Baarack the sheep shorn of 35kg fleece after being found roaming in rural Australia

A rogue sheep found wandering in rural Victoria has been shorn of his heavily overgrown 35kg fleece. Nicknamed Baarack by his rescuers, the merino ram was taken to Edgar's Mission farm sanctuary, where the fleece was removed to save his life. 'He was in a bit of a bad way,' Kyle Behrend of the sanctuary said. 'He was underweight and, due to all of the wool around his face, he could barely see'
Mammoth woolly: Baarack the overgrown sheep shorn of his 35kg fleece ►
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  • Mammoth woolly: Baarack the overgrown sheep shorn of his 35kg fleece ►

    Guardian NewsGuardian NewsPrije mjesec
  • Feeling very lite acter watching thinking i am sheep

    Naga mohan NeelamNaga mohan NeelamPrije 3 dana
  • У меня один вопрос: что у Баарака с горлом?

    Херь На АвеХерь На АвеPrije 8 dana
  • Imagine finding this sheep in the wild

    Daniel PerrottDaniel PerrottPrije 12 dana
  • 0:03 When i been at school, but i don't wanna nobody i see.

    PAX ROMANPAX ROMANPrije 14 dana
  • I wish i could lose this much weight by shearing 😕

    Em AayEm AayPrije mjesec
  • What an absolute unit!

    Ilse van der BijIlse van der BijPrije mjesec
  • Glad someone did not use it for food

    S SS SPrije mjesec
  • I wonder if the extreme wool protected him from predator

    SephorA ReynoldsSephorA ReynoldsPrije mjesec
    • Would you want to navigate 80 lbs of wool for a small meal? 😆

      sbinsdcasbinsdcaPrije mjesec
  • Gross

    Max HaymesMax HaymesPrije mjesec
  • That’s atleast worth 2 shulker boxes of beds.

    ck_delEarthck_delEarthPrije mjesec
  • Big sheep !

    K.D. FARRELLK.D. FARRELLPrije mjesec
  • Is john crace his twin,???

    colin wishbonecolin wishbonePrije mjesec
  • He wa lucky not to have been gotten australian brambles in the wild..

    Kkman kkuKkman kkuPrije mjesec
  • Is it just me or the barber/shearer could have done better...?

    Kkman kkuKkman kkuPrije mjesec
  • I hope there aren't any other sheep like him lost in the wild!

    OneThrough8OneThrough8Prije mjesec
  • What did sheep do before farmers came and cut their fleeces?

    Matt CrawleyMatt CrawleyPrije mjesec
    • They didn't grow coats like that before domestication. Sheep have been bred to produce wool year round and need to be shorn at least once a year to maintain their health.

      sbinsdcasbinsdcaPrije mjesec
  • Imagine seeing that unit when walking in woods

    Mr8ofspadesMr8ofspadesPrije mjesec
  • He looks more like Isaac Newton than Barak Obama.

    MKSMKSPrije mjesec
  • It is interesting to see though, just how much wool can actually grow on a single sheep.

    TheWallachianBardTheWallachianBardPrije mjesec
  • Maybe his owners went vegan.

    CüneydCüneydPrije mjesec
  • 0:08 That's Men's hairstyle in the 18th Century.

    FullblownFullblownPrije mjesec
  • Omg

    MrMotherfuck123MrMotherfuck123Prije mjesec
  • Emotional

    Zambak AtesZambak AtesPrije mjesec
  • What a sweet baby!

    Boston BlackieBoston BlackiePrije mjesec
  • Here we have the walking coliflower

    rocking chiprocking chipPrije mjesec
  • Sheep shorn. Shorn the sheep! Forlorn and shorn, the sheep was worn. Torn between two shorners. Foreshorn and destitute.

    The_Final AscentThe_Final AscentPrije mjesec
  • нормально бл.. а что она вся в крови и кожа кусками висит - норм? у вас че, рук прямых не нашлось?

    Kira 狐39Kira 狐39Prije mjesec

    unknown humanunknown humanPrije mjesec
  • So much wool :0

    Jared GomezJared GomezPrije mjesec
  • He is cute.

    Allen GordonAllen GordonPrije mjesec
  • Baarack obama the Sheep! 😬

    JOHN DANAJOHN DANAPrije mjesec
  • Shear bliss.

    philthy cat 1philthy cat 1Prije mjesec
  • 1:03 blood from her neck ?😨

    Sidra KashifSidra KashifPrije mjesec
    • Looks more like skin irritation than cut skin And the sheep’s male

      William MorahanWilliam MorahanPrije mjesec
  • Due to COVID i think we can all relate to this.

    whzpoorwhzpoorPrije mjesec
  • Why I am happy when she got hair cut?

    Calvary stream cleansesCalvary stream cleansesPrije mjesec
    • He. It's a ram.

      OsakaRoseOsakaRosePrije mjesec
  • Breaking news: sanctuary workers fleece native Australian of 78 pounds.

    Ikesinachi BrendanIkesinachi BrendanPrije mjesec
    • I gave you a pity thumbs up 😆

      sbinsdcasbinsdcaPrije mjesec
  • Free

    Mario BothaMario BothaPrije mjesec
  • Is it rescued or captured😂😂😂

    Mangesh MahadadalkarMangesh MahadadalkarPrije mjesec
  • What’s all the blood on the neck and what was wrong with that other sheep at the back, looked sore! Not criticising, glad they helped him! Just wondering.

    Jay SeeJay SeePrije mjesec
  • Excuse my ignorance but do sheep “shear” in the wild? Are there a bunch of wild sheep somewhere in this situation?

    kevinerosakevinerosaPrije mjesec
    • Nope. Wild sheep don't have wool like this. Only domestic sheep bred for wool production.

      OsakaRoseOsakaRosePrije mjesec
    • Domestic ones have been bred for generations to produce high quantities of wool but this is not the case with wild sheep like the bighorn.

      MinnienhleMinnienhlePrije mjesec
  • Awe poor soul thank you for saving his life he must have suffered in the heat too

    Teo GuilfoyleTeo GuilfoylePrije mjesec
  • They probably got two stacks of wool after having cut his hair. Now they can craft lots of carpets to decorate their houses. Nice.

    Jared SagastumeJared SagastumePrije mjesec
    • How do you do, fellow minecrafter?

      Вероника РаевскаяВероника РаевскаяPrije mjesec
  • Proper lockdown growth

    Tali SinghTali SinghPrije mjesec
  • They should have given him a part in a Sci-Fi movie before the fleece cut

  • They also found a old wild boar and named it Donald.

    Adam UppsalaAdam UppsalaPrije mjesec
  • Must be freezing after that cut

    Ob1sdarksideOb1sdarksidePrije mjesec
  • The worst plot twist I'd want to read is if Baarack ended up freezing to death.

    mrmacrossmrmacrossPrije mjesec
    • Which is why they put it in a little coat at the end.

      catwhowalksbyhimselfcatwhowalksbyhimselfPrije mjesec
  • Imagine how high he can jump now! Must be over the moon, at least

    buckhinschweybuckhinschweyPrije mjesec
  • We've got something called a baarack wandering around this country; do you want it?

    Steve WSteve WPrije mjesec
  • Baarack OLamba

    Shobhin BasuShobhin BasuPrije mjesec
  • Seeing all that wool getting cut off was extremely satisfying

    A Man OnlineA Man OnlinePrije mjesec
    • The comment I was looking for!!! The same here!!!

      Principe AzulPrincipe AzulPrije mjesec
  • Dreadlocks sheep

    Iron HorseIron HorsePrije mjesec
  • Don't show this to PETA....

    T PhillipsT PhillipsPrije mjesec
  • Saved to be slaughtered!

    Arpit sharmaArpit sharmaPrije mjesec
    • Its food

      HRV 35HRV 35Prije mjesec
  • Awe... I’m a sucker for people being nice✨✨✨✨💖

    Kind ShaunKind ShaunPrije mjesec
  • Longer shearing video please!!!

    i'm goin' homei'm goin' homePrije mjesec
  • He looks like a rich celebrity wearing really weird clothes.

    Nauman AshrafNauman AshrafPrije mjesec
  • Poor thing! He must have been miserable in the heat of Australian summers!

    coyotehome2002coyotehome2002Prije mjesec
  • literally me being weighed down & strangled by everything in my brain

    Gemini FreestyleGemini FreestylePrije mjesec
    • 😂 I can SO relate to that!

      Jay SeeJay SeePrije mjesec
  • Someone did a poor job of shearing there.

    Mrs C PcMrs C PcPrije mjesec
    • He shall recover from wounds

      Zambak AtesZambak AtesPrije mjesec
  • Next time the Mrs tells me she's having a bad hair day ill show her this

    Joshua KingJoshua KingPrije mjesec
    • That was baaaaaaaaad 😉

      sbinsdcasbinsdcaPrije mjesec
  • 거의 3분의 1 크기가 됐네요 털미는거 보니까 시원합니다 ㅎㅎ

    졸린문어졸린문어Prije mjesec
  • Baarack looks like a robot.

    Logan's VidsLogan's VidsPrije mjesec
  • What would have happened to him if he hadn't been found, would the fleece carry on growing and impede his ability to function?

    Robert OrmistonRobert OrmistonPrije mjesec
    • Yep, plus he might have overheated.

      Ethan SmithEthan SmithPrije mjesec
    • Yes, apparently it can be lethal even.

      Ali CuffAli CuffPrije mjesec
  • Thankyou for taking care of it!

    Sarfaraaz AnsariSarfaraaz AnsariPrije mjesec
  • now that’s what I call an overcoat... jonny..

    Peter HarrisPeter HarrisPrije mjesec
  • Looks like he's about to drop the dopest album

    Ñate-oÑate-oPrije mjesec
  • edgars mission

    Potr64Potr64Prije mjesec
  • Me after months in quarantine

    Roberto PinottiRoberto PinottiPrije mjesec
    • LOL!

      Akashic Record Media, Ltd.Akashic Record Media, Ltd.Prije mjesec
  • That reminds me. I need get a haircut.

    Ahmed SyedAhmed SyedPrije mjesec
  • Yeah Merino wool. These sheep have health issues due to being bred to produce as much wool as possible even without the neglect.

    flightisallrightflightisallrightPrije mjesec
    • What sort of health issues?

      TamiTamiPrije mjesec
  • Did they cover him to hide the hideous wool cut the shearer gave him?

    Vik ZVik ZPrije mjesec
    • It was bitten by a rabid.. rabbit.

      Javier FernandezJavier FernandezPrije mjesec
    • Think about it.. the warming coat provides comfort, reduces shock, and maintains the sheep's temperature, until it fully adapts to the huge change.

      Jean PetersJean PetersPrije mjesec
  • How do sheep survive in the wild? Answer: Sheep that grow so much wool that they cannot move if left unsheared is not a result of natural evolution. Sheep have been bred by humans for millennia with the goal of selecting the ones that produced the most wool the fastest. This of course is because the goal of the sheep farmer is to make a profit and the more wool they can grow, the higher the profit. As a result, the sheep that are farmed now do not resemble the wild sheep they come from in many ways. They have wool that grows so fast and so thick that if left to their own devices, the population would die off rather quickly as they find themselves immobilized by their vast quantities of wool.

    Steve EwartSteve EwartPrije mjesec
    • @Angela Chiu complain to Michelle

      sbinsdcasbinsdcaPrije mjesec
    • Now Barrack is lucky and he left from the bred shelter!

      Angela ChiuAngela ChiuPrije mjesec
    • That’s terrible and cruel to Baarack!

      Angela ChiuAngela ChiuPrije mjesec
  • 🤗🙋🏼‍♂️💞🌿

    Moshe David DyionMoshe David DyionPrije mjesec
  • Obama Voice: If you like your wool. you can keep your wool

    Jay ByrdJay ByrdPrije mjesec
  • This is not a sheep. This is a silly man in a fur coat in need of a haircut.

    PoorHappyGirlPoorHappyGirlPrije mjesec
  • Kind of satisfying to watch it being cut off

    Edmundo studiosEdmundo studiosPrije mjesec
  • Love u from kashmir gurdian for this type of post

    khan azhar rasool groupkhan azhar rasool groupPrije mjesec
  • Ay what happened to his neck?

    noot neetnoot neetPrije mjesec
    • @GhostLady Darkling he can heal from it at least, I mean with that much wool cutting it off is going to be hard.

      noot neetnoot neetPrije mjesec
    • The person shearing him was very careless.

      GhostLady DarklingGhostLady DarklingPrije mjesec
    • The wool can twist after a time or, (Like an ingrown hair.) the barber got just a little too close! It can happen!

      Akashic Record Media, Ltd.Akashic Record Media, Ltd.Prije mjesec
  • that would literally be 100 wool military blankets, 580 pairs of wool socks, 24 wool jackets..just from that 1 sheep that missed a few

    Natural State Pool and Spa LLCNatural State Pool and Spa LLCPrije mjesec
  • He kinda looked like one of the Old English judges.

    VeroViatorVeroViatorPrije mjesec
    • LOL!

      Akashic Record Media, Ltd.Akashic Record Media, Ltd.Prije mjesec
  • lol...poor thing looked like a blob of hair

    Natural State Pool and Spa LLCNatural State Pool and Spa LLCPrije mjesec
    • Wool

      sbinsdcasbinsdcaPrije mjesec
  • That sheep must've felt baaaaaa-d before being shaved I'm sorry

    Forest The FolfForest The FolfPrije mjesec
    • You are excused

      R A R E V A L U E O0R A R E V A L U E O0Prije mjesec
  • It was lucky to be sent to a sanctuary. Those shearings can be quite brutal.

    blue puppyblue puppyPrije mjesec
    • not an it - he

      Potr64Potr64Prije mjesec
  • For a brief moment, we know who the happiest sheep in the world is.

    Šime VidasŠime VidasPrije mjesec
    • @LabourVoters ArePaedophiles when you spam the autofill words on the keyboard. A lot more to come back and forth with the new sprint network from the following the instructions in the end i died in the end of this communication in a new message from the first place is still a lot of people who do.

      NekiplexNekiplexPrije mjesec
    • It's a physical representation of how patriotic Brits feel now the thick stinking matted blanket of dead weight has been removed bye bye EU

      LabourVoters ArePaedophilesLabourVoters ArePaedophilesPrije mjesec
  • Disgusting

    joe orlandojoe orlandoPrije mjesec
  • He’s so handsome it turns out! 😃

    Paula BrownPaula BrownPrije mjesec
    • He's single too

      sbinsdcasbinsdcaPrije mjesec
  • 😥🥰

    Paula BrownPaula BrownPrije mjesec
  • In this blessed world there are NO SHORTAGE of anything “ only for Controls of the people “

  • Poor sweet baby; his skin is going to need extensive treatment. Let us pray the remainder of his life can be happy and free of the kind of neglect and maltreatment he has known.

    Cheryl R LeighCheryl R LeighPrije mjesec
    • He'll be fine. Probably got a healthy dose of antibiotics.

      Finn HFinn HPrije mjesec
    • Neglect and mistreatment? He was lost, not mistreated.

      Greg HarwoodGreg HarwoodPrije mjesec
    • @ULOIRAR Thankfully he won't. He is at a sanctuary safe from meat eaters.

      Michael RCHMichael RCHPrije mjesec
    • He will be happy on someone's plate soon

      ULOIRARULOIRARPrije mjesec
    • I completely agree♥️ I think though that he belonged to a farmer and got lost on the mountains and was later found! As far as I know, it wasnt because any terrible things which makes it to me a refreshing story of success 🙂♥️✨

      Lauren CampbellLauren CampbellPrije mjesec
  • I want to jump on it lol

    cvvv vcvvv vPrije mjesec
  • Too bad sheep have been selectively bred to keep growing their wool. Wild sheep don't have this problem.

    Spud dailySpud dailyPrije mjesec
    • @45 This doesn't actually harm the sheep normally. Not if it doesn't run away, as this one did.

      catwhowalksbyhimselfcatwhowalksbyhimselfPrije mjesec
    • @Darion Donte You know, you can say that about every bite of the grain you ever eat. And fruits. And veggies. Farming is an unnatural process since the very beginning. We select breed everything. That's how human survived.

      Hanmei CuiHanmei CuiPrije mjesec
    • @Spud daily care to prove any of my points as nonsense with more than just your opinion? Nahh didn't think so

      LabourVoters ArePaedophilesLabourVoters ArePaedophilesPrije mjesec
    • @LabourVoters ArePaedophiles I'm going to ignore all your nonsense and run on sentences to say yes this happened before capitalism. But the fact that we continue to manipulate animals this way is a modern decision.

      Spud dailySpud dailyPrije mjesec
    • Wow humans are disgusting

      4545Prije mjesec
  • Who’s the heartless master to treat the sheep like that? Is the sheep be treated the strayed sheep? If not, the master should be punished and be charged to the cruelties to the animals.

    Angela ChiuAngela ChiuPrije mjesec
    • Okay! Understood.

      Angela ChiuAngela ChiuPrije mjesec
    • @Angela Chiu No there is no evidence the sheep was abused in any way. It simply ran away and lived in the wild for years. In the wild, there is no one to cut the fleece, so it just grew like that. No farmer is going to let the fleece grow like that. it is like throwing money away. They want to keep the wool shaved because its how they make their money.

      catwhowalksbyhimselfcatwhowalksbyhimselfPrije mjesec
    • @OsakaRose This sheep was surely abused by his master (farmer) for business. Every year the fleece will be removed but this poor sheep was not. He was carrying that heavy fleece for years. He is lucky to be rescued.

      Angela ChiuAngela ChiuPrije mjesec
    • Didn't you watch the whole video? It said that he escaped from someone. But don't know who since his ear tag is missing.

      OsakaRoseOsakaRosePrije mjesec
    • @ULOIRAR Barracks is a bred sheep and I am sure he is lucky to escape and be rescued.

      Angela ChiuAngela ChiuPrije mjesec
  • He was FLEECED !!! 🤣🐑

    Jonah DabJonah DabPrije mjesec
    • LOL!

      Akashic Record Media, Ltd.Akashic Record Media, Ltd.Prije mjesec
  • Omg 😱

    キャロラインキャロラインPrije mjesec
  • Only if....

    R. CogburnR. CogburnPrije mjesec
  • I hope they properly treat the neck area...even though, he does seem a lot happier! ❤

    Crystal WatersCrystal WatersPrije mjesec
    • @Moe was here save work for whom?

      GirackGirackPrije mjesec
    • @Selenah that makes me angry, why they cant savework?!

      Moe was hereMoe was herePrije mjesec
    • @Crystal Waters oh, so they baically made his skin looser/ less tight? if so, then i hope he's fine now

      Soap MacTavishSoap MacTavishPrije mjesec
    • @Soap MacTavish ...The wool may have pulled the skin so bad that his skin was pulling, bleeding and irritated. I hope they can take care of him after all that...

      Crystal WatersCrystal WatersPrije mjesec
    • oh... it looks pretty painful, i hope he makes a full recovery!

      Soap MacTavishSoap MacTavishPrije mjesec
  • 80 pounds!!!! Poor little thing!

    Everything Fresh & SassyEverything Fresh & SassyPrije mjesec
  • Nice

    Smile JpegSmile JpegPrije mjesec