100% ADC Season 11...LoL Daily Moments Ep 1224

100% ADC Season 11...Daily moments from streamers ep 1224(ftTyler1,Yassuo,TFBlade ,SoloRenektonOnly, Tobias Fate, BoxBox, VoyBoy, LL Stylish, Faker, Scarra, Gripex...).
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  • bruh this game disgusts me, i feel so better since i stopped playin it

    RDSRDSPrije mjesec
  • Imagine playing adc in 2020 lol

    stevenstevenPrije mjesec
  • 9:47 missing multiple Qs streamers: "We clean af! "

    Lucio Hi imLucio Hi imPrije mjesec
  • 1:21 this dude be looking like a baby.

    Lucio Hi imLucio Hi imPrije mjesec
  • very funny

    owelowelPrije mjesec
  • They think adc is back LoL

    RobitulRobitulPrije mjesec
  • hola

    Ariel sanabriaAriel sanabriaPrije mjesec
  • 4.28 whats t he name of this streamer again?

    Ayse NazAyse NazPrije mjesec
  • when it comes to midbeast,its always a fucked up moment

    naathew codillanaathew codillaPrije mjesec
  • You put way too much adds recently, kills the mood

    DjialhDjialhPrije mjesec
  • showing a lot of katarina clips before battle queen skinline comes out haha

    Christopher "Chanak" TanChristopher "Chanak" TanPrije mjesec
  • 3:55 PRRRRRR!

    James MJames MPrije mjesec
  • 1:18 this guy looks like pobelter but in baby version

    I am not madI am not madPrije mjesec
  • dont show voyboy clips, he's a lying piece of trash

    Abir MahmudAbir MahmudPrije mjesec
  • Iam an adc main Season 11: what did you say?

    Aggelos KryemadhiAggelos KryemadhiPrije mjesec
  • 6:08 i think she will get rekt

    Grzegorz SzumskiGrzegorz SzumskiPrije mjesec
  • 06:14 wow 1v1 with akali, sick play.

    Kostas RakauskasKostas RakauskasPrije mjesec
  • now every champ is an assassin

    xxxxxxPrije mjesec
  • Last season ADCs one shotted tanks so Riot finally decided to balance that

    Overpowered JellyOverpowered JellyPrije mjesec
  • can someone tell me where tf voy is getting all that mana back from at 4:00? I thought they reworked presence of mind because of this broken shit?

    Jordan RettichJordan RettichPrije mjesec
    • nvm ignore me, looks like they only removed the part where you could permanently increase your mana/energy on takedowns

      Jordan RettichJordan RettichPrije mjesec
  • 6 1 zongo PogU

    lynelolyneloPrije mjesec
  • seeing tanks one shot adcs bring me insurmountable amounts of joy

    If you are reading this, you are a fucking donkeyIf you are reading this, you are a fucking donkeyPrije mjesec
  • 0:41 I hate this guy.. F*cking leblanc try hard main

    SenseiiSenseiiPrije mjesec
  • Spice is lowkey clean.

    Daniel GosuDaniel GosuPrije mjesec
  • Milanesa de Pij

    Santiago ValeroSantiago ValeroPrije mjesec
  • Love 😍😍😍

    kuroko tetsuya 11kuroko tetsuya 11Prije mjesec
  • 8:50 Orianna with manamune? What's next?

    Adriano MalcaAdriano MalcaPrije mjesec
  • "leblancless" plays leblanc

    buratarollburatarollPrije mjesec
  • Already forgot about the fastest in the west? (Jhin)

    Sergiu MatiesSergiu MatiesPrije mjesec
  • 6:10, its her first time flashing malp R?

    wczwczPrije mjesec
  • so many of these streamers are straight fucking cringe

    Demonic MirajaneDemonic MirajanePrije mjesec
  • @10:14 when you play with your real buddies 😂😂😂😂

    Haydar AgkayaHaydar AgkayaPrije mjesec
  • sadjasjdasjd wan chot sison

    Dinosaurio MamadoDinosaurio MamadoPrije mjesec
  • As an AP Ashe Support main, just keep firing ranged attacks and never auto attack. You will win as long as your team doesn’t feed.

    CampioneDi17CampioneDi17Prije mjesec
  • Bro why so many katarina clips in season 11. stop letting people know of my 7 year otp

    DramoxDramoxPrije mjesec
  • love how it takes him 3 sec to realise he actually oneshotted her XD

    Aratros 27Aratros 27Prije mjesec
  • you should call this video oneshot compilation

    Chaos ShadowChaos ShadowPrije mjesec
  • every single kat player facerolls their keyboards

    imn1ppystrimn1ppystrPrije mjesec
    • you need to press so many buttons so that's how it sounds.

      DEEDSHOT RDEEDSHOT RPrije mjesec
  • this season looks so dogshit, before the clips were funny fails or actual skill plays, now it's just 1 shots...

    An iLLuZiiONAn iLLuZiiONPrije mjesec
    • League of legends its "oneshot or get oneshotted" since season 8 so idk what u mean

      idkidkPrije mjesec
    • it's pre season to be fair. they tone things back once season actually starts.

      ALE melchenkoALE melchenkoPrije mjesec
  • Wow, he 1x1 Lucian on Akali, must’ve been hard

    zhamkendzhamkendPrije mjesec
  • Every time i tr4y to predict the commnets and every time I get it wrong

    Leith DessureaultLeith DessureaultPrije mjesec
  • 4:10 this isnt 1/3 of the s10 kassa

    João EduardoJoão EduardoPrije mjesec
  • Did you know that people who play league a lot inhale after every play they make?

    gum dropgum dropPrije mjesec
  • AD Katarina isn't real, she can't hurt you AD Katarina: 08:30

    Bruno CesarBruno CesarPrije mjesec
  • We clean af

    El EschumsEl EschumsPrije mjesec
  • There is u and there is me who is always waiting to show up my comments in the last of evry video

    Arabic SynapseArabic SynapsePrije mjesec
  • Did KatEvolved just hit purberty? The voice

    Beatriz MeirelesBeatriz MeirelesPrije mjesec
  • Thats great, but WHERE THE FUCK IS JANKOS

    Antoni ŁatkaAntoni ŁatkaPrije mjesec
  • Every video has 2 Katarina clips now, dang

    Sib TabSib TabPrije mjesec
  • Do late game Kassadin clips even deserve to be highlighted honestly?

    Harshit VermaHarshit VermaPrije mjesec
  • it's a plane no it's a bird no its a hecarim 00:24

    Δημήτριος ΜαγγασάρωβΔημήτριος ΜαγγασάρωβPrije mjesec
  • 2:49 This guy is always dying in the videos like I think he's good but I think it's really funny he always dies in a pathetic way hahahaha very good

    Challange epicsChallange epicsPrije mjesec
  • I have been watching coconut videos for awhile now and I swear every mid beast clip is straight int or troll

    Ahmad AbusaifAhmad AbusaifPrije mjesec
  • 4:46 and 7:53 chats are the same, but 2 different clips. Why do people still support this channel- its such low effort content. Synapse does the same but better quality..

    KeroKeroPrije mjesec
    • @gottalovethatanime5 It doesnt take that long. I probably wouldnt have commented this though if they didnt lie on their channel page. They claim that they edit for 12+ hrs daily, but really they just export all 24hr top league clips and add sound effects. Coconut often doesnt credit streamers either, and loads their videos with ads. Synapse just does it better and its sad to see such low effort succeed.

      KeroKeroPrije mjesec
    • @Kero yo how do u got this much time on ur hands

      gottalovethatanime5gottalovethatanime5Prije mjesec
    • Go watch synapse lol. Go away.

      TheCyberGasmTheCyberGasmPrije mjesec
    • @Z-Dub Beats And also there are plenty things wrong with this video aside from what i commented, but im not going to write a 5 page MLA formatted essay when i know itll be deleted later.

      KeroKeroPrije mjesec
    • @Z-Dub Beats Also thats not a mistake, its intentional. The chat originally came from the later clip, which means they went back and added it to the first just to cover it up.

      KeroKeroPrije mjesec
  • I blinked on that Karasmai clip and opened my eyes to a quadra wtf

    Ismail SyllaIsmail SyllaPrije mjesec
  • Well this season was hell for me xD

  • every Bauffs clip he has negative score and he's chall :(

    Mohamed CyanideMohamed CyanidePrije mjesec
    • so?

      cibino Mincibino MinPrije mjesec
  • Pls riot buff ad it’s not fun for like multiple years now

    Benjamin CurtisBenjamin CurtisPrije mjesec
  • I don't know why but I have the urge to yell out pog after every outplay

    LordSkippyLordSkippyPrije mjesec
  • What bothers me the most , is that ppl claim adcs are bad this preseason cuz they got one shot all the time . Ofc when enemy is 3 lvls ahead , +5 kills lead . Kinda giving the wrong view on the game . Tbh all roles do great this preseason if played right.there are just some particular champs who fall kinda flat duo to their kit . I don't deny that it is a lot about burst this patch but man this is somehow misleading . But I guess I'm quite alone with this opinion

    David ScDavid ScPrije mjesec
  • i am adc main i think adc role is ok rn idk

    Denis fazekasDenis fazekasPrije mjesec
  • since when was flashing out of an obvious malphite ult considered a "play"?

    Al is hereAl is herePrije mjesec
  • he was 2/4 2lvls behind and voli ult ofc he dies here

    Ivo IvanovIvo IvanovPrije mjesec
  • Heh even aphelios the most broken (was the most broken) couldn't do sht

    S.Slayer 01S.Slayer 01Prije mjesec
  • Coco nut kiss me plz

    Carlisle BeachCarlisle BeachPrije mjesec
  • Every OTP when they barely outplay their opponent: Hmmm, that was closer than I thought it was gonna be

    Francisco VinagreFrancisco VinagrePrije mjesec
  • 6:20 is nothing special. Any akali can do that by mashing.

    Diego MaciasDiego MaciasPrije mjesec
    • most of the plays arent mechanically special

      Some GuySome GuyPrije mjesec
  • volibear was fed and building full ad so...

    LaVemOChavesLaVemOChavesPrije mjesec
  • yes adc's blow up. But they also kill entire teams in seconds. A threat like that needs to blow up if alone

    SwingtitySwingtityPrije mjesec
    • @Dominiorrr All the on hit adc are in a decent spot. Crit adc minus Ashe is in Avery poor state, especially siver

      Kevin NguyenKevin NguyenPrije mjesec
    • Only a few of them blow up. Ezreal, Samira and Jhin as usual. Vayne is meta rn too. Can't think of any other ADC on their power level. Kog maw still sucks. Lucian is pretty bad, unless enemies have 5 squishies and low range. Sivir sucks even more.

      DominiorrrDominiorrrPrije mjesec
  • i think the heimer clip was a bug. he pressed both abilities at the same time so he somehow got the luden proc and the hextech thing proc twice

    May NotMay NotPrije mjesec
  • Please quit adc , as an adc main, your best shot is mid, just play mid and quit the role, you legit can't climb with adc because your role has no impact on the game, just quit. Save yourself.

    Miguel GomezMiguel GomezPrije mjesec
    • I used to be a hardstuck plat adc main long time ago. Thank god I switched to top/mid and got nearly to masters. ADC is dependant on teammates too much (even more than support)

      DominiorrrDominiorrrPrije mjesec
  • Vayne is one of the few adcs that's doing great this preseason

    Arley DazaArley DazaPrije mjesec
    • @Aaron Stone Jhin is broken xD ONe of the best champ actually

      stephane dupuisstephane dupuisPrije mjesec
    • @tastycheez lethality jhin is ok but not that strong.very immobile too so gl with that.

      Aaron StoneAaron StonePrije mjesec
    • @Watermallard jhin???

      tastycheeztastycheezPrije mjesec
    • @Watermallard True

      Arley DazaArley DazaPrije mjesec
    • her and samira

      WatermallardWatermallardPrije mjesec
  • Hey do u know punhiser? If yes please make some highlite for him

    Παυλος ΧατζηδημητρίουΠαυλος ΧατζηδημητρίουPrije mjesec
  • MidBeast is always gettiing rekt on this channel

    KashHelveticaKashHelveticaPrije mjesec
  • Only coconut suckersssss!!!!

    Παυλος ΧατζηδημητρίουΠαυλος ΧατζηδημητρίουPrije mjesec
  • i played quinn alot last season now shes just bird practice

  • Btw that Voli has adc items so....

    MIKI MIKIMIKI MIKIPrije mjesec
  • I see a distinct lack of riven. Thank you

    Tyler YaleTyler YalePrije mjesec
  • 10:30 olaf healling wtf

    Ali AltaeeAli AltaeePrije mjesec
    • yep, goredrinker

      SᴛɪᴛᴄʜWʀᴀɪᴛʜSᴛɪᴛᴄʜWʀᴀɪᴛʜPrije mjesec
  • You assume I didn't get one shot last season :)

    SyrasterSyrasterPrije mjesec
  • Girl streamers always doing the omgomgomg im so good when their plays are normal xd. Makes me cringe

    Sion KimSion KimPrije mjesec
    • Only when girls do it? That just means your sexist. I personally think its cringe when any gender overreacts, idk why you only take offense to women doing it.

      Hershey PHershey PPrije mjesec
  • Adc mains s10: Assassins can one shot us, we can't enjoy the game Riot games balance department : Only assassins?

    yoursoulismine11yoursoulismine11Prije mjesec
    • @DEEDSHOT R what? I think u got it backwards, mages one shot adc, hell even supports kill adcs and im not an adc main

      xNeus 9xNeus 9Prije mjesec
    • also riot games balance department: let's make adc's one-shot all the mages too!

      DEEDSHOT RDEEDSHOT RPrije mjesec
    • @Mathieu JACQ You mean Mark Yeetus? The Kayle otp? Yeah that guy can't balance for shit lol

      VycerosVycerosPrije mjesec
    • to be fair the scores in these clips were really gapped so its normal

      ilobeb öilobeb öPrije mjesec
    • What riot balance team ??? You mean the CEO’s child who is a yas main ?

      Mathieu JACQMathieu JACQPrije mjesec
  • I am so early that I don't even know what to comment...

    Ringaudas LevčenkovasRingaudas LevčenkovasPrije mjesec
    • Don't comment anything then.

      Jeremy AgramonteJeremy AgramontePrije mjesec
  • Voyboy playing kassadin, oh it’s the kid, I’m so skillful, I’m such the genius, yeah I agree too

    Tony HuTony HuPrije mjesec
  • I swear everything does damage but ADCs

    TheDumbRatMan12TheDumbRatMan12Prije mjesec
  • 4:35 "its fine " *weird silence proceds*

    LxnelyWxlfLxnelyWxlfPrije mjesec
  • Temporada de adc mis pelotas

    ExdenExdenPrije mjesec
  • 0:38 his face is almost as powerfull as tom and jerry memes

    Kaio Állan De Souza CostaKaio Állan De Souza CostaPrije mjesec
  • 9:50 "we clean af" after missing 50% of all spells

    Fox In The BoxFox In The BoxPrije mjesec
    • @Lautaro Brassesco he actually hit 58.3 percent of his skillshots lmao

      AntarerAntarerPrije mjesec
    • @Kevin Nguyen It did not sound like a joke man

      Fox In The BoxFox In The BoxPrije mjesec
    • Whooosh cause u didn’t get the joke

      Kevin NguyenKevin NguyenPrije mjesec
    • NA's definition of clean

      Bryan LooBryan LooPrije mjesec
    • it's NA bro

      Miguel OliveiraMiguel OliveiraPrije mjesec
  • Me: I’m bored I want to sleep Me: Searching up coconut’s HRclubs channel to find if coconut posted a video Coconut: Wake up new video is here :D

    Phu TranPhu TranPrije mjesec
  • Trop fort le Zongo!!

    Jusujju718727Jusujju718727Prije mjesec
  • sirhcez = WeirdChamp ResidentSleeper

    MyNameItsThomasMyNameItsThomasPrije mjesec
  • if you can't balance the 200 years, then make everyone 200 years in damage ---- riot ideology

    Adriano SantosAdriano SantosPrije mjesec
  • Why is there 0 Jankos highlights?

    ivan stratimirovicivan stratimirovicPrije mjesec
  • Adc wasn’t a thing the moment season 11 came out

    RandomnoobRandomnoobPrije mjesec
  • no sleeping just watching some updated coco montage

    King Warren AyusonKing Warren AyusonPrije mjesec
  • ,.-

    rodrigo corrales chaupirodrigo corrales chaupiPrije mjesec
  • Adc dies faster than NA getting EU imports

    B is for BobB is for BobPrije mjesec
  • Lets goooo

    Dasda DinDasda DinPrije mjesec
  • 3;

    Itamar CohenItamar CohenPrije mjesec