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Clash Royale's "broken" balance change wishlist series continues on CWA Mobile Gaming! Today we'll take a look at 12 cards that we feel need to be balanced inside Clash Royale. We'll have a round table discussion with SirTag, NyteOwl, and KFC. Who's balance wishlist do you agree with most? Least? Let me know in the community tab poll live 1 hour after this video!
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  • Hey guys what about make rage 1 elixir and increase the effect on buildings e decrease on troops?

    Ryu KenRyu KenPrije 6 mjeseci
  • If they made the changes to mirror there would be no point in leveling it up.

    Exterminator X GamingExterminator X GamingPrije 6 mjeseci
  • 1 elixir Rage, that's a recipe for Disaster. lol

    HokageHokagePrije 11 mjeseci
  • When I was 10 level and around 10 level cards, a man who is also 10 level but have 13 level Ebarbs and rage really made me sick. When I placed a card that costs more than 3 elixir he just bridge spamed his Ebarbs and rage spell from the other side and there was no hope for me to stop it...

    Hüseyin DemirciHüseyin DemirciPrije godine
  • Healer should have been a legendary

    BvfBvfPrije godine
  • Doing this bit with people from mid low and high ladder would be good too watch to see all their different opinions

    WoodyWoodyPrije godine
  • Make xbow 5 elixer make infernao tower 6

    Ugly MotherfokerUgly MotherfokerPrije godine
  • Dude xbow is so weak man every ladder match i play they cant even touch my towers.. talk about broken inferno tower is fucking op compared to xbow 5 elixer and highest dps in gsme with 2nd highest range and insane health say what

    Ugly MotherfokerUgly MotherfokerPrije godine
  • i really like ppl that play off meta decks and are good at it. Even when i lose!

    LeonsCurationLeonsCurationPrije godine
  • Why is ash very pink??

    Jacks BobJacks BobPrije godine
  • Also why does no one talk about how ridiculous the sparky is?

    Felix MounseyFelix MounseyPrije godine
  • Disagree with the xbow nerf

    Ian GrunkeIan GrunkePrije godine
  • I actually have to disagree with the mirror rework proposal, as it heavily removes the versatility of the card. What about removing the +1 level/elixer and instead keeping the key "what you just played" function of it?

    Jeep64Jeep64Prije godine
  • Battle healer needs a nerf

    ReeceKFNReeceKFNPrije godine
  • Your kidding right ? Don't nerf a bad card ffs , the healer sux

    Mat 37Mat 37Prije godine
  • I believe that battle healer heals shouldn’t be allowed to stack. It would fix the card instantly.

    doublekosekidoublekosekiPrije godine
  • I've been using 2.9 xbow for a while now. I think it's not the xbow that needs a nerd but rather the archers. They provide an amazing defense against tanks combined with the tesla

    Can tombstone soda get 5000 suns with no vidsCan tombstone soda get 5000 suns with no vidsPrije godine
  • i just maxed out my 2.9 Xbow deck and y’all want to nerf it please no:(

    Monkey ToesMonkey ToesPrije godine
  • How about we change the rage to haste spell.

    ultra Xultra XPrije godine
  • Probably don't read this, but xbow isn't broken. It's what protects xbow that is broken (tesla mostly) since xbow is easily countered by earthquake, inferno drag or tower, tesla and lots of other things..

    D DD DPrije godine
  • Isn't the royal giant annoying

    Karthiga ShankarKarthiga ShankarPrije godine
  • Nerf XBow, Hog Rider and Golem. They are used too much imo.

    LandmantxLandmantxPrije godine
  • I already subbed to them, lol

    Mckenzie CalhounMckenzie CalhounPrije godine
  • Don't buff the Witch ! It is a nightmare on mid ladder everybody use it

    safo kajjsafo kajjPrije godine
  • Hog Riders and Balloons needs a nerf. Hogs cost too cheap for whst it does and Balloon damage needs nerf. They nerfed Ram Rider a few months back cuz it "hard counteted" hog and loon, oh no! No brain scumbag cards are getting countered! Better nerf a good card.

    SinRayquazaSinRayquazaPrije godine
  • Ash, Oj, Molt, and NickandNite The Four Horseman of the apocalypse

    frank _ogtankfrank _ogtankPrije godine
  • Battle healer doesn t die with a damn rocket man thats crazy

    Donald UkaDonald UkaPrije godine
  • Did anyone notice that snowball zap doesn’t reset sparky ?

    Ernie SlandersErnie SlandersPrije godine
    • 2:17

      Ernie SlandersErnie SlandersPrije godine
  • I've been having more success vs xbow recently but I still hate it. I always bm when I beat them.

    Koraxis SKoraxis SPrije godine
  • Tag is right about the rage

    Rishav BanerjeeRishav BanerjeePrije godine
  • so nobody is going to talk abt nerfing wizard fire rate..

    Jelly BeanJelly BeanPrije godine
  • healer should not be healing herself......

  • I will try them.

    Regina Harriet RauhalaRegina Harriet RauhalaPrije godine

    Paul KOWALPaul KOWALPrije godine
  • The problem with X-Bow is that it's so terribly MU-dependent. EQ hard counters it very well, but other decks (*cough* Log Bait *cough*) have exactly 0 ways to win the MU, barring a dropped connection. At least with my other hardest MU, 2.6 Hog, I feel like I could win if I played better -- which is how a hard MU should feel: hard, but not impossible.

    LifthilLifthilPrije godine
  • Battle healer is not even close to balanced. Even on your side with the tower a prince cannot kill battle healer with a single archer behind it. It's broken dude.

    Matt EvansMatt EvansPrije godine
  • Hi Ash, today I wont talk about any card in the game but other aspects in the game. I believe the emotes should be 25 gems and legendary chest should be 100 gems. Bro please advise CR team to be a bit more sympathetic towards F2P player🙄

    Reetankar NathReetankar NathPrije godine
  • Elixir golem is fine Mini peka is a nice counter and a healer with him will make the defence fine

    Nathan- FB01 ButcherNathan- FB01 ButcherPrije godine
  • I dropped a mega knight on a battle healer and the healer won

    MangosFuryMangosFuryPrije godine
  • Have the healer only hear ground troops and then have the heal spell heal both ground and air. Possibly even boost the heal spell in terms of hp healed

    Fantom LimbFantom LimbPrije godine
  • I agree with the mirror

    Xavian GilmoreXavian GilmorePrije godine
  • I really like these type of video’s Ash, some pro’s from the game talking about balance updates in the game. Please make more of these type of video’s!!

    LucasLucasPrije godine
  • A lot of cards are powerful as a result of elixir golem, but elixir golem is only powerful as a result of healer. Healer needs a rework in my opinion

    SomeoneSomeonePrije godine
  • Poison and Inferno effects should negate healing

    elchingon12346elchingon12346Prije godine
  • I don't feel like this game is in a place that individual cards need balancing. All of the problems I have are with the rise of bait decks. This game has TOO MANY CARDS! I know that new cards are fun and it keeps the game fresh but there are so many win conditions that most decks run 3!

    PKMN TRNRPKMN TRNRPrije godine
  • nerf XBOW ??! do u know how hard to win with it?? it needs buff load time actually

    Kucing GantengKucing GantengPrije godine
  • Let's get real, Battle healer is very OP.

    Kevin R. SerranoKevin R. SerranoPrije godine
  • X bow is too legendary for supercell to nerf

    Electric ShockElectric ShockPrije godine
  • The only card you need is the goblin barrel. Filthy casuals.

    Racon IIIRacon IIIPrije godine
  • Nw needs nerf its everywhere like witch was

    Capitalizing On Dumb MoneyCapitalizing On Dumb MoneyPrije godine
  • Rage is literally like the freeze low skill super frustrating to play against. Now make that 1 elixer... yeah I'm quitting the game

    Jackson JamiesonJackson JamiesonPrije godine
  • You put fire spirits in the worst cards in the game video...

    RuzzixRuzzixPrije godine
  • If you think xbow is broken you must be insane.

    Loading Screens GameplayLoading Screens GameplayPrije godine
  • At first glance I thought it was a fire spirits, xbow, and healer deck lmaooo

    Zack NewberryZack NewberryPrije godine
  • don't know if I agree with tags point on e golem use in the world finals.. I beat Boss the other day (amazing top player) with egolem and he was using splashyard bomb tower... I don't even have 20 wins or a top 1k finish. e golem itself may not be the problem itself but when you throw all OP cards into one deck, there really isn't a perfect counter

    Matthew MerchantMatthew MerchantPrije godine
  • buff xbow

    Clas_ic -Clas_ic -Prije godine
  • Buff cannon card building health , nerf elixar golem health, buff archers health.

    Antonio RiveraAntonio RiveraPrije godine
  • Do anyone care about Pekka losing health after a "rebalance", then Supercell reverted half of the "rebalance" but didnt revert half of the health nerf ?

    DanyDanyPrije godine
  • xbow is so trash why would you nerf it?

    Matthew WMatthew WPrije godine
  • The game that makes adult men complain like bitches

    michael smithmichael smithPrije godine
  • Bomber.

    LiisjakLiisjakPrije godine
  • I’m glad that my giant skeleton isn’t getting talked about 😃

    Pedro delarosaPedro delarosaPrije godine
  • Xbow needs to be deleted from the game 😅😅😅

    ุPrije godine
  • dont nerf xbow :(

    jenko trashjenko trashPrije godine
  • There is no need for balance. We just need more cards

    RobbeRobbePrije godine
  • Give bomber a shield

    Valiant ThunderValiant ThunderPrije godine
  • The battle healer should be at least an epic, definitely not a rare

    RazanRazanPrije godine
  • 32:07 the voice crack

    AdamAdamPrije godine
  • Fire spirits work for me lol first level 13 card I got, got to champion league with them! I think their fine were that at!

    Clash KingClash KingPrije godine
  • 12:44 yeah a lot of noobs believe it

    krettkrettPrije godine
  • remove the witch

    Dillon FinleyDillon FinleyPrije godine
  • forget overlevelled mega knight. Overlevelled wizard is enough to set me off.

    ReadyYes9ReadyYes9Prije godine
  • 1 elixer rage hmmm... idk

    Matthew W. -___-Matthew W. -___-Prije godine
  • ....nerf the xbow Molt has joined the chat

    Cedric CappelleCedric CappellePrije godine
  • Maybe I’m German.🧐

    Christian KlarichChristian KlarichPrije godine
  • 4:21: ur giving me nightmares Me: I use a deck where my main tower-takers ARE inferno dragon and mini pekka

    Joe Heits Lv100Joe Heits Lv100Prije godine
  • Any discord clans for clash looking to take a 5500-5800 player. I'm looking to meet people better than me and work on my game. I'm always the top in my clans at this level.

    Ryan KaozRyan KaozPrije godine
  • Cannot cart, And witch I agree with. Witches skellies take way to long to spawn as a decent defense.

    Ryan KaozRyan KaozPrije godine
  • For nerf though, I want to see inferno tower is difficult to get past by itself, but if you pair it with a valkyrie or knight, it becomes nearly impossible to get through. Its range needs to be nerfed or it needs to scale slower or elixir cost needs to go up. It gets way too much value.

    Emil El-WardEmil El-WardPrije godine
  • I agree with witch buff. She was always in my deck to counter bridgespam cards like pekka, mini Pekka, lumber jack, prince, bandit. The nerf they gave to her made her useless. She is a SPAWNER... with a shitty spawn rate... the cards I'm trying to stop reach her and kill her before her first spawn. The guy that said no, dont buff her because she counters pekka... that's not an argument. Pekka is in every other deck I face at my point in ladder pekka is toxic af. And incredibly hard to stop. Besides, no one runs pekka without a splash troup support behind it. Witch has way more counters than pekka does. Valkyrie, wizard, executioner, baby dragon, edragon, tornado, freeze, poison, rocket, lightning, fireball w log, magic archer, bomber, elite barbs, ewiz, all counter her very easily. They should have left her alone.

    Emil El-WardEmil El-WardPrije godine
  • Love your videos ash ♥️

    Goutham KumarGoutham KumarPrije godine
  • Agree with you tag about x bow in this meta. Very dificult to win right now

    Rui JorgeRui JorgePrije godine
  • Unpopular opinion rage spell good idea

    Ryan O'ConnellRyan O'ConnellPrije godine
  • Nyteowl brings such a unique aspect to these discussions

    Ryan O'ConnellRyan O'ConnellPrije godine
  • How to fix battle healer REMOVE IT FROM THE GAME

    Ryan O'ConnellRyan O'ConnellPrije godine
  • I just can't watch videos with NyteOwl, too much cringe

    FormbiFormbiPrije godine
  • Have the heal spell fix neg status change like null the poison spell unfreeze troops unrage troops

    Jeff WeberJeff WeberPrije godine
  • Healers are mad easy to counter, what they need to balance is the golem. If they have golem with night and regular witch it’s almost impossible to stop unless you have the perfect counter deck.

    Justin ItdoesntmatterJustin ItdoesntmatterPrije godine
  • What about Sparky I always thought that he should have a rework something like each pulse is an individual shot that does different amount of damage so basically Sparks would shoot 3 x max charge, Or each one shoots individually if he interacts with someone and then the Third charge would shoot all of them all at the same time And my last one that seems most reasonable just knock back he's doing a thousand damage why can't you knock people back like rocket or like Fireball: I've been playing the game ever since it was available to me and when Sparky came out he's pretty solid now he has so many cards that counter him. I think he needs something

    GwotboysGwotboysPrije godine
  • his reaction during the rage spell buff

    Gideon ZeruGideon ZeruPrije godine
  • @NyteOwl sad thing about witch is it isn’t even as strong as pre rework witch. It has the same damage without the health, or skeleton spawn, or death skeletons. It’s also nowhere near the rework skeletons which spawning in a triangle is actually worse for the witch than a straight line as far as sustain. She ends up being a worse version of both.

    Joshua ReedJoshua ReedPrije godine
  • Where’s bufarete?! Lol

    Mason KollerMason KollerPrije godine
  • Tag is tripping the egolem is not op he’s just triggered

    Slim BSlim BPrije godine
  • I want Infernotower 5 secs longer

    Walker 421Walker 421Prije godine
  • I would like to put a comment as an X-bow player. One they talked about how if you get one lock on the tower that tower is pretty much dead but, how often do you lock on the tower? Also do you know how long it takes to train and get good at X-bow, it takes forever. Third, it has been a very beat down meta and facing a golem as a Xbow player four times in a row then having to face other heavy cards is infuriating, so many cards can counter Xbow. These are the reasons why we shouldn’t at all nerf Xbow.

    Octalriver1Octalriver1Prije godine
  • I dont think Battle healer needs a nerf tbh. The card is easy to counter just use a high dps or a swarm cards. People just complain about these things.

    Adam PiardAdam PiardPrije godine
  • This game struggles with diversity tbh. Its a shame.

    Adam PiardAdam PiardPrije godine
  • X-bow is already worse with this new sudden death...

    GoupilGoupilPrije godine
  • ok but i haven't played against earthquake in about 200 matches

    its a brent new dayits a brent new dayPrije godine
  • Please don't invite molt to the balance changes he shouldn't be given an opinion on the game when he admitted to not even like the game he's just in it for the money

    Christoper HolmesChristoper HolmesPrije godine