Balance Update March 2019 (3/4) 🍊

Footage with NEW balance gameplay. Balance Changes tweak the Barbarians, are they being buffed? Well, the Barbarian Barrel, Barbarian Hut and Battle Ram are being nerfed quite significantly! Bomb tower is going to be able to defend against air now.
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  • You forgot to mention that battle ram isn't going to protect 3M from lightning anymore.

    HackCyborgHackCyborgPrije godine
    • its kinda underrated now

      LostSquadLostSquadPrije 2 mjeseci
    • Student5109 it’s because they like hog rider better even though hog rider is not as good

    • HackCyborg Good thing I don’t rely on battle ram for my 3m deck :3

      Blade ZeroBlade ZeroPrije godine
    • Perfect ! Now Golem Beatdown beats 3m

      Çınar İnceoğluÇınar İnceoğluPrije godine
    • Well, RIP 3M. There’s no way it can come back from this. (And honestly, it’s not like 3M didn’t struggle before the Nerf. There were plenty of cards that made 3M hard to play.)

      Dylan FallDylan FallPrije godine
  • 5 barbs? Thats odd :D

    le basilleavesboile basilleavesboiPrije mjesec
  • 3:19 3 shots a barbarian ?

    RK TanRK TanPrije 9 mjeseci
  • Should I get cannon or Barbarians?

    gregggreggPrije 11 mjeseci
  • Just when i got log so this change isn't gonna effect me as much anymore :D

    Golden Gong of GluttonyGolden Gong of GluttonyPrije godine
  • *barbarian ram*

    Rainbow VaderRainbow VaderPrije godine
  • Pretty good P.E.K.K.A killers

    Pineapple productionsPineapple productionsPrije godine
  • Just counter the barbarians with a splash unit like wizard Edit: He already told us that

    akakPrije godine
  • Barely 1 crowned a guy with level 11 and 12 cards huh

    shrimp19921shrimp19921Prije godine
  • Remind me nowaday executioners are disgusting

    ReturnReturnPrije godine
  • They need to be buffed. Barbs aren't very good because splash is used in most decks. Wizard, executioner too OP

    SKORZSKORZPrije godine
  • For a bow guy like me this is good.

    paco ramonpaco ramonPrije godine
  • "Your namion" or "your name on"?

    UtanimataUtanimataPrije godine
  • Why they give u less gold for donating now?

    Jack IeongJack IeongPrije godine
  • at 0:19 you said „dark goblin” NEW CARD LEAKED or you said dart gobiln :))))

    # Ciobitto# CiobittoPrije godine
  • Does someone has a link about the card level updates?

    Astugin MalupitAstugin MalupitPrije godine
  • Just put ram raider insteed of battle ram and you are golden

    Nikola KrsticNikola KrsticPrije godine
  • At least now barbarians can be used to take out defense troops like hog rider or giant.

    Xianon 0Xianon 0Prije godine
  • I already used barbarians I liked them before

    Hasin AyariHasin AyariPrije godine
  • From when barbarians are 5

    Alexandros KtistisAlexandros KtistisPrije godine
  • Hm... it's an Orange Juice 🍊

    Pedro MotaPedro MotaPrije godine
  • X-bow did not need a buff. They use low cost units and tesla/building combos. I've had matches where they straight cycle before I can even take the first x-bow.

    OuroborosOuroborosPrije godine
  • Supercell really hates 3M-spam, right? I always play against wizard, valkyrie and barbarians (around 4500 trophies) which is hard enough without them getting buffed all the time...

    David BDavid BPrije godine
  • Could you use a splash card for barbarians

    Sensei NutsSensei NutsPrije godine
  • what's the music at 4:07

    Hari SrinivasanHari SrinivasanPrije godine
  • Nerf the golem

    Yohalmo Miguel Herrera GonzálezYohalmo Miguel Herrera GonzálezPrije godine
  • My request to supercell- Rascal boy should spawn before rascal girls My request to OJ -Plz show how to use battle ram 3M becoz I used this deck and now I am using golem deck in which I am sucking often

    Arya MitraArya MitraPrije godine
  • Hmmmm it's a mario

    Kaush 531Kaush 531Prije godine
  • Fix rascals, they are useless😡😡😡

    Lost paradiseLost paradisePrije godine
  • its going to be so juicy

    waldo3777waldo3777Prije godine
  • Now elite barbarians need 5 for balance reasons.

    American IdiotAmerican IdiotPrije godine
  • Ok, it makes sense for the bomb tower to explode. *_wHy NoT tHe WaLl BrEaKeRs?_*

    Just JokingJust JokingPrije godine
  • I need a bomb tower deck

    Hell GamerHell GamerPrije godine
  • OJ is smart, he knows the POWER OF THE SPARKY :-)

    Alexander SiehAlexander SiehPrije godine
  • Wow. Can I copy that deck?

    Perisos 3Perisos 3Prije godine
  • Omg yes barbs are gonna be liiit "reduces health by 13%" is this well good while it last

    Bloodninja 019Bloodninja 019Prije godine
  • RIP Rascals

    Isaac LeónIsaac LeónPrije godine
  • Xbow bomb tower combo is cool

    Le meLe mePrije godine
  • Balance for barbs? They need to stop touching things that don't need to be touched!

    A Nappy Headed HooliganA Nappy Headed HooliganPrije godine
  • poor royal GG, giant and hog?

    Jiddey JiddeyJiddey JiddeyPrije godine
  • Does this mean that a pekka will be able to one shot the barbs if they’re both the same level now?

    Sergio PicadoSergio PicadoPrije godine
  • Bomb tower with nado. Pull attackers to bomb in the pocket. 👍👍

    Daniel PipkinDaniel PipkinPrije godine
  • Bomb tower drops bomb upon deth,that's been in clash of clans for a long time

    midnight assassonmidnight assassonPrije godine
  • I don't like the new changes I use all the barbarians in my deck

    George RiceGeorge RicePrije godine
    • I used to put a valk in front of a battle ram and get a crown easy, now, nothing

      GoodbyeGoodbyePrije godine
  • Hah, I am 95% sure barbs won't be meta, they just hardcore nerfed all the other Barb cards

    AzophiAzophiPrije godine
  • Who lets Barbarians test the game for balance?

    Ray FungRay FungPrije godine
  • Wait did I just see 5 barbs

    AzophiAzophiPrije godine
  • Mrbossftw clash royale edition, anyone else see that?

    name my same times 3name my same times 3Prije godine
  • It was fun while it lasted barbs :(

    Andreas WongAndreas WongPrije godine
  • Dying to fireball is HUGE nerf to Barbarians. They've completely screwed the card.

    DillingerDillingerPrije godine
  • Every update man my deck get messed with 😡

  • Well that sucks

    Gricuz YTGricuz YTPrije godine
  • This is really gonna kill my decks

    LukeAsArtsLukeAsArtsPrije godine
  • 0:25 No. Furnace.

    D. K.D. K.Prije godine
  • Im gonna miss barbarians not dying to fireball :( Other than that its a decent idea to buff total hp and dps

    Karimba LeofasaKarimba LeofasaPrije godine
  • Other People: Cool, 5 Barbarians Can Completely Stop The Hogrider. Now That's A Good Nerf To Hogrider. Me: fIrEbAlL, hOgRiDeR sTiLl tOo oP yOu BlOoDy wAnKa'S

    Rainbowstar64Rainbowstar64Prije godine
  • The barb hut royal recruits deck is my jam... I’m going to miss it a lot

    KrevinKrevinPrije godine
  • My spawner will be horrible now, i probably won’t get passed 4300 anymore

    British RiflemanBritish RiflemanPrije godine
  • 4:06 She just became JUICIER *( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)*

    Actually a very nice guyActually a very nice guyPrije godine
    • @Watema 3 change your profile picture and adolf im a jew come find me

      Warchild 222Warchild 222Prije godine
    • Adolf Hitler Underrated

      Watema 3Watema 3Prije godine
  • Mega knight needs big nerf

    Perfect FrescoPerfect FrescoPrije godine
  • They should also increase the elite barbarian count from 2 to 3.

    MLG smurfMLG smurfPrije godine
  • I want to play you orange );

    Self MadeSelf MadePrije godine
  • Now Battleram will not save 3M from lightning😢. 3M was RIP after it became a 10e. Card . Now it is worst then a trash.☹

  • I think that the staggering is a buff. There was many times I played prediction arrows and it only hit the first spawned minion, as the rest staggered.

    LilGuyEli7892LilGuyEli7892Prije godine
  • OJ 2018 - sparky is a trash can on wheels OJ 2019 - sparky makes me uncomfortable

    Hg BhureHg BhurePrije godine
    • Hg Bhure The Bandit is sexy

      HomelanderHomelanderPrije godine
  • OJ 2018 - sparky is a trash can on wheels OJ 2019 - sparky makes me uncomfortable

    Hg BhureHg BhurePrije godine
  • arent the staggered troop placement better? as each card takes time to deploy so the last troop in the group to deploy cant be killed straight away

    Potato AimPotato AimPrije godine
  • How is the barbarians 5 if the new barbarian is 4

    TH3 LUCKY 0N3TH3 LUCKY 0N3Prije godine
  • Thank goodness bridge spam isn’t gonna die

    Ben HestonBen HestonPrije godine
  • The rascal girls shouldn't be targeted first. I use them to counter wizard and exe

    Medley2Medley2Prije godine
  • that hut is actually OP thanks to that nerf now its balanced

    Plus Ultra Negative MegaPlus Ultra Negative MegaPrije godine
  • What are the stars under the troop levels?

    A pro human mainA pro human mainPrije godine
  • X-Bow Love finally

    gallo gassogallo gassoPrije godine
    • gallo gasso I just love the Bandit. The Bandit is hot

      HomelanderHomelanderPrije godine
  • buff barbs damage not count . rıp barb barrel

    Çınar İnceoğluÇınar İnceoğluPrije godine
    • Çınar İnceoğlu I still want the Bandit. You never see her coming

      HomelanderHomelanderPrije godine
    • @Homelander i did not say anything about bandit . I know bandit is powerful . But i said about barbarian barrel . New barbarian barrel can not take fireballies ( wizards , musketeer )

      Çınar İnceoğluÇınar İnceoğluPrije godine
    • Çınar İnceoğlu But The Bandit is still sexy

      HomelanderHomelanderPrije godine
  • fuck xbox it was already strong

    ザッくんS.ザッくんS.Prije godine
  • Rip the clash a rama animations with 4 barbarians

    Eetu The ReindeerEetu The ReindeerPrije godine
  • Fire ball get overpower barb now... Stop nerf Barbarian!!!

    ZucthZucthPrije godine
  • Question here yeah Me umm are they F-ing up my deck because I use barbs to defend so their F-ing up my deck so ant suggestions please 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

    Chain_ SoulChain_ SoulPrije godine
  • Rip one of my favorite card goblin gang stagger deploy

    pixl Unknownpixl UnknownPrije godine
  • 10:56 O.O how did you get 1.2 million gold? i can max out all cards with those money!

    World WreckerWorld WreckerPrije godine
  • Why e. barbs not getting barbs nerf?????

    Paulius cPaulius cPrije godine
  • Oh goodie more lazy players will be using x-bow. Bring it--I love destroying those decks.

    JJJJPrije godine
  • Wht do people say the barbarians are getting buffed? They will become fireballed now. That is a nerf to an already not used card.

    ShadowLight GamingShadowLight GamingPrije godine
    • Minionhord dies to fireball and even arrows it s called fireball bait archetype. You need to fireball predict to deny every value of the barbarians.

      massi delawarimassi delawariPrije godine
  • No! Not my Battle Ram control deck!

    Flame of MageFlame of MagePrije godine
  • I love that ram nerf

    Ninja 69 420Ninja 69 420Prije godine
  • did you notice that zap is actually op? and look inferno tower and dragon weak against zap? i suggest zap only reset on inferno dragon only not at inferno tower .

    Muhammad alifMuhammad alifPrije godine
  • Subscribe to our youtube channel1 We post weekly Brawl Stars montages if you are interested!

    DeeMØPE - Brawl StarsDeeMØPE - Brawl StarsPrije godine
  • JUst asking, I didn't watch the video the whole way through, but was there a barbarian v.s. MK interaction? Will the barbarians die on impact or no?

    HorizonHorizonPrije godine
  • Playing on 4600 with a maxed out deck is pathetic.

    悪魔の血悪魔の血Prije godine
  • Want ramrider lmk wuw

    EyeEyeStreamEyeEyeStreamPrije godine
  • This new balance is a negative elixir trade

    ShelfYTShelfYTPrije godine
  • so battle ram is no longer a lightning bolt?

    TheFreshMangoTheFreshMangoPrije godine
  • executioner needs love?? its OP

    Yosef EssaYosef EssaPrije godine
  • Modern royale deck?

    Not Clickbait !Not Clickbait !Prije godine
  • Buff Dark Prince pls

    FDuss W&NFDuss W&NPrije godine
  • finally they re buffing the x bow

    Demre KıvrakDemre KıvrakPrije godine
  • I got a deck like this from a draft game, I've been playing it ever since.

    Edward CraniumEdward CraniumPrije godine
  • Barbarian just got even worse

    RevexhaRevexhaPrije godine
  • Hey orange juice you awesome and inspired me to get better at clash Royale

    CaffeinatingCaffeinatingPrije godine
  • Here before justin Y

    IceHot 900IceHot 900Prije godine