the grocery store line. Or I might play it at home when I'm drunk. It is like a rock/paper/scissors game, with the battle pretty much decided before it starts. If I 1) Took this games seriously 2)played it while sober or 3) participated in the bullying system with emojis, I think I would just stick a gun in my mouth and kill myself. This can't in any way be a real competitive thing. It is a joke.

    RiverwalkFunHouseRiverwalkFunHousePrije godine
  • this style of display is horrible hard to see anything on a phone.

    Benji WrecksBenji WrecksPrije godine
  • Do not wear green for work today.

    Mr.LaMigraMr.LaMigraPrije godine
  • i really wanted complexity to win but im just glad that the immortals lost, AMAZING COMEBACKSSSSSSSS

    Katherine MartinezKatherine MartinezPrije godine
  • turn up the game sound

    KaoticKrakhead420KaoticKrakhead420Prije godine
  • Der Hammer was da für Nerds zocken🤣

    swinglexswinglexPrije godine
  • Anyone else disappointed that in a pro tournament dude on team liquid used two of the corniest decks in the game? Lava clone and a spawner deck 😂 what cancer, real pro plays. Great copy paste strategy bro. Lame

    Bacon Scooby SnacksBacon Scooby SnacksPrije godine
    • i don't what's lamer: the guy who played "two of the corniest decks in the game" or the guy shitting on him for what he played for two matches

      xX_sebo69_XxxX_sebo69_XxPrije 9 mjeseci

    lagrandebbottalagrandebbottaPrije godine
  • Boeufmac with the hard carry holy shit!

    J SobeJ SobePrije godine
  • 1:50:43 you see how relieved royal was when the delayed lightning came down

    Jordan LimantaraJordan LimantaraPrije godine
  • nice play i like blue team

    lucky playergurunglucky playergurungPrije godine
  • Join my clan "Aham Brahmasmi". Trying to grow my clan. Help a brother out! 🙏🏾

    Yugandhar NagdeveYugandhar NagdevePrije godine
  • After watching it entirely, i can say Commentators only know the cards name never have ever watched pro gameplay in their life before.

    The directionThe directionPrije godine
  • I'm scared, when the commentators start fighting each other

    The directionThe directionPrije godine
  • Just finally got to see this... All these players are so stinking good! Awesome tournament. Boeufmac is a freaking ANIMAL !

    Scot SlaterScot SlaterPrije godine
  • surgical goblin best

    Kinderkerk OK PijnackerKinderkerk OK PijnackerPrije godine
  • Hey everyone, I’m looking for active people to join my clash royale clan! (You need to have at least 3000 trophies to join!) The clan name is Tick Zero, currently have 2 people, and the clan banner is a mountain with a sun above it.

    Thuggy -dThuggy -dPrije godine
  • Haha oj where is you

    William AwesomeWilliam AwesomePrije godine
  • The dress is too long.

    William AwesomeWilliam AwesomePrije godine
  • Same thing happened last season as this season, complexity goes undefeated early and then falls, immortals does bad early and comes clutch at the end to finish higher than complexity and defeat them in the playoffs

    Emerald PrinceEmerald PrincePrije godine
  • the lady host at the end said kanario clinched it, i think she meant clutched it hahaha

    bobby galyonbobby galyonPrije godine
  • Ya

    Maria EsparzaMaria EsparzaPrije godine
  • Boeufmac is a shit!!!!

    Israel Kevin Escalera floresIsrael Kevin Escalera floresPrije godine
  • go team liquid

    Jelita SantosJelita SantosPrije godine
  • Finals: 2:38:52

    Night HawkNight HawkPrije godine
  • What about orange juice

    HarleyletsplayHarleyletsplayPrije godine
  • Lol now Fnatic and Liquid are 2 famous Fortnite teams

    manoj smanoj sPrije godine
  • Anyone know ending celebration music?

    Wee Ching ChokWee Ching ChokPrije godine
  • A least is way beter than clash of clans tournament

    Liam 346Liam 346Prije godine
  • Can you please bring back the vertical view of the battle field. At least as an option for those of us who liked it. It is hard to see the battle field in this current view.

    sabes ogsabes ogPrije godine
  • Kind of disappointing to see graveyard freeze in a place where players are supposed to play decks that require skill *cough* immortals

    the_pale_californianthe_pale_californianPrije godine
    • What about the dude playing freaking lava clone and then he plays a spawner deck 😂 real pro plays

      Bacon Scooby SnacksBacon Scooby SnacksPrije godine
  • Royal Giant is such a bitch card... smh why is it so strong and easy to level up... such bs

    Digital KloutDigital KloutPrije godine
  • Você e muito bom

    pedro hyagopedro hyagoPrije godine
  • Pepis

    Dominik SkullináćDominik SkullináćPrije godine
  • Supercell should make this tournament with countries' teams like football. If you do that lots of people watch this tournament.

    mert mermert merPrije godine
    • Yes! Great idea

      poke_ AMVpoke_ AMVPrije godine
  • So sad

    cringe bruhcringe bruhPrije godine
  • Of course immortals lose

    cringe bruhcringe bruhPrije godine
  • Oi

    John herbertJohn herbertPrije godine
  • Bookmark 1:53:38

    Robert PengRobert PengPrije godine
  • Wow

    xsardas PGxsardas PGPrije godine
  • Does someone else find this boring?

    David CastilloDavid CastilloPrije godine
  • Bringing xbow against royal was a big mistake by vulkan.. Royal mostly plays beatdowns..breaking through is very difficult... But hats off to vulkan for his superb performance..🙏🏻

    shivam pathakshivam pathakPrije godine
    • There was a stupid thing in the match that ruined the match for vulkan a troop pushed the rg out of range of his xbow that's why he lost.

      Fire Fates GamingFire Fates GamingPrije godine
  • Stupid

    bobbythxbobbythxPrije godine
  • How is this an esport lmao

    SatojSatojPrije godine
    • No doubt candy crush is coming out with an esports soon.

      Night HawkNight HawkPrije godine
  • I'm just here for Surg and Kanariooo xD

    john wujohn wuPrije godine
  • How do you guys even watch this bullhorn small screen who really gives a fuc k what the players look like when you can't see the tower health. MAKE THE SCREEN BIGGER!!!!

    Scottie WScottie WPrije godine
  • So much better now that I muted it...dear god, the announcers....

    0000000000010101000000000000101010Prije godine
  • how come complexity went against three teams?

    i Royali RoyalPrije godine
  • Please,creat version on Russia language

    Larmis-LRMLarmis-LRMPrije godine
  • Congrats team liquid

    BumbleBee29 MakdohBumbleBee29 MakdohPrije godine
  • Show more of whats happening ON the arena you put so much crap on it like all the cards, cards played, elixir leaked, clan name, point system show us the game not stats please.

    StevenStevenPrije godine
  • We gotta get better catch phrases from the commenters than “wowwwww” and “”

    Scott StoopsScott StoopsPrije godine
  • I am happy for vulkan :) my fav player in CRL west!

    Clash with sumanClash with sumanPrije godine
  • Really cool to see all the other teams celebrating at the end

    RareBreed4246RareBreed4246Prije godine
  • 2:6:30 that musketier on the left doesnt get Log dmg ?!

    hurli88hurli88Prije godine
    • It got the damage, but seems like a little early.

      The directionThe directionPrije godine
    • Yeah crayzy

      whatever *whatever *Prije godine
  • Am I the only who noticed Vulkan did not shake hands? dam he's hurt badly inside, tough luck.

    Frenzy424Frenzy424Prije godine
    • He's always been a dick and a sore loser. Notice how he BMed most of the people he beat and then refuses to even shake hands with ANYONE when he loses.

      Anthony BuchananAnthony BuchananPrije godine
  • Sfigati

    Fr3d0xFr3d0xPrije godine
  • This is cool

    LustLustPrije godine
  • morten is 8 foot tall

    RiesenChimatoRiesenChimatoPrije godine
  • I knew SK would come through

    Pawns GamePawns GamePrije godine
  • 2:39:44

    JoshuaシJoshuaシPrije godine
  • were the nerf to the inferno tower already active in this games?

    VocalMarlin362VocalMarlin362Prije godine
  • boeufmac is a beast!!!

    Skyer SkyerSkyer SkyerPrije godine
    • Yeah he's totally beast at playing the corniest decks in the game lava clone and a spawner deck 😂 what a pro. Lame

      Bacon Scooby SnacksBacon Scooby SnacksPrije godine
  • Wow crazy thing

    St4nl3y GDSt4nl3y GDPrije godine
  • what a pity for vulkan,i really want to see his show in china, he did his best in deed

    Dark SilgDark SilgPrije godine
  • 2:06:32 the log miss the musketeer

    Arthur ChanArthur ChanPrije godine
  • at 2:06:32 did the log miss the musketeer?

    Aidan ShiuAidan ShiuPrije godine
  • Surgical Goblin❤️❤️❤️

    MAd ZoOMAd ZoOPrije godine
  • Ultra nerds

    Ieudkdi iduxkekrIeudkdi iduxkekrPrije godine
  • Commentators are really great..

    A MA MPrije godine
  • Why do the refs always have that "kill me pls" face? xD

    MrMarko9380MrMarko9380Prije godine
  • Can someone explain how the ranking system works? Let’s say Complexity would have won every game and then would face SK. They already won four games in a row and then they would lose to SK. Then SK would won CRL anyway? That seems a bit unfair cause Complexity won four games and SK just one.

    Chev CheliosChev CheliosPrije godine
    • It's because complexity was in the 5th rank in the regular season, they need to climb up in the playoffs in order to win the playoffs. SK on the other side, has already been in the final, as they were 1st rank in the regular season. Basically SK was already in the final in the playoffs. Btw was it 'in' or 'on'?

      FelixFelixPrije godine
    • No,if sk loses to complexity,then complexity win the crl

      Bleu BleuBleu BleuPrije godine
  • These teams are from dota 2 liquid is my favorite

    keep calm and wait for you consequenceskeep calm and wait for you consequencesPrije godine
  • 2:06:35 is it just me or does the log in the left lane not knockback the musketeer?!

    Hannes GüntherHannes GüntherPrije godine
    • Not only it didn't knock back, but it didn't deal any damage to the musketeer!

      Gabriele BattainiGabriele BattainiPrije godine
    • It directly kills the musky as it had low hp

      Ayush PriyamAyush PriyamPrije godine
  • My man really ends it with “Mahalo”

    Nate CatorNate CatorPrije godine
  • You know, I wouldn't really mind a short ad between the matches. It might help fund the league. 30 sec, skippable after 5, there would be nothing wrong with it.

    XthegreatwhyXXthegreatwhyXPrije godine
  • Sg op

    RDRDPrije godine
  • Do it without the help of Skilless Legendaries. Useless win.

    Scott PilgrimScott PilgrimPrije godine
  • Boeufmac man... What an amazing player

    EspurrEspurrPrije godine
    • @Bacon Scooby Snacks says the guy throwing shit at someone for what he played in two fucking games

      xX_sebo69_XxxX_sebo69_XxPrije 9 mjeseci
    • He's amazing at playing some of the corniest decks in the game lava clone and a spawner deck 😂 and that's pro? Lame

      Bacon Scooby SnacksBacon Scooby SnacksPrije godine
  • Surg leaves Queso. Queso advanced. Azilys leaves Liquid. Liquid advanced.

    Baby MagnumBaby MagnumPrije godine
  • Idk why people are so mad at royal for his BM. That’s a bad taste, I’m not gonna lie, but so many people BM in the league, even Vulcan himself BM against J Monte (tribe) in the last match.. Emotion are running high for these guy... Congrats to liquid for the win and respect to Tommy from tribe...

    Aria.SterlingAria.SterlingPrije godine
  • No one think that this ladder structure is a little unfair for the bottom teams? The playoff phase should be something like the NBA. The lower tier team should play against the higher tier team. What are the odds of a team winning 5 intense matches in a row. That is insane

    Ng yee songNg yee songPrije godine
    • This is an app game using your thumbs, and it takes 3-5 minutes per game. You think they can’t handle a few extra games? Fucking hell. NBA. Stfu.

      Eff YuEff YuPrije godine
  • Team Liquid you show your honesty that you're the best in the world!

    Darell Gaming 86Darell Gaming 86Prije godine
  • Was hoping complexity would make it :( But hey at least Liquid did :)

    Christopher OngChristopher OngPrije godine
  • Soking don't even played

    Shogun BSShogun BSPrije godine
  • Yes surgical goblin. Yes Yesssss!

    Shogun BSShogun BSPrije godine
  • I feel bad for VulKAN he carried complexity most of the matches he is undoubtly the best player ✌🏻

    Bleron OPBleron OPPrije godine