Balance Changes for November 2018 (11/05) | Clash Royale 🍊

New Balance Update coming for Clash Royale and we're going to talk about the mass and everything about the buffs and nerfs! We'll compare old vs new when the game updates on Monday.
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  • Inferno tower survive all shot in game Me even sparky and rocket

    Cool FireCool FirePrije mjesec
  • ‘’A 69 health nerf..OH YEAH’’ 3:01

    meliodasmeliodasPrije 7 mjeseci
  • Archers never get love just like the bowler .. wtf supercell

    Bekes MossaBekes MossaPrije godine
  • Yay dart goblin

    Reinhart VenterReinhart VenterPrije godine
  • Your namion? 14 away? (another versions of 1408 and your name it? )

    UtanimataUtanimataPrije godine
  • Why they buffing the mega knight, the thing already a beast. Not needed I’m my opinion.

    XysioXysioPrije godine
  • Dart goblin can actually now kill minions in 2 hits, ice spirit in 2 hits, and many more. It's a huge buff

    Felix FongFelix FongPrije 2 godina

    str8str8Prije 2 godina
  • 'sees title' *Novemer*

    Alif MuzaffarAlif MuzaffarPrije 2 godina
  • lmao Royal giant 300+ Dmg on lvl11 :3

    SafwanSafwanPrije 2 godina
  • there must one new card dark barracks or minion barracks from where minion should come or something like mega minion.

    Abdul NoorAbdul NoorPrije 2 godina
  • join my clan? -> Batman fam

    Makayla BarkerMakayla BarkerPrije 2 godina
  • someone try this deck,its a op noob deck thank me later :D (edit: works for nubs :D) 1. witch 2.poison 3.valkrie 4.zap 5.fireball 6.balloon 7.goblin barrel 8.skeleton army

    LittlepeeteirLittlepeeteirPrije 2 godina
  • I chose dart gob not because it needed the buff but rather because I wanted to see it in the meta I do think archers needed a buff mote than the dart gob tho

    HeadShotzHeadShotzPrije 2 godina
  • Why magic Archer Nerf 😭

  • Buff mega knight!

    x Halex HalePrije 2 godina
  • Look you thumbnail novemer

    UG MITARUG MITARPrije 2 godina
  • For me it was an easy pick: i've been using the same deck over the past 20 months: Mega Knight and Dart Goblin. This balance was like Christmas for me 😎.

    Mattia SerioMattia SerioPrije 2 godina
  • So the tombstone is strong against one combo and that's why you nerf it? BS.

  • @#_&)?!₪

    אלירז בוזג-חכםדרך-ן-ם!אלירז בוזג-חכםדרך-ן-ם!Prije 2 godina
  • Is royal ghost still gonna be viable?

    Lille leonLille leonPrije 2 godina
  • Just nerf ballon speed like wtf. It to strong, my friend push from arena 8 to 11

    DJYGamingDJYGamingPrije 2 godina
    • NERF first attack

      JORGE LUCUYJORGE LUCUYPrije 2 godina
  • you know what they should really nerf the MEGA KNIGHT my god is that card is so cancerous like it needs a BIG nerf(the people saying it needed a buff are complete idiots)

    Coolfiredragon 370Coolfiredragon 370Prije 2 godina
  • Bro you can speek Korean?

    기프트카드받자기프트카드받자Prije 2 godina
  • 69 health ok

    ZYZYPrije 2 godina
  • Magic archer sucks now. Tf supercell, buff him back to normal or make him BETTER

    Jouvani ZacatelcoJouvani ZacatelcoPrije 2 godina
  • before balance change video is better than this video because we saw comparison of old and new. but in this video no there

    Muhammed AralMuhammed AralPrije 2 godina
  • Baloon needs a nerf

    bloop penguinbloop penguinPrije 2 godina
  • Why did they buff the Inferno Tower tho to be exact?

    Daniel SolorzanoDaniel SolorzanoPrije 2 godina
    • Daniel Solorzano it can survive one extra hit from pretty much all troop from the game.

      The Lord of AnimeThe Lord of AnimePrije 2 godina
  • 1:29 this is why i dont use E-dragon

    The unseen guyThe unseen guyPrije 2 godina
  • Why Royal Giant hasn't gotten the damage Nerf?

    Jayant PatilJayant PatilPrije 2 godina
    • TheRedRaph right? They nerf already pathetic cards like the ghost, but don’t bother touching ACTUALLY “OVERPOWERED” cards, namingly the Royal Giant.

      Noah KirschNoah KirschPrije 2 godina
  • Not my tombstone!!!

    RadiantNarwhalRadiantNarwhalPrije 2 godina
  • why does supercell hate lavaloon smh

    MINIEVILMINIEVILPrije 2 godina
  • Dart Goblin already deals a liberal amount of damage, now he gets another damage buff. oof

    Seth BarnesSeth BarnesPrije 2 godina
  • Its my birthbhtday guys nomemver 1 2018

  • Can you make a deck for skeleton berell

    Abduljalil zammarAbduljalil zammarPrije 2 godina
  • I'm just sad that the royal giant didn't get nerfed. Why would you ever spend 6 elixer on a card like the goblin giant? Ntm it's super easy to Max the RG

    J NasteeJ NasteePrije 2 godina
  • Megaknight speed attack increase from 1.8 to 1.7 ... really ?? Lol

    HellboyHellboyPrije 2 godina
  • he has cold or something

    Edward ¡999Edward ¡999Prije 2 godina
  • Plz make vidoe of opening of draft chest...It will so much fun to watch...It is an request...And Ur wish😎

    Sujal ShresthaSujal ShresthaPrije 2 godina
  • This time, balance changes are not that good. Very boring changes.

    Lightning DragonLightning DragonPrije 2 godina
  • Make video on how to use and counter witch

    Lightning DragonLightning DragonPrije 2 godina
  • How can we vote? We r too part of a community!

    Niroj MadenNiroj MadenPrije 2 godina
  • Nerf the witch!! Kill her with a fireball and a zap...!! It's too OP!! Deduct her spawn rate by 5%!!

    Aayush MehtaAayush MehtaPrije 2 godina
  • how is 59 to 52 a 6% decrease?

    Sack MasterSack MasterPrije 2 godina
  • Any speculation on what possible change they could make to freeze? Sitting on a max freeze so I hope it's something good not bad

    Michael BlountMichael BlountPrije 2 godina
  • Supercell why no nerf for the royal giant

    im not smartim not smartPrije 2 godina
  • Do a video troop mass please!!

    Jared BroganJared BroganPrije 2 godina
  • *"Novemer"* It's in the thumbnail

    Joel-OJoel-OPrije 2 godina
  • Yaeeee skelly barrel gonna annihilate for me!

    Gyro ZGyro ZPrije 2 godina
  • He waste a lot of money on this game for just emotes and chest

    Bryan CervantesBryan CervantesPrije 2 godina
  • Lol why does OJ sound like he's on crack?

    Anime profile pictureAnime profile picturePrije 2 godina
  • Tombstone is ruined

    Tommy NullmeyersTommy NullmeyersPrije 2 godina
  • Does your clan still exist, and how do you join

    Dan VuDan VuPrije 2 godina
  • Freeze is THE most difficult card to balance. Either you rework the card or it will never be balanced with incresing freeze time by leveling up...

    LercosLercosPrije 2 godina
  • Dart Goblin is buff but now it's buffer

    Jorge AcostaJorge AcostaPrije 2 godina
  • why buff hp of the inferno tower? it is already perfect as is if to update it really should of had a nerf in damage increase speed and health should of stayed

    ShadowStormDTShadowStormDTPrije 2 godina
  • 1:20 rip golem decks 😔

    Alex RAlex RPrije 2 godina
  • oof

    kraspectkraspectPrije 2 godina
  • The way he said thanks for watching at the end somehow cracked me up

    CardienCardienPrije 2 godina
  • Do ya'll know how to switch acc in clash royale?

    Andrei RoqueAndrei RoquePrije 2 godina
  • Türk var mı🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷

    Atahan DuruAtahan DuruPrije 2 godina
  • It's so stupid to give 3% to the inferno tower as it is already too OP...

    Daniel ArellanoDaniel ArellanoPrije 2 godina
  • *Beans*

    Jency KetoJency KetoPrije 2 godina
  • Nooo my baby cannon cart he or she was my winning card for arena 10 to 12 😢😳😯

    Time TroubleTime TroublePrije 2 godina
  • aren't you getting bored now playing this game lol its pubg time

    Aash 03Aash 03Prije 2 godina
  • What are they gonna do to my freeze OJ??

    OpiumOpiumPrije 2 godina
  • I am happy mega knight got a bit of love, it didn’t feel strong anymore after some nerfs

    Some Random PersonSome Random PersonPrije 2 godina
  • bitter spirit golem sweet

    Yaasos50Yaasos50Prije 2 godina
  • New member

    Yaasos50Yaasos50Prije 2 godina
  • Happy 1 million OJ?!?!?! Im so hype right now😆😆

    John SalvadorJohn SalvadorPrije 2 godina
  • Royal ghost now died from giant skeleton bomb

    Ignas KarvelisIgnas KarvelisPrije 2 godina
  • Supercell should buff elite barb😣😣or please make it elixir of 5

    MK HubMK HubPrije 2 godina
  • Could i join your clash royale clan even if im missing 1.8k trophies?

    ItzWolfy _ItzWolfy _Prije 2 godina
  • If they buff freeze ima stop playing

    omar comenentiaomar comenentiaPrije 2 godina
  • I just got Royalghost!! 🤬🤬🤬

    minecraft chadminecraft chadPrije 2 godina
  • So is tombstone still viable or do I need to switch it out

    That BoiThat BoiPrije 2 godina
  • Gv archers a 10% damage increase but a health nerf so they can be arrowed whatsay?

    Nihal KingNihal KingPrije 2 godina
  • Nerfember

    Nihal KingNihal KingPrije 2 godina
  • Fuck infernotower....I play hog with lightning...and when I use the lightning against the Tower the hog needs 3 hits to destroy the Tower....niiiiice

    Wer diesen Namen bis zum Ende ließt muss abonnierenWer diesen Namen bis zum Ende ließt muss abonnierenPrije 2 godina

    toasttoastPrije 2 godina
    • but why

      toasttoastPrije 2 godina
  • Zap buff

    Saadet ÖnderSaadet ÖnderPrije 2 godina
  • I love this balance change ✌✌

    Chris GonzalezChris GonzalezPrije 2 godina
  • Please make new clan 😅😅😅

    Sofhea camelle NocesSofhea camelle NocesPrije 2 godina
  • A balance for my bday nicee

    GodSpeedGodSpeedPrije 2 godina
  • I feel like my boy OJ was in a rush

    Dylan DeKoningDylan DeKoningPrije 2 godina
  • Is it only me or dart goblin looks OP now

    Desmond LeeDesmond LeePrije 2 godina
  • Wow! I am haaappy for royal ghost he was the best legendary (so far till the update ) people just like cards that are just good looking (mega knight ) but the night witch is stronger she grounds the mega knight 1v1

    Grade's FishGrade's FishPrije 2 godina
  • Nooo they nerfed my baby =( R.I.P cannon cart

    Someguy1237Someguy1237Prije 2 godina
  • That’s another card nerfed for x-bow decks and royal ghost gets nerfed this is madness!

    Ricardo VeintimillaRicardo VeintimillaPrije 2 godina
  • Can you help me how to use giant skeleton

    OH YEAHOH YEAHPrije 2 godina
  • Oj please make a another vedio of log beit with knight and rocket

    Sanath SmithaSanath SmithaPrije 2 godina

    SRV1CSRV1CPrije 2 godina
  • wtf...why all my deck is gonna be nerf :(

    sir da3barsir da3barPrije 2 godina
  • Can you guys help out a clan I just made. It’s called Amplify and I need more memebers, I am very active.

    EvsomeEvsomePrije 2 godina
  • I kept on beating my little brother and he has a deck 3x better than me

    Gacha OkumuraGacha OkumuraPrije 2 godina
  • I think that that magic archer nerf was brilliant

    NahtanojNahtanojPrije 2 godina
  • 1000 commenter

    Vinu GopalakrishnanVinu GopalakrishnanPrije 2 godina
  • 1000th comment

    BurntKrispBurntKrispPrije 2 godina
  • Looking for members for a new clan I created reply if u wish to join the clan name is Blankzz (just join if u want)

    LumpyLumpyPrije 2 godina