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  • I know this deck from Morten

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  • I love this deck ! Well play!

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  • I love your gameplay... Being an xbow 3.0 player, I see a lot of micro interactions in ur vids that help me in my game like how you countered miner wb with skeles and ice spirt in 2.1 log bait video. Keep up this quality gameplay

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  • Juega cementerio por favor

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  • what kind of iphone do you play on??? Also you are talented Oyassuu

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  • Nice😍

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  • Este tipo es Dios!!! :0

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  • I accompany you here from Brazil

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  • melhor do mundo

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  • Oyassuu is Op! Lol, Guys, I'm on Jackie Moon clan and watched him getting top1. I recorded the replays and is on my lastest video here on youtube!

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  • only show the matches that he win .. just show them all bro

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  • Oh, you're in Russian clan.

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  • Alguém sabe qual é o gravador de tela q o OYASSUU usa para gravar Clash?

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  • This game against x-bow Player? SICK MAN! Incredible set of skills.

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  • "2.9 WB WINER CYCLE"

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  • Oops. Oyasuu typed winer instead of miner in the title😁 but its no problem👍

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  • Clássic log bait 3.3 please 🙇‍♂️. Greetings from Costa Rica!. ¡pura vida!!! 👍

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  • Oyassu please test this mortar deck 2.6 the deck is skeletons, ice spirit, skeleton barrel, mortar, musketeer, ice golem, the log, and fireball

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  • I watch you when yo play 2.6 not thes decks🥲🥲

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  • Mohammedparsa vs oyassu. Oyassu bro won 👍

  • I really enjoy ladders videos

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  • I am reputed but learn from you😂😂😂

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  • can you play three musketeer

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  • I love you Oyassuu 😊😊(*^▽^*)

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  • Omg I see you in tv royale, I’m serious

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    • He comes in tv royale every now and then Bcz he is in top ladder

  • His skill sets with any troop 💝💝 amazing Most probably he makes everyone cry 😭😭😂🤣🤣🤣

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  • Oyassu you're professional in hog cycle 😄

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  • Oyassuu!! really strong!💪💪

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  • I'm from Brazil, I love your channel

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  • クラロワのチャンネルあんまり登録せんけどするか‥

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  • Наконец хоть что-то кроме 2.6😌

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  • I am the only one who wants to see a stream of oyasuu

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  • bro I saw you again on tv royale

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  • Я один тут русский?

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  • It not the miner it was magic archer which is win condition

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  • I love me some winer cycle

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  • Oyassu te vi en la tv Royale, eres mi motivación para usar el 2.6 y mejorar cada día.

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    • oyasuu es el dios del 2.6

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  • Se ve buena la baraja

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  • Why u dont record the videos from 4vs4 with Japan vs Latam thing

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  • Oyyassuu the god of 2.6❤️❤️❤️

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  • Everybody thought this was the worst deck in Miner History of History now(Magic archer, Miner, bomb Tower got nerfed) Oyassuu: Ima get +150 trophies

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  • cool that you are experimenting with calodes

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  • A wild xbow appeared

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  • Can you use wizard?

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  • Wtf u win vs icebow

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  • Deck renan cava

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  • Вам тоже очень часто в рекомендации попадается? А у него беру деки топовый чел!✌️

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    • Да, я его месяца 4 смотрю и пытаюсь играть как он. Топчик он, еще бы взял топ 1 мира

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  • Oyassuu idola😍

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  • All people do on ladder is cry when they win and laugh when they lose

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  • Op

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  • Wow thanks for this I'm playing this deck right now 🤩

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  • Very impressive play! Oyassuu must have gotten straight A's in geometry class.

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  • Eres increíble bro are a Genius

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  • うまいなぁ

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  • i come from drek you are a fucking god oyassu we love you♥️

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  • What do you Do IF you are going to win a match surely? Me:- Rocket my own king tower

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  • Buenas partidas contra México y buen video!

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  • What if Oyassu plays beatdown deck

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  • Lol

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  • This shows that miner is still playable after the nerf! B-rad it's possible!

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    • Who's cussing my boi

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    • B-rad meant that miner is no longer a win condition and miner control is not playable.

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    • Yeah but its miner with a second wincon so still no miner poison control

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    • true all the replies but still most miner decks are like this

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    • This is miner bait not miner control

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  • Там в клане русско говорящие люди

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  • oyassuu = pro Clash Royaler orange juice ,sir tag = Clash Royaler.

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  • Oyasuu es un crack full español xd

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  • Diss. Sorry

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  • Oyassu lots of love from India 🇮🇳♥️❤️

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  • Quien mas no entiende una mierda de lo que dice el comentario de abajo

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  • 毎日私はあなたの最大のファンだとコメントしています..私はあなたの一番のファンです..&はい私はいつでもあなたのファンです!Oyassuu no 1 fan forever 💥🥺

  • Why dont you post videos of global tournament now plz tell plz

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  • Bro there is a mistake in ur title 😂😂. Winer.

  • minha inspiração pra continuar jogando continua com os vídeos são muitos divertidos 😎😍😍

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    • Ele é muito engraçado mano kakakakaka

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  • Ah yes I love the winer cycle

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  • hiiiiiiii

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  • Oyassu it's Miner instead of Winer. Great vid by the way!!

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    • @OYASSUU/おやっすう 😹

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    • Omg 😂

      OYASSUU/おやっすうOYASSUU/おやっすうPrije mjesec
    • Winer= someone that drinks wine

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    • Winer = Wallbreaker + miner

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    • It's Winer (Winner)

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  • Grande OYASSUU

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    • @Gonzalo :(😔😕😭😟😞😖🙁😓😥😣😪☹😫

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    • @جون أجار john f Maradona :(

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    • @Gonzalo F pelo Maradona

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    • @جون أجار john Argentina

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    • Brasilian?

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  • I already knew the deck just by looking at the title. I love this deck, it's so good.

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  • Exelente video oyassu lo que importa es que sabéis usar cualquier mazo

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  • Oh , good

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  • Very Good video bro 😎

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  • hey Oyassuu man great vid but you messed up the title amazing gameplay btw

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