bad customers

Annoying customers are annoying. These are times I met the most notable customers and shoppers when I worked at the UPS store. I thought working in food jobs would be worse but I think I had a worse time in the UPS store. Looking back now I think it was funny. In the moment though it was less of that and more annoying. Crazy customers be crazy. And I imagine people working in retail now have even crazier stories from the past year. My stories are from years ago.

Villa helped with this animation and did a really good job here is their twitter account: hi_blnd

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  • This has the best quotes lol "I don't like to work, I just like da moni" "...Or am I crazy? I am crazy, blblavablala" "If you wanna go out with your buddies, you gotta have da cæsh" :If you wanna ship drugs... uh.. dont.. don't do that one"

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  • it's commercial suicide to not provide the customer with said product or service

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  • 👌🏽😍😎🤩😆😇⚡️😁😄😀😀😍🥰😚

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    • One of the HRclubs or ever

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    • You are the best HRclubs or ever

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  • I think that 1 person might have been mean

    Fire Shade101Fire Shade101Prije 2 sati

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    • I can't get over how genial the visual story-telling of Andy is. Comedic timing and silly animation in absolute synergy

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  • Good thing I can’t subscribe because I have to sign in

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  • Tony used to work

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  • My first job was a cashier/operator or whatever you call it at local Internet Cafe. Then this Gramps came and ask me if I could help him to open up some porn website for him, I still remember what he said "could you find me an Japanese women with pubic, because you know it more attractive" Like duh... Gramps I'm not a LOVE Hotel staff. Me and my dad never had this kind of conversation before and this Gramps just spit it out that easily. But I still help him anyway...

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  • Bolognese

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  • YOUR MEAN!!!!!!!!! YEEET!!!!!!

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  • Alright I love this I'm subbing

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  • I could have sworn i saw this a month or so ago, but this was only made a week ago and now I'm just confused

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  • I eat pizza like a cookie._.

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  • "I don't care about onions" **kicks the fuck outta some garlic**

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  • him constantly referencing five guys and the ups makes me a little suspicious because near my house there is a ups store right next to a five guys.

    Jacob MullinsJacob MullinsPrije 7 sati
  • Drugs are bad mkay

    Tristan HallTristan HallPrije 8 sati
  • i workt at UPS!

    Marie CaineMarie CainePrije 8 sati
  • UPS

    Marie CaineMarie CainePrije 8 sati
  • 4:14 at the very least shipping of organic materials can be considered biohazards material

    Joseph EvertsJoseph EvertsPrije 8 sati
  • I can't get over how genial the visual story-telling of Andy is. Comedic timing and silly animation in absolute synergy

    Flair the HumanFlair the HumanPrije 8 sati
  • I got a job to get away from home the money part came 2nd in line

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  • Five guys gud

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  • People are weird. This is a good example why there are disclaimers not to send cash by mail lol

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  • 0:42 the queen of England has had enough of this she wants her food Now.. and she is tired of waiting any longer.. ( yes I am an American and I am just making a joke dont take it seriously)

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  • Just found you videos and I love them ❤️

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  • Karens

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  • Ur not crazy u got square brain

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  • 0:53 omg i glad i subed

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  • You gotta have the ceash

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  • Listen. You're not crazy. You're hilariously unstable.

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  • I work in CS and im dead inside

    Quincy BQuincy BPrije 10 sati
  • Everyone needs to work retail at some point in their lives to learn gratitude and respect

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  • i love your videos you are so funny shbhdhezgf

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  • What am I watching

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  • You gotta hav the cæsh

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  • HOW DO YOU CONTINUE TO ANIMATE LIKE THAT??? I want to learn too (T^T)

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  • Almost every vid u kidnap someone why is that

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  • I love ya eyes

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  • ics is a killer

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  • it said not for under 13 yrs old i watched it

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  • Can you let me out of this box already

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  • Andy . You're mean!

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  • 0:24: The monee 0:28: the caesh

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  • Person who doesn't have an account:

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  • I worked in the apple store. I have sooooo many stories like these!!

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  • Hey Ikecram sandwoich we get how to animate video?!?! 👀

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    • By the way, I’m kidding but it’s a IDEAAAA!

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  • My part time job when I'm not acting is a retail job and wow... Many rude people come into the store let me tell you. More characters enter my work then on stage 😂😂

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  • icecreamsandwich kidnappes a local man

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  • Andy, *I* think your eyes are beautiful today.

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  • “Your mean!” *crash* *wheeze*

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  • Capitalism😍

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  • Some one being mean to u at the park “YOUR MEAN” *slams their head into the tree*

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  • You have sexy eyes ice cream sandwich

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  • Bonjour

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  • Your eyes are beautiful today.

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  • Quality content as always!

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  • How do i spell no?

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    • Ah‽ Its no‽ Thanks

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    • |\|°?

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    • ⁿ⁰?

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  • whats rong with the minecraft references (not that any thing is wrong with it)

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  • i’m not subscribed just like Sam O Nella once said, “uh oh. UH OH. *_U H O H”_*

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  • you were right about the food industry. a lady at work yesterday was (rightfully) angry because it was a 15 minute wait for her coffee

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  • LOOK AT ME! LOOK AT MY ✨ E Y E S ✨ pft pft pft pft

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  • Karens dislikes the video

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  • good thing im subscribed

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  • Ice cream sandwich: packing a person who did not sub Me:*moving my finger to the sub button*lol

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  • I wanna go home

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  • And then he got an order to ship 2 whales across the world

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  • My first job was as a Cashier. I was taught a second part of the, "The customer is always right." saying. Which is, "But never trust the customer."

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  • The straight woman arguably glow because rule successfully imagine down a nifty australia. elastic, illegal nephew

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  • His videos always give me Adventure Time vibes

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  • Take the cash

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  • Food service...worse than hell🙂

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  • My dad is a FedEx driver

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  • First minute in: this man likes Minecraft

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  • 1:02 but that viewer though

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  • I work at a UPS store too and oooooh boy this was a fun watch lol we've had people try to ship stuff we can't do (alcohol/drugs/gun parts and ammo), seem some reeeaalll interesting Amazon returns, stopped an elderly couple from being scammed out of their life savings (and another woman who almost lost $2k from a scam), and so much more. There are some rough times (like holidays) but I love it and my boss and coworkers are the best. Some advice, please be nice and patient when shipping during the holidays, and have your stuff ready as much as possible so we can help you out quicker 👌

    blackfawn13blackfawn13Prije dan
  • Jobs are a nightmare for someone with social anxiety and a preference for being silent in public. I quit after a month. I don’t do shit without being told and I could see that I was more of a burden than a helper...

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  • can we be friends

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  • 0:18 hlkgcbhzxfbgsefjkl vnbtfbjh

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  • The money in the magazine is a false money.

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    • I swear those human eyes blinking with the squidward walking sound makes me laugh every time.

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  • According to him, UPS opens suspecious packages. Good to know 😊

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  • If you don't work, everything will cost more to everyone. Your grandparents retirement age will get higher, they may die before ever getting old enough. If you think I am wrong, that's because you smoke weed.

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  • one time I answered the phone and this old lady immediatly starting screaming "I ORDERED NO CHEESE ON MY PIZZA AND IT HAS CHEESE WHAT FUCK!" Me: Um mam are you ok? Old lady: I ORDERED NO CHEESE AND THERE IS CHEESE WHAT THE FUCK. I SAID NO CHEESE.... Me: Hello? Do you need help? Old lady: I ORDERED NO CHEESE WHAT THE FUCK! *sounds like she's getting more distant* what the fuck! *hangs up* Me: *Is very confused*

    TopOfAllWorldsTopOfAllWorldsPrije dan
  • I work at EB Games as my first job (GameStop for you Americans and Canadians etc etc) and omg its chaotic. I didn't want to work at McDonalds because I like games, not food. First day there, my boss takes a break for 5 minutes and those 5 minutes happen to be when a guy comes running in shouting about why people should "smoke pot" and I was very confused and people called the cops and then Karens decided to tell me off for letting him in. WHEN I CAN'T STOP PEOPLE FROM ENTERING THE STORE LIKE WTF

    HollowHeartHollowHeartPrije dan
  • I work at a ups store. we get a lot of weirdos, man.

    Gabby TabbyGabby TabbyPrije dan
  • The irony here is that the rude old woman on the cane chair was probably the most traumatic

    Chess KnightChess KnightPrije dan
  • Hahaha retail hehehe funny joke M W W W I have I I W W I I I I I W W I have you Retail

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  • I was gonna subscribe...then realized I already did.

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  • "I wanna go home" "*gasp* me too!" Basically how I make friends lmao

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  • Who could possibly dislike this

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  • I love your videos omg

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  • *look into my eyes*

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  • I subscribed, don't ship me to a volcano pls ;w;

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  • He cute

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  • *Me when my brothers wont stop bugging me:* 2:45

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  • I swear those human eyes blinking with the squidward walking sound makes me laugh every time.

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  • Hello Ice Cream Sandwich ;)

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